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The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 22, 1880
Wedding Bells
The following local marriages have been celebrated since our last issue (Jan 15).
Phineas L. Palmer and Hattie Clifton, both of Geneseo.

PENNEY, Dr. Willey P., married Miss Julia FARBER of Geneseo, Henry County, on the 14th inst. (Rock Island ADVERTIZER, Wednesday, 3 September 1856.) (Rock Island ARGUS of 15 August 1856 calls bride Julia FABER and says they were married at the Farnham Houses in Rock Island.(Transcribed by Nancy Overlander Proofed by Mary Kay Krogman)

Pershing, Joseph, married Mrs. Julia M. Hannah, both of Colona, Henry Co., on 23 Mar. 1866. (RI Weekly Union, Wednesday, 11 Apr. 1866)

PETERSON, G.E., married Miss C.M. EMANUEL, both of Andover, Henry County, on December 30, 1855 at the Island City Hotel in Rock Island. (Rock Island MORNING ARGUS, Tuesday, 1 January 1856)(Transcribed by Nancy Overlander Proofed by Mary Kay Krogman)

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Married John P. Peterson and Anna M. Geary, Wethersfield

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 1, 1880
Marriages in the county not previously published
P. S. Peterson and Anna Hustron, Galva

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Married John S. Peterson and Anna Hulstrom, Galva

MARRIED, At the home of P.S. Peterson Aug.26 by Rev. John Benlix, Mr. P.S. Peterson and Miss Annie E. Nelson (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 8, 1880
Married Peter A. Peterson, Ophlem and Emma C. Norell, Andover

PETTIT, Wm. B., of Geneseo, Henry County, married Miss Emily L. COLDY of Rock Island at the Baptist Church in Rock Island on the 15th Inst. (Rock Island WEEKLY UNION, Wednesday, 21 October 1863)(Transcribed by Nancy Overlander Proofed by Mary Kay Krogman)

The Geneseo Republic, January 30, 1880
There was a very pleasant wedding celebrated at the residence of Mr. John Sears, in Cornwall, last Tuesday. The high contracting parties were Dr. E. J. Porter of Utica, Neb., and Mr. Sears' daughter, Mary J. Rev. Albert Bushnell, of this city, was called upon to perform the ceremony. The two young people who have thus assumed the responsibilities of married life were both raised in Cornwall and common report says they are worthy representatives of that thriving town. About a year ago the groom started in life for himself as a medical practitioner and he has built up quite a large practice in his home in Nebraska. He and his new made bride will settle down there permanently. The best wishes of many good friends will go with them though we have no desire to lose such people from Henry county.

Galva Young Folks Flock to the Standard of that Gallant.
Mr. Frank Pratt and Miss Lois Johnston, both of Galva, were quietly married in Davenport, Ia., Wednesday. None were present but Isaac Johnston and Jeanette, brother and sister to the bride. Immediately following the ceremony the newly wedded couple went to Galesburg from where they returned to Galva Thursday morning. All arrangements have been completed so that they may immediately proceed to housekeeping in a cozily furnished cottage on Bowdoin street.
From surprise the situation changes to congratulations. The wedded parties are well known in Galva and have a host of friends who wish them success and prosperity in their wedded life. The groom has made his home in Galva for four years and is the senior member in the firm of Pratt and Blair hardware dealer. As a business man his reputation stands unexcelled. In society his friends are many. He is an active member of the Odd Fellow and of the Woodman societies. The bride is the daughter of Mrs. Joseph Johnson and her home has always been near Galva. She is a graduate of the Galva High School and is a young lady of beauty and refinement. (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)

The Geneseo Republican, Geneseo IL , February 27, 1880
At the residence of Mr. and Mrs. John Fleming, on Railroad Street, their daughter Sarah A. and Mr. Robert L. Pritchard of Alba, were united in wedlock last evening. Rev. C. H. Purmort was the officiating clergyman. Both are amiable young people and the best wishes of many friends and acquaintances will be theirs.

About sixty relatives and friends of Mr. and Mrs. James Gilbraith, gathered at their home in Alba township, at 7 p.m., Mar. 29, to witness the marriage of their daughter Elizabeth, and John Pritchard of Geneseo. The ceremony was performed by Rev. J. B. Johnston, of Atkinson, and Miss Bertha Bloom played the wedding march.
  After the ceremony the inner man was provided for in a way that would make the gods smile. Great credit is due Mrs. Gilbraith for the able way in which everyone was cared for.
  The bride and groom were the recipients of many useful presents for the furnishing of their new home.
  After the congratulations and a good time generally, the guests departed, having spent one of the most happy evenings of their lives.
  Mr. and Mrs. Pritchard will live in their home near Geneseo, where they will be at home to their friends after April 15. The best wishes of many friends (??) to their new home. [Henry County Arena, April 6, 1899]

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