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Marriage Notices and Wedding Announcements


SALTER, Dr. Henry F., married Miss Caroline WELLS, all of Dayton, Henry County, at Dayton on June 20, 1842, by the Rev. Philip H. HANNA. (UPPER MISSISSIPPIAN, Thursday, 30 June 1842)(Transcribed by Nancy Overlander Proofed by Mary Kay Krogman)

The Geneseo Republic, January 30, 1880
At the residence of Andrew Meyer in this city on Tuesday, Jan. 27th, Mr. Chas. W. Scheithe and Miss Catherine Ertz, both of Geneseo, were united in marriage by Rev. A. Fuesale. Both have lots of friends to congratulate them upon their union.

The Orion Times, January 3, 1878
At the M.E. parsonage, Dec. 25th, 1877, by the Rev. J. Collin, Mr. Henry J. Sheesley and Miss Anna E. Keel.  This couple are so well and favorably known in this community that their future happiness is assured, and to the many congratulations already extended we add the Times, with thanks for the cake.


Stimpson, Liberty of Geneseo, Henry Co., married Hannah E. Reynolds of Rock Island on 13 Feb. 1868 in this city at the residence of E.P. Reynolds on Moline Ave. (RI Evening Argus, Friday, 14 Feb. 1868)

Siverly, Wallace J., married Miss Emma Dunlap, both of Henry Co., on 23 Dec. 1869 in Rock Island. (RI & Moline Daily Union, Saturday, 25 Dec. 1869)


Home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cardiff Scene of a Pretty Wedding Last Wednesday Evening.

The home of Mr. and Mrs. E. A. Cardiff, three miles southeast of Galva, was the scene of a pretty wedding last Wednesday evening, the contracting parties being their daughter Ada and Lester G. Smith of Hamilton, Mont.

The house was beautifully decorated in green and white . In the front of the parlor a curtain of white clematis was hung. From the ceiling ropes of white ribbons and smilax were suspended all presenting a very charming effect. At five thirty the couple descended the stairs to the strains of the Lohengrin wedding march played by Miss Jessie, the bride's youngest sister and entering the parlor they took their places beneath the beautiful floral canopy where Rev. A. Smith, pastor of the M. E. church, spoke the magic words which made the happy twain one. After hearty congratulations a three course supper was served.

The bride wore a gown of white Persian lawn and carried bride's roses. The ceremony was witnessed by about forty relatives and friends. Mr. and Mrs. Smith were not anxious that their friends should know the hour of their departure. However they surmised that they would take the 9:37 train and accordingly were there in force and when they appeared on the scene they were greeted with volleys of rice and as they departed they realized that they not only carried with them the best wishes of the host of friends, but they carried also a lot of rice.

Mrs. Smith is a graduate of the Galesburg Kindergarten Normal and for some time conducted a Kindergarten school in Kewanee. About two years ago she went to Montana and since then has been teaching school at Chinook in that state. She is a model young woman of rare worth who is not only qualified for the school room, but will grace a home equally as well. Mr. Smith is a stranger to the people of Galva, but it goes without saying, that he is a man of good judgment, as is evidence by his choice of a wife, and we feel safe in saying that he is an "all right fellow" or he could never have won the wife he has.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith will spend a short time at the St. Louis, fair and from there will visit with Mr. Smith's mother at Cameron, Missouri, after which they will leave for their future home near Hamilton, Mont., where Mr. Smith owns a fruit farm. Their many Galva friends wish them all the good that can come to mortals in this life. (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)

Orion Vidette, Orion, Illinois, August 2, 1877
At the residence of the bride's father, No. 612 East Grove street, Bloomington, Ill., on Thursday, July 26th, 1877, by the Rev. J.W. Densmore, Wiliam H. Smith, Esq., of Orion, Henry County, Ill. and Miss Millie R. Clark, third daughter of William Clark, late resident of Lynn Center, Henry Co., Ill. No cards.

SMITH, D.W., postmaster, married Miss Sophia Hawley, all of Cambridge, Henry County, in Cambridge on the 5th. (Rock Island ADVERTIZER, Wednesday, 15 February 1854)(Transcribed by Nancy Overlander Proofed by Mary Kay Krogman)
Snow, Harrison, married Lucinda H. Colgrove of Watertown at Geneseo, Henry Co., on 6 Mar. 1870. (RI Daily Union, Monday, 14 Mar. 1870)

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 15, 1880
Married Geo. W. Snyder and Mary L. E. Barber, Burns

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL January 1, 1880
Marriages in the county not previously published
Wm. G. Snyder and Ida L. Spivey, Oxford

The Geneseo Republican, February 13, 1880
Vital Statistics - Record for the week ending Feb. 10
Marriages: John Stabler, Neponset to Ella Thaynor, Kewanee

The Henry County News, Geneseo IL , February 26, 1880
Matrimonial Market
John H. Stahl of Geneseo and Miss Rebecca Doyle of Munson

Stearns, J.W., of Western Twp., Henry Co., married Miss Louisa Glenn of Rock Island on the 18th inst. At Cambridge, Henry Co. (RI & Moline Daily Union, Saturday, 20 July 1867)

It is reported that Mr. Alfred Stevens and Miss Augusta Lundburg will be married at the Lutheran church tomorrow evening. (Source: Scrapbook compiled by Peggy Goertzen from the 1890's - transcribed for G.T. by Jackie McCarty)

Sadler, Miss Jennie H., of Cambridge, Henry Co., married E.P. Stevens of Hampton, Rock Island Co. on 27 Jan. 1867 at the residence of R.H. Sadler in Cambridge. (RI Argus, Tuesday, 12 Feb. 1867)

The Geneseo Republican, February 13, 1880
Vital Statistics - Record for the week ending Feb. 10
Marriages: F M Steves to Elexta J Weyer, Osceola, Ill.

The Geneseo Republic, Geneseo IL, March 7, 1860
Married in Geneseo, Sunday, March 4th, by W. T. Allen, Esq., Mr. Hezekiah Stowe and Miss Cynthia Blanden, both of Munson.

Miss Mary McHose, for several years a Geneseo school girl, was married on Nov. 19th to Julian Stuart, of Malden. Meagher Co, Montana where they will reside in the future. [The Republic - Geneseo, Il. - December 12, 1884

Stupor, John, married Miss Priscilla Roberts, all of Henry Co., on the 24th inst. at the residence of the bride's father near Cambridge, Henry Co. (RI & Moline Daily Union, Thursday, 26 Sept 1867)

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