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Purgett and extended families.

Henry, Frederick, Henry Purgett

HENRY PURGETT DESCENDANTS Child #4 son of Henry and Lydia Mustard Purgett married Louisa Jane Bailey

4. Henry Stipp
Purgett(1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry ) ..was born 01 Nov. 1847 in Lafayette Twp., Madison Co., Indiana (re. 1850 In. census). He was the 4th child of Henry and Lydia Mustard Purgett (note: half sister Margaret , child of Henry and Margaret Stipp Purgett). His parents were one of the first settlers after the Twp. Was formed in 1837. In 1865 he moved with his parents to Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co.., Il. Sometime around 1870 , Henry Stipp and his brother William Stallard went to Sumner Co., Kansas to homestead. He returned to Belmont Twp. and met Louisa Jane Bailey who was born 28 Jan. 1853 in IN. She was the daughter of John Lemon and Rebecca Kelly Bailey (re. Portrait and Bio. Of Iroquois Co.). Her father said they could marry if they did not move out of Iroquois Co. They were united in marriage at the John Bailey home on 15 March 1874 by Rev. Henry E. Rice with Ester Allhands and Wm. Purget as witnesses. (re. Marriage certificate). They farmed on 126 acres just south of Watseka, Il. Henry Stipp died 12 Aug., 1921 and Louisa Jane died 23 Oct., 1922 and are both buried in Body Cemetery, Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co., Il.

They had 9 children: William Frank, Adrin Eugene, Harl Erwood, Maggie Mae, Newton Earl, Minnie Pearl, Mable Ann, Nannie Catherine, and George Washington.

5. William Frank
Purgett (1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry. 4. Henry Stipp) was born 16 Feb. 1875 and died 16 Sept. 1875

5. Adrin Eugene Purgett (1.Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 30 Oct. 1876 in Watseka, Il. Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co. On 25 Dec., 1898, he married Maude Murphy who was born 17 May 1880 in Remington, In. She was the daughter of Charles and Jennie Murphy. Adrin and Maude were married in White Co., Monticello, In. They farmed in Crescent Twp., Iroquois Co., Il. Until 1913 then moved to Goodland, In. until 1917. In the summer of 1916 , Adrin "Eugene" went to Clark Co., WI. To "spy out the land" (note: family story goes that a Mr. Owen went to Indiana to recruit families to move to that area for good workers). Eugene bought 160 acres of wilderness land with no road going to it from the Dairy Belt Land Co. just north of the town now called Owen in Clark Co., WI. On 17 March, 1917, he arrived in Withee, WI. By train with his son Charles and a freight car loaded with their household goods and horses. A week later, Maude arrived by train with their younger children, Lucy and Ray. While building their home, they rented a house in Redville, WI. But before they were to move in, the house caught on fire from the sun shining through a window on an oil mop. Jake Eppers, a neighbor, saved most of the house by throwing water from a mud puddle. In the early years Eugene and Maude made their living selling cord wood in town for $2 to $4 a cord while they cleared the land and started their stock. In 1828, Eugene became ill and couldn't do the hard work on the land so he bought his first purebred Belgium stallion and traveled the surrounding area as a horse breeder. Maude and the children tended the cows and fields.(Re: Northern Settlements Now "Ghost Towns" from Owen Enterprise) Adrin Eugene died 19 Sept., 1951 and Maude died in 1968. Both are buried at Riverside Cemetery, Clark Co., WI. Eugene and Maude had 5 children. Charles Henry who m. Florence Bergstrom, Lyman Glenn, Jessie Ione, Lucy Mae who m. Arthur Thornton and after his death m. Ormal J. Auston, and Ray Eugene who m. Eleanor Louise Wood.

5. Harl Erwood Purgett (1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 16 Sept. 1878 in Belmont Twp. Iroquois Co., Il. . On 24 June 1903 , he married Della (Mary Serelda) Body. She was born 13 Oct. 1882 in Woodland, Il. And was daughter of John I. And Ella Pitts Body. Harl was a farmer and a grocery store owner. They lived in Woodland, Il. And Jefferson City, Mo.. Harl died 13 June 1954 in an auto accident (burial record state 1. Kankakee, Il. 2. Jefferson City, Mo.) Funeral held at Woodland Methodist Church, buried at Body Cemetery in Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co., Il. Della died on 27 June 1961 in Woodland, Il. Funeral at Segur Chapel, member of Watseka First Methodist, buried at Body Cemetery. (Re Cemetery lists from Iroquois Co.) They had 3 children Delmar Lowell who m. Florence Fanyo, Ella Jane who m. Dee Rex Stephens, and Victor.

5. Maggie Mae Purgett ( 1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Hnery, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 11 Jan. 1882 in Iroquois Co., Il.. On 12 Nov. 1898 she married Robert Boughton who was b. 14 July, 1877 in Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co. Il. They moved to Stillwater OK. where they farmed. They had 6 children. Homer who m. Olga Garrett, Bernice, Ethel, Robert, Glen who m. Thelma Nickles, and Kenneth.

5. Newton Earl
Purgett ( 1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 4 Sept. 1882 in Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co. Il. He was a farmer and lived in St. Anne, Il. He married Ruth Bishop. They had 5 children. Grace Stipp who m. Dominick Lippolis, Loretta Marie, Jack Harl who m. Barbara Lawton, Earl Dodd who m. Bette Barnes and Ruth Delores.

5. Minnie Pearl Purgett ( 1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 26 Sept. 1885 in Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co., Il. She married David Mayo who was from Watseka, Il. Dave served in the Army in WW 1 as a cook. They moved to WI. And farmed in Hoard Twp. Taylor Co., WI.

5. Mable Ann
Purgett ( 1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 8 Jan. 1888 in Belmont Twp., Iroquois Co., Il. She married Roy Griffith of Watseka, Il. They farmed in Il. And in Clark Co., WI. They adopted 2 children, Claud and Mary

5. Nannie Cathine
Purgett ( 1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp) was born 12 May 1890 and died 18 May 1890 and is buried in Belmont Cemetery, Iroquois Co., Il.

5.George Washington Purgett ( 1. Henry, 2. Frederick, 3. Henry, 4. Henry Stipp ) was born 15 March 1892 in Belmont Twp. Iroquois Co., Il (re. Birth certificate) He enlisted in the Army in WW 1 and served in Argonne France in Co. A. 333 Infantry. (Re Service papers). He married Lillie Elenora b who was born 24 Aug. 1891 in Paxton, Il. She was the daughter of Peter M. and Ida S. Young Carlson. Later in life they ran an antique store in Woodland, Il. Lillie died 24 June 1966 at Carle Memorial Hospital and is buried in Sheldon Cemetery. She was a member of Woodland Methodist Church. George was 82 when he died at the VA hospital in Danville, Il. on 15 April 1970. He was a member of Watseka post no. 23, The American Legion. Military rites were conducted at the grave site. George and Lilly had 2 children but both died at birth.

Henry and Lydia Mustard Purgett moved to Iroquois County in 1865 and purchased 270 acre plot of land. They had a lot of children.

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The Pancake Family

Prudence Harness married William Pancake, he was born 10 Oct. 1837 in Waverly, Indiana, Likken Co. their children (all names we have).

Margaret (MEG) married George Lewis, 1 daughter Jane married Charles Callahan.

George married Phoebe Reeves, 1 son William married Sarah Davis from Warren Co., Newark, Ohio, they had 7 children: Lettie, Edith, Ernest, Grace, Mayme, twins Nellie & Della.

1. Lettie born 6 Nov. 1875 d. 23 June 1968 married 24 Sept. 1906 Elmer Brinneman 2 sons elmer and Howard.

2. Edith born 1876 died 12 Jan 1926 married William Pierce, 30 Aug. 1910, their children Edna, Leon (Doggie), Harold, Goerge, Delbert killed in war, Berniece.

3. Ernest born 18 Jan. 1880 died May 1960 married 16 Nov. 1904 to Cornelia Branson from Knoxville, Tennessee born 1874. both buried at Maple Grove Cemetery, Milford, Illinois their children are Wilbur born in Hunter, Arkansas died in 1972 married Lelia Stowe lived in Thornton, Ill., 1 son William, Wanda born in Junter, Arkansas died May 1979, married Benjamin Ehrlick, 3 dau., Geri, Bobby, Marlene, Willis born in Milford, Ill. married Slema Fisher, 1 daughter Sandra. Melvin born in Milford, Ill. Married Georgia Rhea Barkee, 2 daughters, Selma Ann Ksiazek and Betty Lou Schevermann, Melvin and wife live in Chicago Heights, Ill., Pauline never married.

4. Grace born 21 Aug. 1884 died 23 Jan. 1967 married Carl Harrell, 1 daughter Evelyn.

5. Mayme born 11 Aug. 1887 died 15 July 1925 never married.

6 and 7 twins Nellie & Della born 01 Oct. 1889, Della died 19 Nov. 1937 never married 6. Nellie born 01 Oct. 1889 married Beverly Terrill their 2 daughters are Thelma & Genevieve. Thelma married Paul Mayhew, they live in Hoopeston, Ill., have 1 daughter Barbara Jean Knoll. Genevieve married Roy Dickinson they live in Monticello, Ind. and have 3 sons, Phillip, Barry, and Michael.

Nellie's second marriage was to George Gray they had 1 daughter, Cathyleen. Cathyleen married Samuel Adsit and they live in Wellington, Ill. their sons are Edward Allen, Nicholas Samuel, Stephen Wendell.

All of the Pancake children were born southwest of Milford and attended Frog Pond School, as Milton and Sarah Pancake live 3/4 miles south of corner where the school was located, also near Wingfield Cooper's farm. The Pancakes farmed.

Nellie is the only one still living (in Milford) she was 90 yrs old last October 1, 1979. A very gracious lady, very alert and still does seamstress work.

Information from Nellie Pancake Gray

Written by Florence Henry Davis and Minnie Finley Wolff January 1980

(this information from Milford Sesquicentennial Souvenir Book 1830 to 1980 in possession of Carrol Mick)

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