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Alphonse and Agnes (Boudreau) Blais

Louis Blais was born in Canada in 1851. three years later he came with his family to settle in Illinois. The family purchased 160 Acres of farm ground 3 and 1/2 mile south east of Beaverville He payed a higher than usual prices for the land because the town of Beaverville was to start there. The railroad came through and the place for the town was changed.

Louis married Emelie Mayotte (1854-1923) and they had seven children: Armin who married Edward Gagnon. They had 2 girls and 10 boys: Ellen (1878-1946) married Anatole Tebo. They had 2 boys and 2 girls; Louis P. Blais (1877-1950) married Leah Soucie. They had no children. John and France Blais had 1 girl. Della married Alfred Herbert. They had 3 boys and 1 girl. Henry Blais (1892-1931) never married. Alphonse was born March 8, 1887. All of Louis and Emelie's children were born on the home place.

Alphonse farmed until 1943 when he moved to town. He had a corn shelling business and also maintained the newly formed Beaverville Water works. In 1909 Alphonse and many other members of the community helped build St. Mary's Catholic Church. Alphonse married Agnes Boudreau Sept. 16, 1919 at Momence Catholic Church. Agnes was born March 15, 1897 the daughter of Joseph and Julia Hebert Boudreau in St. Anne. Agnes was one of four children: Julia, Lucy, and David. Agnes talked of riding horses bareback, standing on their backs. Her mother used to get upset if she got caught doing this. At family gatherings much fun was had. If you were the last one to arrive, furniture would be stacked up against the door. This was a real incentive not to be late.

Alphonse and Agnes always had a large garden and always passed vegetables around the neighborhood. They could be seen reading water meters monthly accompanied by one or more of their grandchildren. Pip, as we called him would take grandchildren fishing and I remember going out the the east woods to pick wild blueberries every July. We would leave very early in the morning, have a picnic lunch and arrive back home about 4 p.m. Mim was always busy. She never forgot birthdays and special occasions. Angle food cakes were her specialty and we could always be sure of one for our birthdays. At Easter a cake shaped like a lamb was always prepared. Before her eyes failed, she spent many hours crocheting. She always had time for the great-grandchildren. Many days, after school would find her with one of them at the sideboard in the dinging room playing a game of aggravation. One of our favorite spots was the playhouse built by Pip. It was often a very busy place with all the children of the neighborhood.

Agnes and Alphonse had four daughters. Isabelle married Mathen Lambert June 28, 1952. They have 2 daughters: Katherine Marie (1954) and Theresa (1955) Patricia Ann was stillborn 1956. Katherine married Johnie Landrey in 1974. They have two children, Alan and Jeannette. Mary Rose (1921) married Orby Curby in 1942. They have 5 children: Mary Jane (1943), James (1947), Linda (1952), Debi (1958), and Michael (1959). Mary Jane married Robert (Jim) LaFond in 1962. They have 5 children: Scott (1963), Mark (1965), Tim (1967), Brad (1968), and Amy (1975). Jim married Burnetta Marquis. They have two daughters: Tara (1973) and Dana (1976). Linda and Edward Howe have three children: Sarah (1974), Matthew (1977), Emily (1979). Debora married Brian Martell. Lucas (1981) and Jacob (1983) are their children. Michael and Karen have a daughter Jennifer (1983). Dorothy, Agnes and Alphonse's youngest daughter, has four children: Sandra, Thomas, David and Susie.

(from Iroquois County History-1985 page 185 transcribed by Carrol Mick)

Elmer and Mathilda (Krumsieg) Brutlag

Elmer Brutlag's grandfather, Casper H. Brutlach, was born in Belka, Germany, on Sept. 3, 1836. He and his wife, Anna (married in 1861) came to America in 1872 with their 4 children (7 more were born in Illinois), including their 2nd-oldest, Heinrich August (b. Jan. 7, 1865). It isn't clear just when the name was changed to Brutlag but both spellings are found in St. Paul's Ev. Luth. Cemetery in Woodworth.

August married Louise Salmon on May 1, 1890, and raised 9 children. The family lived on a farm in the north part of Sec. 5, Ash Grove Twp. which is now along Route #49. A picture of their home is found on p.123 of the 1904 plat book.

The children of August and Louise are: Helen--deceased (m. John Munstermann, deceased); Clara--deceased (m. Henry Munstermann, deceased); Lydia--age 90 (m. Ed Blanken, deceased); Martha--age 88 (m. Fred Bohlmann, deceased); Arthur--deceased (m. Ella Luecke, deceased); Edna--age 83 (m. Walter Kaufman, deceased); Elmer--age 81 (m.Mathilda Krumsieg); Lorenz--deceased (m. Mable Conroy); Eleanor--age 76 (m. Oscar Schultz, then Wally Baehr, both deceased).

Elmer Walter Brutlag, 3rd-youngest of August and Louise, was born March 4, 1904. He married Mathilda Krumsieg (b. Jan. 2, 1902) of Henning, Minnesota, on Aug. 25, 1928. They have five children, 10 grandchildren and six great grandchildren. They have lived in Woodworth all of their married life. A record of their business can be found in the township history section of this book.

Elmer and Tillie's family are: Marvin R. (b.1929), Herscher (m. Vinita, dau. of Wm. Bohlmann) (1.) Dennis L. Aurora (m. Cathy Wolles of Herscher); Michelle, Lisa and Brian. (2.) Gerald W., Buckingham (m. Cheryl Elmhorst of Herscher); Holly, Tiffany, and Kristy.

Vernon L. (b. 1930), Watseka (m. Shirley Larsen of Cabery) (1.) Roger L.; (2.) Sandra K.

Rosalyn A. (b. 1931), RR, Cissna Park (m. Ivan, son of Henry Wilkening) (1.) Ellen M.; (2.) Timonthy H.

Dolores J. (b. 1933), RR Milford (m. Elroy, son of Walter Pfingsten) (1.) Yvonne C., Belvidere (m. John Doggett), Janice L. (b. 1939), Crescent City (m. Leslie, son of Ernest Garrelts), (1.) Lyle B., (2.) Lynn J. and Lloyd R. (twins).

Eilert and Mildred (Brutlag) Buhr

In the year 1871, a young man embarked alone upon a journey to America to begin a new life. Eilert Buhr, the son of Jurgen Frerich and Anna Duis Buhr, was born in Fiebing, Ostfriesland, Germany, on 9 February, 1852. Upon arrival in the United States, he settled near Minonk, Illinois, near where his uncle, John Eilert married Miss Martha Wilhelmina Siebens October 28, 1874. Martha was born on 8 February, 1851 in Wittmund, Ostfriesland, Germany to Sieben Siebens and Anka Christina Neitung. To the newly formed union six children were born: Simon Eilert, Ancke Christine, Marie Katherine, Jurgen Frerich, Matilda, and Emma Wilhelmina.

In the year 1877, Eilert, Martha and their children moved residence from Woodford County to Iroquois, settling first near Woodworth, Illinois, and later moving to Pitch In (Ash Grove). In 1892, the Buhr's moved to the farm located in Crescent Township and farmed there until he retired and his second son took over management of the farm. Eilert and Martha lived most of their retirement years in Crescent City until illness overtook him. He then lived with a daughter in Watseka until his death on 5 August, 1926.

Jurgen Frerich (Fred), the second son, married Christena Van Hoveln on 20 April 1908. To them three children were born: Eilert, Martha, who died when she was 15 years old, and Mabel. Mr Fred Buhr farmed here until his death on 28 May, 1930. Eilert married Mildred Brutlag and to them two sons were born: Eilert Jr., and Robert. Eilert Sr., passed away 20 January, 1983 and is buried in Schwer Lutheran cemetery. He died on the same farm where he was born and had lived and farmed his entire life. Mabel married Baron Yates and two daughters were born to them: Phyllis and Mary.

The farmstead which the senior Eilert purchased in 1892 is still in the Buhr name and is farmed by his great grandsons Eilert Jr. and Robert Buhr. Mildred still resides at this farmstead.

Eilert Jr. attended the Bryce-Ash Grove and Milford area schools and later drove semi-trucks for Allied Van Lines for a year. He was in the Army Reserves from 1963-1969. Eilert Jr. married Mary Allen and lives in Ash Grove township. They have two children: Eileen and David. His wife, Mary, and daughter, Eileen, both work at Quality Service Electronics in Milford. David is in his junior year at Milford High School. They are members of St. John's Lutheran Church at Schwer and are life members of Iroquois County Genealogy Society and Iroquois County Historical Society.

Robert also attended Bryce-Ash Grove and Milford area schools and Marycrest College in Kankakee. He was in the army from 1968-1970 and served in Vietnam. He married Virginia Carley and they live in Ash Grove township. They have three children: Jeffrey, Erin and Carey. His wife, Virginia, is a substitute teacher. They are also members of St. John;s Lutheran Church at Schwer. Bob plays dartball for Schwer #1 team and is a DeKalb seed dealer.

(these are from Iroquois County History 1985 page 199-200 transcribed by Carrol Mick)

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