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Marcus Thomas Family

Marcus - Sixth child of Clement and Martha (Lewis) Thomas: B. 5 March 1860, Claytonville, Ill. D. 13 January 1926, Clinton, Minn., Moved to South Dakota from Ill. in 1882 - homesteading there. Moved to Sioux Rapids, South Dakota for three years - moved to Clinton, Minn., Big Stone County in 1903. Married Lillie Belle Arnold 13 December 1891 in Wessington Springs, South Dakota. Lillie - B. 2 June 1874, Yankton, South Dakota. D. 23 Nov. 1938, Ortonville, Minn.; buried in Clinton, Minn.: Mother - Maggie Beck Arnold (her Grandfather Beck from Pennsylvania, lived to be 100 years old) Father - Willis Lewis Arnold:

Children Born   Died Married    
Maggie Martha 5-Jan-1893 Wessington Springs, South Dakota 22-Feb-1964 Gustav Johnson 31-Jan-11 four children: Muriel, Mavis, Gale and Gene
Willis Clement 8-Aug-1894     Millicent Anderson 28-Jun-28 D.
Mabel Elizabeth 19-Oct-1896     Knud Johannes Nielsen 27-Jul-23  
Harry Gilroy 19-Mar-1900   8-Jan-1956 Eloree Connelly 3-Jun-25  
Clarence Vernie 2-Jan-1902   1969 Ann Schoenrock 21-Nov-23 D.
Saide Lavina 19-Apr-1903     John Wayne Connelly 30-Jun-26 D.13-May-1967
Rose Dorothy 11-Mar-1905   1971 Samuel Earl Connelly 24-Jun-25 D.
Eva Laura 19-Nov-1906   24-Jul-1930 never married    
Irene Emma 17-Feb-1909   do not have date Donald Victor Lane 22-Sep-40  
Earl Otto 15-Jun-1911     Reba Killian 17-Feb-46  
Jennie Ellen 25-Oct-1912   16-Jan-1917      
Baby Boy Feb-1914   1914      
Leona Adeline 12-Aug-1916   7-Jun-1941 John Sanders    

Children of Maggie (Thomas) and Gustav Johnson:

1. Muriel La Mona b. 24 July 1912, Clinton, Minn. M. Hiram Witt, 6 September 1933, Maywood, Ill.; Hiram died 10 Nov 1969 Alexandria, Va. Muriel lives in Alexandria, Va.

     Chilren of Muriel (Johnson) and Hiram Witt:

      a. Carole Barbara: B. Mar 1935, Chicago, Ill M. Robert Wilkes Martin, Jr.; 23 May 1954, Alexandria, Va.; Robert B. 20 Aug 1928 D. 20 Aug 1975 in Tallahassee, Fla. Carole lives in Tallahassee, Fla.

      b. Michael Gary: B. 18 Juen 1939, Melrose, Ill. M. Dian Maria McCostis, 19 July 1963, Alexandria, Va.; B. 10 Feb 1941, Nashua, NH

2. Mavis Eileen -B. 13 May 1914, Clinton, Minn. M. Anton Rupelt, 31 Dec 1941 D. 6 Oct 1972, Louisville, Kentucky. No Children.

3. Gale Marcus - B. 25 MArch 1927, Clinton, Minn. M. Pauline Forde, 17 June 1951, Clinton, Minn.

4. Gene Arnold - B. 10 Feb 1932, Clinton, Minn. M. Charlene Sheetz, 24 May 1958. Mason City, Iowa

(written by Muriel L (Johnson) Witt Alexandria, Virginia - Dec 1979)

(from page 87 of the Milford and Vicinity Sesquicentennial Souvenir Book 1830-1980 in possession of Carrol Mick)

Information on some THOMAS family causes of death submitted by Linda LaConte at thelacontes@comcast.net

John Charles Thomas b. Dec 2, 1855 d. Dec. 5, 1938, age 83 yrs. Became blind, 1931/32, from Glaucoma, hearing loss before a stroke.

Charlotte Hortense Cramotte b. July 28, 1856, d. Mar 2. 1933 (5:10AM), age 77 yrs, stroke.

Their children:

Charles William b. Sept 28, 1877 d. Mar 3, 1965, age 87. Heart Failure.

Lena Eva Tatro b. Feb. 25, 1883, d. Oct 21, 1945, age 62, Asthma, Tuberculosis & Stroke.

Mary Lenore Thomas b. Aug 13, 1879 d. Mar 18, 1967, age 87. Obstruction of the bowels.

John Peter Bruhn b. Sept 26, 1878, Feb. 18, 1967 age 88 yrs. Stroke.

Henry Garfield Thomas b. Mar 18, 1881 d. Aug 18, 1968 age 87 Stroke (Glaucoma)

Lulu Louise Hetzel b. Mar 10, 1887 d. April 20, 1976 age 89 Stroke.

Frank Lincoln Thomas b. Mar 27, 1883 d. Oct 23, 1967 age 84. Kidney failure. Hearing and sight loss.

1st M....

Vida Grace Davis b. Feb. 23, 1889, d. Nov. 2, 1908, age 19. Childbirth

2nd M....

Grace LaMay b. July 26, 1887, d. May 31, 1974, age 86. Stomach Cancer.

John Fremont Thomas b. Nov 26, 1884, d. July 25, 1966, age 82. Low blood sugar (Glaucoma)

Mabel Genevieve Stewart b. Mar 6. 1887 d. Feb. 19, 1930. Age 43. Obstruction of bowels.

Della Mae Thomas b. Dec 9, 1886 d. June 29, 1972, age 85. Parkinson Disease.

Harlow Hastings Arms b. June 7, 1888, d. Nov. 22, 1977, age 89. Parkinson Disease.

Raymond Edwin Thomas b. Nov 2, 1888, d. April 18, 1967 age 78. Stroke (Asthma)

Mable Irene Belden b. April 22, 1892, d. oct 13, 1966, age 74. Hodgekins Disease, Diabetes.

Ernest Alvin Thomas b. Dec 31, 1890 d. Nov 5, 1967 age 76. Heart attack.

Elsie Selora Tatro b. Mar 6, 1898, d. Mar 2, 1986, age 87yrs 11mo., 26 days, natural causes.

Blanch Irene Thomas b. Jan 6, 1893, d. April 9, 1986, age 93 yrs., 3 mos., 3 days, natural causes (glaucoma)

Cyrus Wilson Whaley b. Jan 14, 1898, d. Aug. 24, 1976, age 78. Leukemia, heart failure.

George Allen Thomas b. Aug 18, 1895, d.

Myrtle Florence Jones b. Dec 15, 1898 d.

John Charles Thomas and Charlotte Hortense Cramotte-Thomas

John Charles Thomas son of William and Mary Jane Harness-Thomas, was born in Milford, Illinois, December 2, 1855.

His father, William the first of 11 children of Asa and Eleanor Freeman-Thomas, was born in Meigs Township, Adams County, Ohio, October 11, 1811. Asa and Eleanor were born in Charles County, Maryland in 1785 and 1793 respectively, and were married in Adams County, September 13, 1810. They brought the family to the present location of Milford, Illinois in the spring of 1831. Eleanor died August 25, 1837, and Asa died April 30, 1870.

William died March 24, 1858. Mary Jane Harness was born in Twin Township, Ross County, Ohio, May 3, 1819. Her parents were John and Prudence Clifford Harness. They left Ohio about 1820 and brought Mary Jane and an older brother Michael to the vicinity of Vincennes, INdiana, flat-boat on the Ohio and Wabash rivers. they later came to the vicinity of Milford, Illinois. Mary Jane and William Thomas were married March 9, 1835. Michael Harness and Sarah Thomas (sister of William), were married July 22, 1836.

Charlotte Hortense Cramotte, the second of five children of Frederick and Sophia Freine Cramotte, was born in Reconvilier, Switzerland July 28, 1856. Charles Frederick Cramotte was born in France in 1828. Sophia Freine was born in Switzerland in 1852. Charles Frederick who was a watchmaker, brought his family to the United States in 1868, first settling in Fairbury, Illinois. He soon moved his family to Cissna Park, Iroquois County, Illinois.

Charlotte Hortense Cramotte married John Charles Thomas September 27, 1876. After their marriage, John Charles and Charlotte Hortense lived eleven years on a farm owned by her father, in the SW Sec. 6, Fountain Creek Township, Iroquois County, Illinois. There they had six children: Charles William was born September 28, 1877; Mary Lenore August 13, 1879; Henry Garfield March 18, 1881; Frank Lincoln March 27, 1883; John Fremont November 26, 1884; and Della Mae December 9, 1886.

In 1887, John Charles moved his family to a farm in Douglas Township, Clay County, Iowa. Mary Jane Thomas, widowed mother of John Charles, went with them.

John Charles and Charlotte Hortense, who had become known as Uncle Charlie, Charlotte Hortense, as Aunt Hort, had four more children in Douglas Township, Raymond Edwin was born November 2, 1888; Ernest Alvin December 31, 1890; Blanch Irene January 6, 1893; and George Allen August 18, 1895.

Mary Jane Harness Thomas, mother of John Charles, died in Douglas Township, March 17, 1896.

In 1902, John Charles and family moved to Moody County, South Dakota. After operating a farm in sec. 1, Flandreau Township for two years. John Charles purchased the S 1/2 NW 1/2 and N 1/2 SW 1/4 Sec. 30., Spring Creek Township. He farmed there until october 1916, when he and Charlotte Hortense moved into Flandreau, the County seat. She died there March 2, 1933. He died December 8, 1838.

Granddaughter Blanche Irene Thomas-Pierson January 1, 1976 rec'd information from her cousin Elton Kenneth Thomas

(graciously submitted by Linda LaConte at thelacontes@comcast.net)

Family Group Sheet    
Husband Name John Charles Thomas  
Birth 12/2/1855 Milford, Iroquois Co., IL
Mar 09/10/1876 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
Death 12/5/38 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
Burial 12/8/38 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
Places of Residence Cissna Park, IL; Sioux Rapid, IA; Flandreau, SD  
Occupation Farmer  
other spouses none  
father William Thomas  
mother (maiden) Mary Jane Harness  
Wife Name Charlotte Hortense Cramotte  
Birth 07/28/1856 Reconvillier, Switzerland
Mar 09/10/1876 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
Death 3/2/33 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
Places of Residence Fairbury, IL; Cissna Park, IL; Sioux Rapids, IA; Flandreau, SD  
Occupation none  
other spouses none  
father Charles Cramotte  
mother (maiden) Sophie Freine  
Name Charles William  
birth 09/28/1877 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
mar 3/27/01 Spencer, Clay county, IA
death 3/6/65 Canby, Clackamas Co., Oregon
burial 3/12/65 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse Lena Eva Tatro  
Name Mary Lenora  
birth 08/13/1879 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
mar 3/19/01 Greenville, Clay Co., IA
death 3/18/67 Birmingham, Jefferson Co., AL
burial 3/21/67 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse John Peter Bruhn  
Name Henry Garfield  
birth 03/18/1881 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
mar 11/28/1887 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
death 8/18/68 Wessington Springs, Jerauld Co., SD
burial 8/21/68 Wessington Springs, Jerauld Co., SD
spouse Lulu Ethel Hetzel  
Name Frank Lincoln  
birth 03/27/1883 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
mar 7/9/18 Brookings, Brookings Co., SD
death 10/23/67 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse Vida Davis-1, Grace LaMay-2  
Name John Fremont  
birth 11/26/1884 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
mar 3/25/07 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
death 7/26/66 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
burial 7/27/66 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse Mabel Stewart  
Name Della Mae  
birth 12/09/1886 Cissna Park, Iroquois Co., IL
mar 6/10/14 Spencer, Clay Co., IA
death 6/29/72 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
burial 7/2/72 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse Harlow H. Arms  
Name Raymond Edwin  
birth 11/02/1888 Sioux Rapids, Clay Co., SD
mar 5/4/10 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
death 4/18/67 Sioux Falls, Minnehaha Co., SD
burial 4/22/67 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse Mabel Irene Beldin  
Name Ernest Alvin  
birth 12/31/1890 Sioux Rapids, Clay Co., SD
mar 6/19/23 Pocahontas, Pocahontas Co. IA
death 11/5/67 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
burial 11/8/67 Flandreau, Moody Co., SD
spouse Elsie Selora tatro  
Name Blanche Irene  
birth 01/06/1893 Sioux Rapids, Clay Co., SD
mar 8/6/17 Egan, Moody Co., SD
spouse Cyrus Wilson Whaley  
Name George Allen  
birth 08/18/1895 Sioux Rapids, Clay Co., SD
mar 8/6/17 Egan, Moody Co., SD
spouse Myrtle Jones  
Compiler: Blanche Irene Thomas Pierson  
  1489 Avila Ct.  
  Hayward, CA  

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