Jasper County, Illinois
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History of Jasper County

est. February 15, 1831
County organization was completed on December 19, 1834.

Jasper County was named for William Jasper, a Sergeant of the Revolution who, during the action in Charleston harbor,
replaced the flag shot away at Fort Moultrie, and later was killed at Savannah in 1779

Present area, or parts of it, formerly included in:
1816–1831 Crawford
1824–1821 Clay
1815–1816 Edwards
1812–1815 Madison
1803–1812 Randolph
1801–1812 St. Clair
1790–1801 Knox, Northwest Territory

Township Organization was adopted on November 8, 1859

[Note: Jasper County approved township organization on November 6, 1849, and the County Court even appointed commissioners to divide the county into townships, but this organization was never completed.]
The commissioners’ report of 1850 divided the county into six townships:

  • Island Grove - Corresponds approximately to present day Grove.
  • Marion - Corresponds approximately to present day Crooked Creek.
  • Muddy - Corresponds to present day North and South Muddy.
  • North Fork - Corresponds approximately to present day Grandville.
  • Polk - Corresponds approximately to present day Willow Hill.
  • Sainte Marie - Included present day Ste. Marie and Fox.

Township Names under 1859 Organization:

  • Crooked Creek
  • Fox - [Created from western part of Ste. Marie (date unknown, before 1901).
  • Grandville
  • Grove - [Name changed from Union in September, 1860.]
  • Hunt City - [Formed from Willow Hill, Crooked Creek and Grandville on Sept. 11, 1901.]
  • North Muddy
  • Sainte Marie
  • Smallwood
  • South Muddy
  • Wade - [Name changed from Newton in September, 1860.]
  • Willow Hill


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