Pictures of Unidentified Jasper County Folks

This particular picture may be from Grove Township and possibly include Wilson, House, Deal families and maybe, just maybe, my Hicks family)

We need your help in identifying these folks. If you recognize anybody, please email me
Many thanks to Leah Davis for sharing this picture.

I'm told that Lenny Hamb and his wife Betsey White Hamb are in this picture, but I need to
write me back and put a number to them

#29: Freelove Wilson House Deal (circled) - Leah Davis' great-gm
#20 is said to be a member of the STIFLE family. (Submitted by Linda)

#32: looks like Laura Strole Hicks (compare #32 to this picture taken between 1887 & 1906) Would that mean that #35 would be her husband Owen Hicks?


Daniel V. Kirkham is on the left....the gentleman on the right is unidentified. The date is circa 1890. send an email to Source #21 if you can identify the man on the right.


This comes from Rhonda Swisher who says that Ernie Price is one of the men (her grandfather), and another one is Millard Chapman (her great-uncle on the other side of the family). She also thinks the picture was taken in the Willow Hill IL area. If anyone can help identify the other men, send an email to Source #56


"Mother and Aunt Lulu"

Lulu Ward Billman / Abraham Edward Billman / Earl A. Billman (in hat in back)

Lulu Ward Billman / Abraham Edward Billman / Earl A. Billman are in this picture. Others are unknown.

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