Jasper County, Illinois
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Website Updates

These are some of the updates made over the years on this website.

Jan 2018:  Crime news for WORTHEY, ALCOKE
Nov 2017:  crime news for: HOLLINGER, LYONS, CUMMINS, VANTRESS.  Fire news: Burning of church, burning of THOMPSON's house.  Gossip news for GOLDSMITH, CLARK, BOLANDER, MARS, POE, GIBSON, MOSCHENROSS, MARCHANT  -- Obits for RICH, ANNIS
Sep 2016:  bio of Emery ANDREWS

June 2016:  1941 Hunt City School picture
Apr 2016:  Gossip news:  SKELLY.  Under Miscellaneous News stories, Cattle Plague.  Crime News:  LITZELMAN.  Administrative notices for TANKERSLEY, SEAMAN, LAGO, GOODWIN, LEE, BADGER, BIRD, HARRIS, NIGH
Dec 2015:  obits for BARKER, SHELLY, MITCHELL;  Crime news for STONE, FORSMAN;  Letter home from soldier TAYLOR;  Facts about Newton High School.  Class List of 1924 Newton H.S.;  NHS Graduates 1882-1923 and whereabouts.  Class pictures of 1924 sophomore and freshman classes

Sept 2015:  Index to Deeds Book "B";  Index to Early stock marks; obits for TRITT, HUNT, KIBLER;  court news for INMAN
June 2015:  marriage announcement for HAGEBUSH-ISLEY;  obits for BRIDGES, PALMER, BANTA
Jan 2015:  History of Ste. Marie,  QUASQUICENTENNIAL 1837  -- 1962
Nov 2014:  Wartime Influences on Jasper County; obit for MILLER;  gossip news for PIPER
May 2014: Grove Township school class photo
Apr 2014: bio for VAN BRUNT, RIGDON

Mar 2013: Class picture of Excelsior School, 1904; Picture of Cumberlain Street in Willow Hill
Jan 2013:
George BURTON family info; James Kibler murder story; obits for NEWLIN, ALLAN
Aug 2012: HOLM obit, Gossip news items for ASBURY, ARNOLD, ALBRIGHT; Weather news, Hail storm of 1860 and Tornado of 1872; Crime news - mail robbery 1889
June 2012:
Feb 2012: Gossip news for HOLM, HENDRICKSON, THOMPSON, GEDDIS; Fire at Hidalgo in 1903
Nov 2011: DANFORTH family bio; Willow Hill Class Pictures for 1938, 1939, 1944 and a picture of the band; HOLM obit; LONG gossip news; TEETS-CARLSON wedding announcement.
July 2011:
Willow Hill Businesses and School additions: 1940 Class pix and 1946 Seniors
Dec 2010: 1910 College Hill Class; Kern School Teachers; 1940/41 Dark Bend students
July 2010: Picture of WEAVER House. Marriage Info for WEAVER-STARK
Jan 2010: 1858-59 Marriages, 1912-1914 Probate Records, 262 birth records transcribed from the 1884 Birth Register; Teachers of Round Prairie School
Nov 2009:
Wills of SMITH, VANDERHOOF; 1921 Willow Hill Football Team picture with names
July 2009: Burials in WARD Cemetery; FINNEY obit


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