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Page 1
Fred Frazier
Willis Frazier

Arthur Cameron
Ceccil Bagley
Darrel Matthews
Linuel Powell
Marian McPherson
May McShikey (Spelling?)
Neil Brown

Submitted By: Janice Staples

Page 2
John & Eliza "Hicks" Loman
Inez M."Beckman" Loman
Luna A. "Rightnowar"Beckman
Everett Verne Loman
Walter Elias Loman
Sarah A. "Gilliland" Loman
Mary Dasha Keef Hurmon
Permelia Mae Hicks
Simon B. Hicks family
George Mifflin Dallis Hicks Family
Loman Families

Submitted By: Laverne Frost


Page 3
Cindy England
Stephens Girls
Moore Family
Harvey Family

Submitted By: Abby Newell

Page 4
Gus Medders and Family
Samuel Medders and Family
Leland Moore Sr.
John Martin Moore and family

Submitted By: Leland Moore


Loman Family
Submitted By: Anne Loman Johnson

Benjamin F. Melton and Osa Ola Riggs Melton
Submitted By: Margaret Shehorn Marasco

Newett and Nancy Gates Hayes
Submitted By: Michelle Wisniewski

Page 5
Mary (Dodson) Humphrey
June Clifford Hicks
William and Emily (Mays) Humphrey Family
Mrs. Irene (Lampley) Hicks

Submitted By: Kevin D. Bacon


Rollo & Grace A. "Wilson" Johnson
Submitted By: Ian C. Witzel

Henry Newton Cummings and Family
Submitted By: Eileen Cummings

William H. & Nancy Fox Green
Submitted By: Fran Chancellor

William Wilkerson
Submitted By: Melany Granville

Page 6
Joel Nobel Johnson
Martha Green
Oliver Ross Johnson
Alta Florene (Shrum) Purvis & Dau.
Sarah Elizabeth Shrum
Peter King Schrum
Jacob Shrum & Margaret Laird
Williams Family

Submitted By: Sandy (Whalen) Bauer

Page 7
Ruth Sumner Keele
Millard Fillmore Marlow & Family
Willam & Sarah Ellen (Marlow) Blankenship
Nan Florence (Marlow) Chilton
Sarah Ann (Marlow) Scott
Steven Washington & Emma (Bruce) Marlow & Children
Thomas J. & Rosa (Bumpus) Atchison
James W. & Harriett (Atchison) Marlow
Irma Russell
Herma Cordelia (Marlow) Cameron Archer
Glen Russell
Frederick F. Marlowe
Eddie Oscar Marlow and his wife, Anna Belle Williams Marlow
Eddie O. & Belle (Williams) Marlow & Family
Chloe (Chilton) Gowler & Elsie (Martz) Blankenship
Charles Marlowe Archer
Carrell Arthur Williams & Family
Anita (Rairdon) Coon & Sarah (Marlow) Blankenship

Submitted By: Rita Marlow

Page 8
Children of David Bee Davis
Children of Andrew Wilson Bennett
Loucetta (Bennett) Butler
Rozier Kirby
Wilson Walker Butler
Bob Butler and family
Rosco Vern Whalen
Doris Leona (Davis)
Noel Clark Whalen
Wilmer Herbert Butler
Maude Bly
Franklin Walker Butler
Washington Webster Butler
The Staley Family
Children of Rosco Vern Whalen and Maude Bly Butler
Mary Susan (Maulding) Whalen
Phylena (Butler) Kirby and children
Squire Davis and Family
Phylena Butler and 2nd husband Barney Vance
Andrew Wilson Bennett & Lucinda Philena Jennings

Submitted By: Sandy (Whalen) Bauer


Page 9
Jesse Franklin Rutherford
Mary Eva Mahala Wilfong
James Wilbur Retherford and his wife Mary Elizabeth Rightnowar

Submitted By: Linda Ritter

Page 10
Thomas & Rosa Atchison
Old Jefferson Hotel
Fred Mathews & his father Henry Mathews
Service Station that was owned by Howard Gaskins
First Service Station in Woodlawn

Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson


Page 11
Hiram & Elizabeth "McCown" McLaughlin
Hezekiah, Albert & Bessie McLaughlin
Elizabeth & Minnie McLaughlin in front of their home 6-15-1909
McLaughlin Family 1904
Elizabeth Lee McCown McLaughlin
Bessie McLaughlin Brooks Wakefield

Submitted By: Geraldine Brown

Page 12
Velma, Halsey, Alta, Howard and Sirena "Betty" Brown
The Brown Family
Beulah Brown Hester and child
Hollis Peery & Eddith Brown 1900
Daughters of Harvey & Sarah Brown
Lucille, Calm, Harry and Julia Brown. c.1910

Submitted By: Daran Brown


Page 13
James Adney and Flora Isabelle (Short) Lisenby
Samuel John and RitaBelle (Yearwood) Yearwood
Mabel G. Lisenby 1900
Jesse David Hunt
Charles E. and Mary Emma (Boykin) Hunt
William Alfred Lisenby
Samuel John Yearwood
Addie Mae (Yearwood) Lisenby
Jesse David and Mabel G. (Lisenby) Hunt
The Yearwood & Lisenby Family

Submitted By: Lori Leonard

Page 14
Frederick Alvin Jones
Minnie Ellen [Arnold] Jones
George Leonard Geer
Anna [Ploesser] Geer
Carl Edward "Rusty" Geer
Harry Modert "Red" Geer
1909 wedding photo of George Frederick Geer and Anna Ploesser
House built by Alexander Hamilton Bennett and his son Edward Rosier Bennett.
Verne [Jones] Bennett and Edward Rosier Bennett
The Ploesser family home at 1016 S. 7th Street Mt. Vernon
Mount Vernon Car Shops
"Brewer Jones"identified as Jacob Brewer

Submitted By: John Bennett


Page 15
Robert M. Farthing
John Farthing
Farthing Family
Edward Palmer
Mary "Whitaker" Palmer
Rufus Palmer
Central School 1920 & 1923 (Alma Ballard, Gale Ballard,Melvin Ballard)
The Ballard Family ca 1910
Earl and Maude "Palmer" Ballard
Russell and Alma "Ballard" Puckett
Charles and Sabra "Toney" Adams
Ephraim Jr, John, Lee, Egbert, William and Walter Toney
Thomas Puckett and Mary E. "Wells" Puckett
Claudia E."Toney" Puckett
John and Claudia "Toney" Puckett
John Puckett Family

Submitted By: Phyllis Patterson

Page 16
William King and Clemenza Bean Family
John L. Ferguson Family
Margaret (Maggie) Anne Gilbert Fairchild
Lola Theresa Fairchild
Lee Dees with his section gang
Submitted By: Kevin Bean


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