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William H. Chastain Family Bible


Description of Bible

Printed 1843

Approximately 4 3/4 inches wide

Approximately 7 inches tall

Appears to be made of a red/brown leather

Hand written on the first page
William H. Chastains Book July the 31st 1844
this page is loose, but you can match up the stains
with the inside front cover and see this page does
belong here.

Many pages are loose, and the bible is only in
fair condition.

Due to the condition of the brittle pages, and already
being loose, I scanned them one at a time in order not
to cause any more damage.

The Bible has had pages added, by sewing them in with a course dark colored thread.

Only the first page that has been added to bible has
any writting on it. The thread is still attached to
the bible, but has torn through the paper.

William H. Chastain
Family Bible

William Chastain Family Bible

Submitted By: Gwendolyn S. Smith
gss.smith at

First Page

William H. Chastains Book July the 31st 1844

Holy Bible,
The Old and New Testaments:
Printed By: D. Panshaw
For the American Bible Society


Wm. H. Chastain and
Elizabeth Lisenby was
married August the 4th 1836

Jos. H. Miller and
Nancy E. Chastain was
married December
the 30th 1855


William H. Chastain Sr. was born May the 7th 1815
Elizabeth Chastain was born July the 15th 1811
Nancy Emily Chastain was born May the 22d 1837
Charles Wesley Chastain was born December the 14th 1839
William Henry Chastain was born November the 24th 1841
Isabel Jane Chastain was born April the 28th 1843
John Hiram Chastain was born February the 7th 1845


George Thomas Chastain was born November the 4th 1847
Lydia Caroline Chastain was born October the 20th 1851
John H. Miller was born April the 3d 1838
Mary Elizabeth Miller was born May the 18th 1857
Sarah Isabel Miller was born November the 28th 1859
Nancy Caroline Miller was born June the 6th 1862
Lilly Florence Miller was born July the 8th 1864

Morris Edgar Miller was born December 31st 1866
Elvin Oscar Miller was born June 13th 1869
Robert Lee Miller was born March 31st 1871
John Harmon Miller was born May 20th 1873


Mary Elizabeth Miller died August 14, 1864
Sarah Isabel Miller died August 30, 1861
Nancy C. Miller died August the 3d, 1864
Robert Lee Miller died October the 19th, 1872
John H. Miller died July 31st 1873

Nancy E. Miller died December the 13th - 1905
Lillie Florence Robison died March 14 - 1940

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