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Biographies of Jordan Families


Miles Jordan
JORDAN, Hon. MILESóRetired merchant, Pleasantville. Was born in Jefferson county, Illinois, December 5, 1821, and lived there until 1830, then removed to Quincy. His early life was spent on a farm. At the out-break of the Mexican War he enlisted in the First regiment Illinois infantry, and was at the battle of Buena Vista under Gen. Taylor. After his discharge from the army he returned home, and in 1847 came to Iowa and settled in this township, and he was the first school teacher in the township after the passage of the school law. The school building was the typical school building of the pioneer days, built of logs with puncheon floors and seats and openings covered with greased paper to admit the light. He was one of the county commissioners, and one of the first justices of the peace, and while holding this office performed the first marriage ceremony in the county, the contracting parties were Jesse B. Glenn and Sarah Johnson. He has represented the county in the General Assembly of the State Legislature. He was for many years a partner in the first store opened in Pleasantville, and few men have seen more years of active service than Mr. Jordan. He came to the county with limited means, his worldly effects consisting of a horse and a land warrant received for his services in the Mexican War, and he is a good illustration of what an industrious man can accomplish by industry, economy and honesty. As a citizen he has always taken an active part in whatever has had a tendency to promote the interest of the township, and the rising generation have but a faint idea of how much they are indebted to such sturdy pioneers as Mr. Jordan.
He married Mary Sheppard, a native of North Carolina, in 1848. Their family consists of six children: Millie (now Mrs. Dr. Duncan), Melissa A. (now Mrs. Prince), Emma (now Mrs. Evans), Margaret (now Mrs. De Witt), Winfield S. (a student in the Iowa State University), and Sadie L.
[Source: "The History of Marion County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Pleasant Grove Twp." by Union Historical Company Page 736 Submitted By: Cindy Ford]

W. Jordan
JORDAN, W.ó Merchant, Pleasantvillle. The oldest merchant in point of residence in Marion county is the name that heads this sketch. He was born in Jefferson county, Illinois, on the 9th of October, 1823, and is the son of W. F. and Isabel Jordan, natives of Kentucky, who emigrated to Illinois at an early day and settled in Jefferson county, and afterward removed to Adams county, where the subject of our sketch was principally raised. His early life was that of a farmer boy. He enlisted in the First regiment of Illinois infantry during the Mexican War, and participated with his regiment in the memorable battle of Buena Vista. After his return from the army the family, in 1847, removed to Marion county, and with land warrants received for service in the Mexican War located land. He soon after engaged in general merchandise, and is the pioneer in his line in the county in business. He was associated with his brother Miles, who recently retired from the firm, and at the present time is associated with his brother W.R. Jordan and T. R. Brown, under the firm name of W. Jordan & Co. This business dates from the first settlement of the county, and at the present time are doing the largest business in their line in the county, and what is most remarkable, thirteen years ago they changed their method of doing business from a credit to cash basis, and since that time have not kept a credit book in the house, and in this ???? not only been favored themselves, but have conferred a lasting benefit on the community. He is a self-made man. Commencing life in straightened circumstances he has, by his energy and perseverance, made for himself a competency, meriting and receiving the confidence and respect of his fellow citizens. He has been twice married; first, to Miss Susan F. Brown, in 1851. She was a native of Jefferson county, Iowa. Mrs. Jordan died in 1862, leaving four children: George W., Mary C. (now Mrs. Cheetham). Wm. C. and Riley D. His second marriage was to Miss Lovina Fisher in 1863. She is a native of Ohio. By this union they have three children: Cora, Elmore and Thomas E.
[Source: "The History of Marion County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Pleasant Grove Twp." by Union Historical Company Page 736 Submitted By: Cindy Ford]

W. R. Jordan
JORDAN, W. R. -- Of the firm of W. Jordan & Co., dealers in general merchandise, Pleasantville. Is a native of Jefferson county, Illinois, and was born on the 6th day of March, 1827, and was principally raised in Adams county on a farm. In 1847 removed with his father to Marion county, Iowa, where his father entered the land on which the town of Pleasantville is now located. In 1849 he went to California, where he spent seventeen years. Most of this time he was engaged in the stock business. In 1867 he returned to Marion county, and with his brothers engaged in his present business in which they have been eminently successful. He married Miss Mary Young, in 1852. She was born in Iowa. Their family consists of four children: William L., Lizzie (now Mrs. Dean), Jackson and Alta.
[Source: "The History of Marion County, Iowa: Containing a History of the County, Pleasant Grove Twp." by Union Historical Company Page 736 Submitted By: Cindy Ford]

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