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Loman Family


Late one evening, in the spring of 1858, Jim Loman arrived in Elk Prairie. He was leading an old mare named, Nellie, and carrying a chopping axe and a rifle. All the other worldly goods he possessed were on the back of Old Nell. These included his wife, Sarah Jane McLaine and their three year old daughter, Mary, plus an iron skillet, an auger, and a hoe. That night, they stayed with a very hospitable future neighbor, and set about establishing a home of their own early next morning. This was not unusual in itself as a great many people were still coming into the area in early pioneer style as of that date, but there was one thing about Jim that would be of interest to the historian, for he was the son of a bounder. His father, Isaac Loman, had been bound out at the age of ten, to do whatever his legal matter demanded until he was 21 years old. In some cases, these legal bonds were really an apprenticeship, but in most cases, it was nothing more than child slavery. In this case, it did not work out very well, for the late Guy Loman said life became intolerable and Isaac ran away while still young and spent the rest of his life until he became a man, as a run-away bounder, hunted by every sherriff in the state. He finally reached maturity, became a free man, and married Phoebe Davenport. Two of their children, James and Elias came to Illinois and settled in Elk Prairie. Both went to the Civil War from there. Him enlisted in the 31st Illinois Infantry, was with Sherman on the famous March to the Sea, developed a chronic case of rheumatism and dysentary from exposure, and bad water and never fully recovered.
Elias married Sarah Ann Gillian, and had ten children as shown in the family history section of this story.
He served in Company B, 31st Illinois Infantry, also, throughout the war he was mustered out with the Company on July 19, 1865, at Louisville, Kentucky.

The following legal document bound the Loman children to their masters until they were of legal age.

Court Order Book D, page 341. May court, 1817.

"Ordered that the Clerk of This Court issue summons against Sally Loman to appear here at the next term of this Court to show cause if any why her children in her possessions should not be bound out as the law directs."

Deed Book M., page 52. May Court, 1817. "James Loman bound out to William Bently and Company, until he arrives at the age of 21."

Court Order Book D., page 346. July Court 1817.
"Ordered that the Clerk of this Court bind out Isaac Loman and Mourning Loman sons of William Loman who has absconded and failed to provide support for said Isaac and Mourning to William Richardson to learn all the common arts and mysteries of the sigar and mfg. business as the law directs: The said Isaac being of the age of 10 years the 9th day of September next and Mourning 6 years old the 6th day of this July."
"Agreeable to an order of the Worshipful Court for the County aforesaid. This indenture is made between William Irvine a Clerk of the said Court on behalf of Isaac and Mourning Loman sons of William Loman of the one part and William Richardson of the County aforesaid of the other part."
"Witnesseth: That the said Isaac and Mourning Loman is honestly and industriously to serve and obey the said Richardson in all lawful commands until they arrive to the age of 21 years each (the said Isaac being of the age of ten years old the 9th day of September next, and Mourning 6, the 6th day of the present July ............ said Richardson agrees to clothe, lodge, feed, and learn them all the common arts and mysteries of the sigar, mfg. tobacco business... 22 July, 1817."

Court Order Book, p 530. July Court, 1817.
"Ordered that the Clerk of this Court bind out Lucinda Loman (dtr of William Loman) who has absconded and failed to provide for said Lucinda a support, to Ignatius R. Simms to learn all the common arts and mysteries of the spinning, weaving, and house business as the Law directs."

Court Order Book, p 417. January Court 1818.
"Susannah Loman dtr of Sally Loman bound out to Samuel P. Harris to learn all the common arts and mysteries of the weaving and household business as the Law Directs."

(you will notice that there was nothing said about an education. ED)

Loman Family History:
William Loman married Sally Golden Madison, Co., Ky 1800
Children: James, Isaac B. 1807, Mourning B. 1811, Lucinda, Susanah.
Marriages: James m Nancy J. Hoskins 1865. Isaac m Phoebe Davenport 1829, Mourning m. Llydia Wheeling 1831.

Walter Elias Loman b April 15, 1834 - d. 1-5-1893 m Sarah Ann Gillian 7-4-1838 d 5-5-1901.
Married 1-3-1856 Washington County, Illinois

James Dewitt, 10-28-1865, d 12-25-1892,
Elvadas H. (Douglas) b 9-1-1858 d 11-3-1887
Joseph Dance b 11-4-1860 d 11-25-1904
Frederrick McDonald b 4-8-1862 d 1-16-1865
Jenetta Frances b 7-1-1863 d. 1-16-1891
Sarah Josephine b 2-26-1868 d 7-20-1898
Ida Ann b 12-22-1870 d 4-25-1954
Cora Edna Adeline b 5-30-1872 d 3-15-1902
Walter Elias Oscar b 1-3-1875 d 11-12-1906
John Washington b 1-23-1878 d 8-30-1920.

James married Carline Hamlin, had four children, Elvadas married Menerva Holloway, had three children, Luvadas, Tennessee, Richard, and Nettie Florence. Joseph married Renda Bell Rightnowar had 4 children, Dana, Grover, Sarah, Erva. Jenetta Frances married Joe Wilson, had twin babies that died. Sarah Josephine married Add Hicks had 4 chldren, Clarence, Cora, Walter, Johnny. Had Roscoe by a man named Pickett. (Probably a second marriage.)
Ida married Jess Bodine, had 2 boys Van and John.
Cora married Perry Bean had 2 children one named Sylvia.
Oscar married Martha Rightnowar had 3 children Lonnie, Berthal and Mary.
John married Liza Hicks and had one boy Ernest.

James Loman b 5-28-1831 was married on July 1, 1850 to Sarah J. McClaine a native of Hopkins County, Kentucky, a daughter of Lurenna McClaine, they had 7 children but we have a record of only five: Mary who married William Hester, William, Vienna who married Newt Wells, Isaac Benjamin (Ben), who married Clara Belle Clinton, and Leota.

Children of I. B. and Clara Belle Clinton Loman were: Myrtle b 1881, Lawrence b. 1883, Bill b. 1885, Clara b. 1887, Jim b 1889, Jeanetta b. 1891, May b. 1893, Roy b. 1895, Vienna b. 1897, and Fay b. 1899.

Grover C. Loman married Ann Rightnowar had three children, James Albert, Estelle, Irene.

The Prairie Historian
March 1973 Volume 3 Number 1
Submitted By: Abby Newell

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