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 Jefferson County Illinois
Abner Cemetery


Nason, Illinois

Walked and Indexed by: Janice Staples & Cindy Ford
August 1999

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King Bradley was the first person buried in what is now the beautiful Abner Cemetery which is a large well kept burying ground with a neat steel fence around it and many nice monuments placed over graves.
[The Daily Register - Wednesday, January 28, 1914]





Abner, W. Oct.01,1802 Oct.26,1858  
Abner, Joshua Date Missing Bottom of stone abt.75y
Abner, Joshua July 03,18?? July ??, 18?7 couldn't read all of stone
Abner, Mary Jane May 15,1834 Oct.19,1858  
Allen, Clarence Nov.11,1919 Mar.24,1998 Military Marker
Allen, Reva Sep.22,1921 No Date  
Allen, Beulah M. Dec.14,1908 Feb.20,1980  
Allen, Willard W. Jun.27,1911 Sept.4,1979  
Allen, Juanita M. Jul.7,1932 Jun.12,1949  
Allen, Charley E. Apr.4,1946 Oct.29,1976  
Allen, L.Imogene Mar.19,1952    
Allen, Jesse W. 4-25-1934    
Allen, Bonnie May 12-5-1935  
Atkins, Aaron W. July 13, 1890 Oct.18,1956 WWI  
Atkins, Marthene 1872 1891  
Bailey, Floyd W. July 26,1893 Sept.17,1942  
Balmer, Evelyn R. Oct.21,1921 Dec.22,1994  
Baker, Susan A. 1833 1908  
Baker, Eliza 1868  
Baker, Harold Jan.11,1899 Mar.22,1997  
Baker, Elly May,23,1901 Sep.26,1989  
Baker, Grace 1877 1943  
Baker, Alonzo 1871 1950  
Baker, Afton 1920 1921  
Baker, Lester 1904 1968  
Baker, Neal 1908 1913  
Baker, Gale 1897 1899  
Baker, Joseph C. 1869 1958  
Baker, Minerva E. 1872 1909  
Bean, Melisa 1854 1889  
Bean, James 1880 1880  
Bean, Infant Dau. 1882  
Bean, Infant Dau. B&D Dec.04,1919 d/o LC&GM
Bean, Malissa J. 1862 1865  
Bean, Rosethia 1868  
Bean, Alfred W. 1851 1855  
Bean, Russell 1856 1858  
Bean, General 1860 1876  
Bean? Margaret June 30,1855 Nov.12,1866  
Bean, Julia A. 1877 1877  
Bean, John P. 1866 1868  
Bean, Charles 1862 1865  
Bean, Martha 1845 1878  
Bean, F.M. 1835 1889  
Bean, James V. 1854 1923  
Bean, Harriett S. 1860 1939  
Bean, Ezra H. Dec.10,1902 s/oJV&HS
Bean, Sadie N. Aug.26,1889 1y4m24d d/oJV&HS
Bean, Alta Ethel Aug.14,1889 3y3m28d, d/oJV&HS
Bean, Edward Jan.05,1883  
Bean, General L. 1885 1950  
Bean, Berthal 1890 1973  
Bean, Lowell 1896 1977  
Bean, Georgia 1896 1979  
Beard, Ida M. Aug.4,1871 July, 18,?  
Beckham, Charles 9-4-1934  
Beckham, Meda B. 2-17-1934  
Beckham, Joey Dean Oct.13,1961  
Beckham, Newman 1903 1984  
Beckham, Nellie 1905 1951  
Beckham, Judy Nov.9,1949 Apr.26,1996 Pfaff
Beckham, John David Apr.26,1948 May.7,1981  
Beckman, John David June, 16,1970 June 16,1970  
Beckham, Clyde N. June,16,1970 June 16,1970  
Beckham, J.Keith Oct.7,1930 -  
Beckham, H.Irene Jan.19,1930 Sep.3,1991  
Bicanich, Annie 1885 1957  
Bicanich, Ivan 1887 1976  
Black, Samuel A. 1885 1960 bro c/o C&D
Black, Louise Herie 1879 1957 sis c/o C&D
Black, Sherman June 30,1865 July 06,1941  
Black, Almira J. Sept.17,1868 Mar.05,1925  
Black, Hobart 1896 1900  
Black, Baby 1888 1888  
Black, Johnny 1892 1893  
Black, T.L. Oct.04,1863 July 04,1949  
Black, Eva Oct.18,1866 Jan.20,1948  
Black, Pfc.Howard T. Nov.02,1908 Dec.21,1944 Lost life in the Battle of the Bulge
Black, Earnest 1906 1981  
Black, Son Feb.20, 1899, 4d s/o TL&E
Black, Ray Jan.21,1909 April 22,1902 s/o JC&Betty
Bodine, Jay D. June 03,1905 April 10,1984  
Bodine, Roberta R. Dec.27,1909 No Date m/Jay June 14,1930
Bromeier, Louis April 16,1877 June 02,1909  
Bromeier, Henry 1838 1929  
Bromeier, Henriette 1842 1922 w/o Henry
"Bromeier, Rosena     *Source Obit
Bromeier, William F. Jan.26,1885 Dec.29,1950  
Brumett, Thos. E. Feb.01,1884 7y9m10d; s/o J&SJ
Brumett, Henry W. Dec.15,1871 3y3m2d
Burkich, Lucia Aug.29,1880 Oct.13,1965  
Burkich, Eli Apr.1,1885 Oct.18,1960  
Cagle, Beulah A. Feb.15,1907 Oct.18,1980 m. Jan.15,1972
Cagle, Edgar H. Jul.11,1901 Feb.7,1973  
Cates, Thomas L. Aug.13,1868 Mar.07,1947 other stone
Cates, Martha N. Feb.19,1871 Mar.10,1909  
Cates, W.L. Mar.17,1848 Oct.14,1915  
Cates, Mary J. April 16,1849 April 27,1910  
Chapelli, Andrea Nov.30,1893 Aug.6.1968  
Chapelli, Lucia Dec.13,1900 Sep.18,1957  
Chapelli, Walter Jr Jan.25,1940 Aug.29,1940 s/o A&L
Chesney, Walter L. Nov,29,1918 Sep.13,1989 Military Marker
Chesney, D.Rosalie Apr.19,1923 -  
Chesney, Edward Russel 1910 1942  
Chesney, Noble W. 1912 1973  
Chesney, Mary Emmaline 1883 1940  
Chesney, George E. 1869 1954  
Chilton, Ada Mar.13,1848 April 11,1910  
Chilton, J.W. Jan.27,1837 Mar.18,1906  
Chilton, Mary A. 12-14-1815 12-27-1899  
Clark, Charles S. B&D April 12,1947 s/o H&S
Clark, Charles O. 1881 1964  
Clark, Elsie E. 1881 1956  
Clark, Wm. Otto 1901 1915  
Clark, Virgil D. Oct.10,1902  
Clarke, James Oct.17,1908 Sept.29,1980 Military Marker WWII
Clarke, Lena 1-22-1922    
Clemens, Byford Lee Nov,3,1936  
Cochran, Howard M. Oct.24,1905 Jan.19,1985  
Cochran, Mildred L. May.16,1914 Jun.30,1969  
Collins, Everett Sept.24,1897 May 31,1994  
Collins, Alice July 30,1899 Jan.24,1979 m/Everett Jan.05,1918
Collins, Ellen S. Sept.03,1918 Mar.06,1921 d/o EH&Alice
Colle, John Jr. 1914 1998 Military Marker WWII
Colle, Robert 1929 1942  
Conner, Ruby M. Aug.21,1911 Oct.24,1990  
Conner, Paul C. Apr.15,1916 Sept.20, 1984 Military Marker WWII
Crivokapich, John 1886 1953  
Crivokapich, Stana 1894 1942  
Crivokapich, Mike Aug.24,1915 Aug.3,1983  
Crivokapich, Wanda Aug.23,1923 No Date  
Cunningham, Thelma Blan che Sept.27,1903 Nov.27,1910  
Cunningham, James W. May 16,1866 July 24,1940  
Cunningham, Arintha L. Dec.25,1876 Oct.03,1956  

Dalby, Herman Aug.03,1904 Dec.23,1904 child/o R&T
Dalby, Harmon Aug.03,1904 Aug.09,1904 child/o R&T
Dalby, Beauty Mar.18,1903 Feb.11,1904 child/o R&T
Dalby, Knox A. July 11,1908 Mar.22,1910 child/o R&T
Dalby, Son Sept.26,1897 Sept.30,1902 s/o Wm.&Linnie
Dalby, Wm.E. 1867 1953  
Dalby, Linnie L. 1871 1925  
Dalby, Edward B. 1844 1935  
Dalby, Edward 2-13-1905  
Dalby, Maude Oct.5,1907 Oct.23,1995  
Dalby, Cora A. 1872 1935  
Dalby, Gabe G. 1869 1967  
Dalby, Daisy P. Feb.26,1898 Jan.11,1977 m.Apr.7,1922
Dalby, Glen W. Apr.6,1900 Sep.10, 1978  
Dalby, Josephine V. 1851 1923  
Dalby, Pearl R. Nov.14,1911 Oct.19,1988 m.Ap.25,'35
Dalby, Phillip A. Feb.27,1906 Dec.3,1979 Military Marker
Darnell, Hobart Jul.30,1900 Aug.2,1940 Hob
Darnell, Kerry Don Jun.6,1961  
Darnell, William Feb.25,1865 Feb.22,1890  
Darnell, Guy Jan.09,1888 Feb.16,1890 child/o W&E
Darnell, Irl Jan.04,1890 Feb.10,1990 child/o W&E
Darnell, Infant Dec.13,1897 child/o W&E
Davis, Charles A. 4-22-1889 12-10-1965 Military Marker *WWI
Davis, Josephine 1899 1936  
Davis, Jeanette 1-16-1920 4-22-1974  
Dennis, Earnie Lee 4-21-1931 9-14-2000 Korea
Dent, Janice M. Sep.12,1937 Feb.24,1985  
Dent, Freddie E. 1-1-1930  
Dent, Kimberly Ann May,12,1968 Aug.29, 1995  
Dent, Alice Apr.2,1904 May,15,1988  
Dent, William O. Jan.28,1891 Jan.8,1972  
Douglas, Ferne 1899 19-  
Douglas, James C. 1877 1950  
Dover, James A. Oct.1,1930 May,30,1996 Korea
Dudley, Lenora W. Jul.23,1916 May,13,1999  
Dudley, Cyril R. Oct.12,1922 Aug.20,1992  
Dudley, Danny L. Sep.11,1954 Apr.20,1997  
Dudley, Ralph L. Aug.1,1913 Dec.25,1965  
Dudley, Eileen Jan.10,1921 - m. Jun.24, 1939
Dudley, Charles Dec.17,1885 Mar.15,1957  
Dudley, Lea Oct.09,1888 Dec.16,1949  
Dudley, Edith S. Jan.17,1915 Sept.11,1938  
Dudley, Raymond Wilber Oct.25,1921 Oct.27,1921  
Duncan, Robert K. Feb.27,1965 Feb.19,1988  
Duty, Infant B&D Aug.29,1890 s/o J&L
Elkins, Tomie Dec.21,1897 June 10,1898  
Elkins, Ruby A. May 27,1892 Oct.27,1908  
Eno, Paul 1852 1923  
Eno, May 1856 No Date  
Fanning, Ruth I. Feb.21,1910 Jun.25,1996  
Fanning, James Thomas Apr.1,1901 Jul.8,1979  
Fanning, Charles James May.4,1878 Jul.30,1952  
Fico, Lucille Oct.12,1918 -  
Fico, Michael David Apr.26,1955 Aug.24,1998  
Fico, Joseph 1885 1961  
Fico, Lucia 1891 1955  
Fico, Raymond T. Dec.19,1915 Jun.7,1945  
Forstner, Eustace 1882 1950  
Forstner, Matilda " *Source Obit"
Fred, Gary 1870 1961  
Fred, Golden 1891 1976  
Fred, Hilda Sept.27,1918 Oct.06,1918  
Frick, G.F. Feb.15,1855 Feb.08,1925  
Frick, Mary Florence April 23,1859 Nov.26,1922  
Frick, John H. Nov.27,1888 Jan.17,1981 WWI
Frick, Flora D. Mar.3,1895 Jun.24,1970  
Frick, George W. 1945 infant
Gherardini, Olinda May,17,1887 Jul.12,1938  
Gherardini, Carlo Apr.9,1881 May,6,1961  
Gherardini, Alice 1927 1983 d/o Olinda&Carlo
Giovannini, Candida 188? 1941  
Glasco, Martha J. 1873 1931  
Glasco, Charles A. 1871 1947  
Glasco, Gale G. 1912 1913  
Glasco, Effie J. 1910 1914  
Glasco, Sylvia 1906  
Glasco, LeRoy 1889  
Golden, Ruth S."Cates" Oct.29,1910 Jan.16,1991  
Golden, Roberta Sue Oct.14,1946 Oct.09,1955  
Guerrini, Mary 12-27-1918  
Guerrini, Dominic Mar.2,1913 Jul.17,1977  
Guerrini, Eliza Apr.1,1888 Jun.8,1965  
Guerrini, Galelio Feb.4,1893 Feb.21,1940  
Hall, Karen D. stillborn May.31,1961  
Hall, Galetta 1902 1947  
Hall, Roy 1898 1950  
Hall, Wanda Feb.25,1922 Jan.4,1952 d/o Roy&Galetta
Hall, Paula Jean Sep.2,1957 Apr.8,1958  
Hall, Alice Annett Oct.19,1935 Feb.1,1998  
Harmon, Ida 1879 1952  
Harmon, Jeffery Dec.1905 Mar.1937  
Haynes, Ruth Ann Mar.1.1944 Jan.15,1999  
Heck, Charles Ervin Jan.12,1922 Mar.4,1985 Military Marker
Heck, Lenona Lee 5-12-1926 m.Oc.28,1946
Henn, Audrey May 15,1899 Sept.08,1900 d/o Wm.&Ida
Hester, Glen Aug.18,1900 1y21d
Hester, Susan Dec.25,1901 23y9m8d; w/o FP
Hester, Addie H. June 02,1857 June 01,1935  
Hester, John S. Sept.04,1847 Aug.13,1939  
Hester, Arl Jan.03,1881 July 11,1935  
Hester, J.H. June 04,1842 Oct.29,1902  
Hester, Victoria Mar.03,1844 Dec.05,1937  
Hester, James W. Sep.4,1982 Mar.7,1999  
Hester, Jerry 5-22-1949  
Hester, James H. 1878 1930  
Hester, Gertrude M. 1890 1916  
Hester, Margaret 1910 1910  
Hester, John E. 1869 1948  
Hester, Jolie Ethel Hod ge 1896 1916 w/o Floyd
Hester, Lillie Maud 1877 1963  
Hester, Evelyn L. Nov.12, 1925 Apr.29,1996  
Hester, Sidney 1871 1950  
Hester, Catherine 1870 1954  
Hester, Floyd T. Aug.18,1892 Aug.1,1954 Military Marker WWI
Hester, Florence V. Apr.6,1902 Jul.28,1968 w/o Wm Mccoy
Hester, Cleve Sep.20,1883 Nov.6,1956  
Hester, Blanche Mar.14,1890 Oct.6,1939  
Hester, Knox M. Nov.19,1947 Feb.9,1997 Vietnam
Hester, Knox 8-16-1909 2-26-1982  
Hester, Aretha M. May,1,1912 -  
Hester, Wm Knox Mar.19,1944 c/o Knox&Aretha
Hester, Rita Dianne Jan.19,1946 c/o Knox&Aretha
Hester, Ura Glenn Dec.8,1899 Feb.2,1992  
Hester, Ruth Helen Sep.22,1900 Dec.30,1948  
Hester, L.M. Aug.29,1878 Dec.31,1897 w/o Sid
Hester, Jennie V.Jones 7-14-1904 12-23-2000  
Hodge, Willis G. Mar.07,1873 July 26,1929  
Hodge, Nellie F. July 21,1885 Sept.24,1919  
Hodge, Olen 1903 1920  
Hodge, W.N. May 23,1844 Dec.25,1897  
Hodge, Dora Feb.08,1880 Oct.01,1890  
Hodge, Frances 1904 1991  
Hodge, Coleman 1900 1941  
Hodge, Helen M. 2-2-1928  
Hodge, Max H. Feb,12,1924 Jan.23,1984 Military Marker WWII
Hodge, Delbert R. Oct.5,1903 May,31,1974  
Hodge, Ethel J. Jul.3,1906 Aug.9,1990  
Hodge, A.C. Sept.26,1866 Feb.25,1896  
Hodge, J.A. May 01,1874 Mar.05,1894  
Hodge, Babe Feb.23,1894 Mar.08,1894  
Hodge, R.C. April 10,1834 Nov.09,1896  
Hodge, Earl No Dates    
Hodge, Lucy A. 1872 1953  
Hodge, Luther N. 1869 1948  
Hodge, Sarah C. 2-16-1855 no date  
Hodge, Nannie Florence 7-18-1879 4-19-1946  
Hodge, William A. 8-29-1874 4-9-1950  
Holloway, Wayne 1899 1960  
Hoofer, Mattie A. Apr.3,1905 Sep.15,1974  
Hoofer, James E. Feb.25,1896 Jul.26,1946  
Hoofer, Albert WWII  
Hoofer, Pauline Jul.23,1926 Sep.17,1976  
Hyde, Warren C. July 14,1891 Feb.01,1976  
Hyde, Goldie M. July 11,1896 Feb.15,1980  
Inglett, Harry E. 1902 1975  
Inglett, Ruth 1908 1987  
Joy, Charles 1859 1922  
Joy, Lucy 1863 1950  
Joy, Morton C. Jan.16,1907 July 01,1931  
Joy, Chlorine June 02,1904 Dec.22,1922  
Joy, Robert T.L. May 06,1884 Jan.14,1912  
Joy, Arthur P. Jan.01,1902 Jan.10,1923  
Joy, Clyde 1889 1986  
Joy, Lottie 1893 1978  
Juluis, Gary Lee Nov.28,1951 Oct.18,1967  
Juluis, John Apr.4,1924 Oct.1,1975 Military Marker WWII
Juluis, Dolores      
Kash, Benjamin Gene Aug.13,1979 Jun.5,1999  
Kash, Floyd C. 7-1-1929    
Kash, Noma L. 1-2-1932    
Kelley, Ray Sep.29,1927  
Kelley, Connie Dec.18,1928 May 3,1998  
Kelley, Daisy Bean 1902 1935  
Kirk, John M. 1864 19--  
Kirk, Melissa 1865 1946  
Kirk, Samuel 1855 1935  
Kirk, Martha 1866 1954  
Kirk, Harley E. 1901 1919  
Kirk, Daughter April 15,1905 Dec.01,1907 d/o SJ&ME
Kirk, Loretta J. 1921 1923 d/o CB&Zeala
Kirk, Charles Burton Mar.28,1920 June 01,1941  
Kohut, Joseph Mar.19,1904 May,5,1964 father
Kohut, Mark L. Jun.22,1957 Jun.23,1957  
Kohut, Veneta Feb,3,1914 Feb.26,1986 mother
Lappin, Ernie Mar.30,1948 May 15,1990  
Lappin, Milton Mar.11,1939 Apr.16,1939  
Lappin, Joe F. Apr.20,1906 Apr.21,1971  
Lappin, Maudie Feb.26,1907 Jul.2,1999 m.Nov.21,1930
Lappin, Danny L. Apr.23,1935    
Lappin, Wanda R. Feb.16, 1944 Jan.30,1980  
Leonard, John A. 1854 1932  
Leonard, Malinda A. 1859 1919 w/o JA
Leonard, Lawrence Cleve land June 27,1887 July 30,1897  
Lett, dau.of Mr&Mrs B&D Mar.26,1917  
Lewis, Jack No Date    
Loman, Cassie I. Feb.20,1896 Dec.13,1949  
Loman, Clark Sept.12,1879 May 12,1963  
Loman, Betty June Jun.3,1932 Jun.6,1932  
Loman, Dona 1892 1911  
Liles, Azlia Aug.1,1884 Aug.1,1958  
Liles, William Z. Jun.4,1914 Dec.22,1948  
Lingo, Annie Mar.10,1852 Jan.23,1931  
Lingo, William Floyd Nov.15,1933 Jul.17,1934  
Lingo, Oslee Mar.8,1915 Aug.25,1992 Military Marker
Lingo, Sarah Marie Oct.14,1919  
Lingo, Nathaniel W. Jan.7,1992 Jan.2,1994  
Lingo, Nettie V. Feb.9,1885 Jan.9,1976  
Lingo, Ernest Omer Oct.19,1883 Sept.15.1960  
Lingo, Earnest Elmo Oct.9,1935 Apr.1,1951  
Lingo, Maurice E. Oct.4,1912 Apr.30,1976  
Lingo, Elmo Dec.24,1906 Nov.17,1950  
Lingo, Lucille Dec.8,1909 Nov.17,1950  
Maneese, George W. 1865 1944  
Maneese, Joilet 1867 1932  
Maneese, Daisy F. 1899 1918  
Maneese, Eula 1899 1922  
Maneese, B.G. 1896 1942  
Maneese, Leslie 1919 1943  
Martin, Earl Dec.18,1889 Dec.21,1889 s/o JE&SE
Martin, Nelson 1884 1976  
Martin, Ida Mae 1886 1953  
Martin, Sarah Lucille Jan.26,1913 Nov.18,1913  
Martin, Gale Mar.3,1911 Mar.2,1997  
Martin, Jessie Nov.9,1911 - m.Jul.12,1932
Martin, Gary Dean Nov.27,1939 Jul.28,1941 s/o J&G.
Martin, Mollie B. 1915 1942  
Martin, Kerron K. infant 1942  
Martin, Stanley Mar.18,1916 Jun.22,1993 Reynolds?
Martin, Keith D. Aug.28,1966 Dec.22,1966  
Marlow, M.Elizabeth Aug.31,1922 June,25,1997  
Marshall, Beulah M. 1924 1966  
McGovern, Allen Kent Feb.11,1943 Oct.21,1998  
McGovern, Allen Nov.1,1906 Aug.22.1972 WWII
McGovern, Pete B. Oct.14,1909 Jan.28,1981  
McGovern, Louise K. Oct.13,1916 -  
McGovern, Malissa 1911 1996  
McGovern, Charles W. 1903 1947  
Mendehall, D.Dewayne B&D Sep.10,1974  
Merriman, Bobby 1947 1948  
Merriman,Stanley Ray Aug.18,1954 Jan.19,1955  
Merchell, Aurelia Jun.11,1885 Nov.24, 1965  
Merchell, Juluis Oct.23,1875 Jul.16,1964  
Merchell, George Feb.22,1915 Sept.24,1972 Military Marker WWII
Miles, Marguerite Oct.15,1918 Oct.15,1918  
Milliner, Alberta 2-20-1914 1-19-1923  
Milliner, Golden J. 11-2-1872 1-18-1923  
Milliner, Dan S. Mar.11,1883 Jun.5,1968  
Milliner, Ora Dell Aug.6,1886 Dec.8,1974  
Mott, Edna Apr.29,1934 Dec.13,1979  
Morgan, Fortune L. 1954 d/o Don&Jan
Mooengham, Elizabeth 1895 1990  
Mooengham, Tom 1908 1958  
Moore, Bonnie J. Sep.27,1934 Jun.23,1998  
Moore, Burrell L. Dec.18,1927 Sep.20,1971 WWII
Moss, Grace 1890 1975  
Moss, W.Robert 1875 1949  
Nociar, John May,1,1919 -  
Nociar, Dorothy A. Mar.20,1927 Jun.24,1996 m.Feb.6,1946
Nociar, Mike 1887 1966  
Nociar, Cecilia 1889 1943  
Nociar, Rudolph Sep.10,1915 Dec.8,1995 Military Marker WWII
Olivatti, Mario Aug.26,1919 Mar.17,1924  
Oliver, Hazard Feb.03,1849 Feb.08,1861  
Owens, Dalton L. 12-22-1922 father
Owens, Myrna J. Jun.13,1924 Feb.2,1998 mother
Owens, Jerry W. Dec.3,1949 Jul.31,1995 Military Marker son  
Page, James B. June 1,1911 Apr.18,1989  
Page, Jennie R. Aug.29,1917 Oct.5,1995  
Page, Debra Sue B&D Jun,27,1954  
Page, Lola June May,23,1939 Feb.25,1943  
Page, Carl James 1925 1928  
Page, Viola Marie 1923 1924  
Page, Violet   *Source Obit"
Papin, John Nov.19,1908 MO Pvt. Marine
Parrish, Dorothy E. 1899 1982  
Parrish, Joe L. 1887 1955  
Pepin, Harley Feb.15,1888 Nov.19,1908  
Pepin, Ann May 24,1864 Aug.24,1907  
Pepin, Walter L. Jan.24,1886 Mar.10,1887  
Peterson, Grace M. 1893 1915  
Peterson, Grover C. 1889 1948  
Peterson, Guy E. 1901 1960  
Peterson, Mary E. 1905 1991  
Peterson, Thomas T. Oct.09,1875 Mar.25,1948  
Peterson, Dan 1880 1935  
Peterson, Nesa 1886 1956  
Peterson, Charles 1878 1958  
Peterson, Mary 1881 1958  
Pigg, Gladys M. 1912 1977  
Pitchford, Beulah F. Mar.19,1904 Oct.5,1950  
Pitchford, Frances E. 1864 1931  
Pitchford, James W. 1863 1949  
Pitchford, Artie 1899 1901  
Pressley, Mary A. July 02,1843 Jan.17,1925  
Pressley, James M. Aug.03,1843 Mar.13,1900  
Pyle, Edith A. Dec,26,1898 Jun.28,1982  
Quinn,Robert Lee May.26,1907 Feb.19,1985  
Quinn, Vona Mae Nov.13,1910 - m.Apr.8,1935  
Rabachi, Renato 1891 1971  
Rabachi, Trese 1889 1931  
Reynolds, Thomas J. Oct.29,1865 Dec.18,1904  
Reynolds, Loyd Mar.11,1909 Mar.22,1913 s/oCT&Alta
Reynolds, James H. 1840 1918 Military Marker Co.E 34 IL Inf.Civil War
Reynolds, Laurana 1842 1925  
Reynolds, Minnie B. June 06,1874 Nov.08,1905  
Reynolds, Sherman S. Jan.21,1870 April 04,1951  
Reynolds, J.M. Jan.21,1870 No Date  
Reynolds, Ainnie B. June 06,1874 Nov.08,1905  
Reynolds, David W. Nov.21,1950 Nov.21,1950  
Reynolds, Ray R. Mar.20,1888 Jan.04,1971  
Reynolds, Etta M. Nov.17,1911 Oct.19,1989  
Reynolds, Roy Earl Jun.18,1918 Aug.3,1982 Military Marker WWII
Reynolds, Edna Mae Oct.17,1929 Aug.10,1977  
Reynolds, Betty L. Jan.15,1928 No Date  
Reynolds, Florence 1888 1977  
Reynolds, Samuel 1879 1967  
Reynolds, Nettie L. Mar.1,1885 Nov.1,1958  
Reynolds, Alfred G. Mar.13,1878 July,15,1959  
Reynolds, Frank 1864 1947  
Reynolds, Mila 1872 1950 w/o Frank
Reynolds, G.W. 1866 1949  
Reynolds, Geneva No Dates    
Reynolds, W.M. 9-20-1886 7-6-1936  
Reynolds, John A. 4-27-1851 8-3-1919  
Reynolds, Nancy E. 11-11-1850 no date  
Risi, Katie Aug.2,1884 Apr.27,1962  
Risi, Anemesio Apr.9,1879 May,14,1946  
Richardson, Eric Shane Oct.2,1969 May,26,1991  
Roberson, Ida M. 10-17-1872 9-5-1890  
Roberson, Wm.Jasper 1862 1928  
Roberson, Wm. Jasper 11-4-1895 10-12-1896  
Roberson, Henry Cecil 3-23-1905 7-23-1905  
"Roberson, Robert A.   *Source Obit
Roberson, Roxie Ann 1878 1946  
Roberson, Nancy C. 1902  
Roberson, Elbert Mar.25,1840 6-29-1929 Military Marker
Roberson, C.J. Feb.09,1841 April 14,1889  
Roberson, Rosie July 13,1915 Aug.17,1918  
Roberson, Henry L. April 12,1829 May 18, 1914  
Roberson, Maryann Catha rine July 03,1836 April 09,1903  
Roberson, Robert Leslie 1904 1943 Full Stone  
Roberson, William F. Dec.17,1920 Nov.16,1922  
Roberson, Veneta E. Aug.29,1911 Dec.16,1918  
Roberson, Ora Mae Feb.23,1890 Jan.12,1981  
Roberson, William L. Sep.13,1890 Apr.2,1966  
Roberson, Ella Fay Oct.2,1926 Jul.2,1977  
Roberson, Candace 1867 1944  
Roberson, G. LaFayette 1863 1938  
Roberson, Ernie Dec.24,1895 Oct.09,1966  
Roberson, Thern Burnell 1920 1922  
Robertson, Minnie A. Mar.05,1867 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Charolotte A . July 07,1868 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Joseph Jan.01,1871 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Robert L. Sept.14,1875 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Dora E. Mar.29,1880 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Georgia A. Dec.25,1888 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, John H. May 16,1889. child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Jola E. Nov.23,1888 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Thomas O. Jan.11,1888 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Jackson A. June 13,1889 child/o Jasper&Mary J.
Robertson, Jasper Aug.10,1843 July 19,1889 46y9m19d
Robertson,     there are more names on side of stone that are unreadable
Robertson, Jasper 1843 1928 Co.B 60 IL Inf. Civil War
Robbins, Rosie N. Jan.06,1904 Sept.12,1992  
Ryhnes, T.Oakley Oct.17,1883 Mar.19,1967  
Ryhnes, W.Scott Apr.27,1881 May.12,1950  
Ryhnes, Sims Apr.20,1845 Mar.27,1929  
Ryhnes, Minerva A. Dec.13,1854 Apr.9,1931  
Ryhnes, James W. Oct.22,1942 Jul.22,1954  
Sandstone Marker      
Sandstone Marker      
Shaw, Viola Hester 1879 1949  
Shehorn, Alva 1880 1940  
Shehorn, Roy 1908 1909  
Shehorn, Lula Emaline 1918 1957  
Shehorn, Gerta Ann 1885 1956  
Shehorn, Mildred G. May,1,1907 Oct.16,1991  
Shehorn, Melvin Sept.26,1907 Oct.8,1957  
Shehorn, James E."Mutt" Apr.12,1921 Jun.17,1998 Military Marker WWII
Shew, Winnie Mae 1873 1955 d/o E&J Dalby
Spurlock, Frances Jan.24,1923 Jan.25,1924  
Spurlock, Alta L. June 04,1900 July 02,1980  
Stella, Mary 1909 1989  
Stella, Joe 1905 1986  
Swanson, Lorena M. 1927 1927  
Swanson, Arthur C. Mar.21,1896 Jun.28,1976  
Swanson, Lorena E. Sep.6,1904 Sep.20,1982  
Suddeth, Lacy V. Oct.11,1904 Feb.13,1972  
Tepovich, Merlin infant 1928  
Tepovich, Dollie B. 1897 1979  
Tepovich, Elia 1884 1955  
Tepovich, Melvin Aug.1,1917 May,21,1993  
Tosetti, Adolfo 1893 1966  
"Tracy, David L.   *Source Obit  
Tracey, Fleeta Jan.10,1897 Sept.17,1991 mother  
Thomas, Perry 1-29-1931  
Thomas, Mary 2-26-1936  
Thomas, William D. Nov.22,1960 Jul.30,1995  
Thomas, Barbara J. Feb.23,1961? -  
Tucker, Wanda 1922 1924  
Tucker, Joe L. Sept.29,1900 Dec.21,1983  
Tucker, Mary J. Feb.11,1896 Mar.07,1983  
Tucker, Charles L. 1867 1939  
Tucker, Mary M. 1865 1952  
Unreadable stone      
Unreadable stone      
Unreadable stone      
Unreadable stone      
Unreadable stone      
Unknown, No Marker      
Unknown, Millard G. 1906 1907  
Unsure of last name      
Vanatta, William "Will" Nov.23,1871 May 24,1949 Military Marker
Vanatta, Dora May 04,1882 Dec.05,1953  
Vanatta, Russell 1912 1934  
Visona, Clemente 1885 1971  
Visona, Mary 1888 1966  
Visona, Ida Feb.15,1920 Feb.1,1924  
Volarich, Pete 1891 1955  
Volarich, Gertrude 1895 1981  
Ward, Herbert Nov.17,1910 20y5m29d
Ward, Richard 1866 1898  
Ward, Emma"Peterson" 1867 1949  
Ward, John B. Sept.28,1820 Oct.20,1902  
Webster, Lillie F. Infant 1916  
Wells, Gay E. 1890 1959  
Wells, Minnie 1881 1957  
West, Robert Lee 1869 1931  
West, Melvina Evelyn 1870 1902  
West, Clara Estilee 1896 1912  
Whitlow, Towner 1899 1918  
Williams, Isabell      
Williams John H. C.      
Williams, Brenda Loyce 3-14-1942 PHD
Williams, W.K. Sept.10,1903 76y
Williams, Mary A. Nov.06,1898 68y
Williams, Aline 1919 1960  
Williams, Reginald E. Nov.29,1946 Aug.4,1993  
Williams, Connie S. Jul.1,1949 Aug.4,1993 m.Sep28'68
Williams, Elma Lee Nov.13,1916  
Williams, Everett R. Mar.13,1916 Oct.1,1994  
Williams, William E. Mar.24,1894 Oct.16,1955  
Williams, Kenneth D. 12-8-1946 8-20-1969  
Williams, Hazel 1914 1926?  
Williams, Lillie P. May,5,1882 Aug.5,1961  
Williams, Perry O. Jul.8,1882 Jan.29,1972  
Williams, Burton May,14,1904 Feb.23,1976  
Williams, Josie Feb.25,1904 Aug.2,1996  
Williams, Arthur W. 7-30-1935 6-4-1972 Military Marker Korea
Williams, Mona Lou 1934    
Williams, Ruby 1916 1987  
Williams, Kenneth O. 1913 1946  
Williams, Pearl O. Jan.15,1906 Nov.4,1974  
Williams, Marie D. Dec.27,1909 Nov.16,1990  
Williams, Olen   12-20-1999 in Memory with Tree Planted
Williams, Olen 4-29-1916 12-20-1999 Military Marker
Williams, Betty 9-5-1927    
Williams, Waymon Lyle 4-23-1923    
Willis, Mom & Dad No Dates    
Willmore, Oral H. 1911  
Young, Mary C. Oct.11,1901 May 29,1928 w/o Alva I.
Young, Alva Jr. 1920 1920 s/o Mary&Alva

Additions and Tidbits

Williams, W.K. -- d. Sept.10,1903, aged 76y
Williams, Mary A. -- d. Nov.06,1898 aged 68y

William K Williams passed away 10 SEP 1903 Ina, Jefferson, Illinois. He was born 12 OCT 1827 Wilson County, Tennessee.
His wife is Mary Anne Williams (Cates). William K Williams is my Great Great Great Grandfather.
[Submitted By: Kevin Williams *]

Heck, Charles Ervin -- b. Jan.12,1922; d. Mar.4,1985 Military Marker
Heck, Lenona Lee -- b. 5-12-1926; d. ____ ; m.Oct. 28,1946

Charles is s/o Theodore "Tade"-Lillian (CORGAN)Heck from DuBois,IL.
Theodore and Lillian are buried at St Charles Catholic Cemetery at DuBois,IL
Lillian and my grandmother Ina Amzee(CORGAN) were sisters.
Ina married Menzo Gale Shurtz my grandfather and they are buried at Chapel Hill Cemetery near DuBois,IL
[Submitted By: Dahl Shurtz *]

Submitted By: Robert W. Loman *

Davis, Jeanette 1-16-1920 4-22-1974
Jeanette (Loman) Davis is the daughter of Clark Benjamin Loman and Cassie I. Sweeten

Harmon, Ida 1879 1952
Ida Mae (Loman) Harmon is the daughter of William Henry Loman and America Bee Brown.
They are both buried at South Hickory Hill Cemetery.
She was married to Lawrence Huge Harmon who is buried at Kirk Cemetery.

Harmon, Jeffery Dec.1905 Mar.1937
Jeffery Harmon is the son of Lawrence and Ida (Loman) Harmon.
He died in Missouri from an infection after he had been hit in
the back by a swinging saw used at a sawmill. His body was cremated
and after his mother's death his ashes were sprinkled on her grave.

Haynes, Ruth Ann Mar.1.1944 Jan.15,1999
Ruth Ann (Loman) Haynes is the daughter and youngest child of
James Harrison Loman and Iva Bell Bradley.
They are buried at Mapel Hill Cemetery at Sesser, IL.
Ruth Ann was first married to Perry Clevenger and second to Michael Haynes.

Loman, Betty June Jun.3,1932 Jun.6,1932
Betty June Loman is the daughter of James Harrison Loman and Iva Bell Bradley.
They are buried at Mapel Hill Cemetery at Sesser, IL.

Loman, Cassie I. Feb.20,1896 Dec.13,1949
Cassie I (Sweeten) Loman is the daughter of Gilbert Sweeten and Laura Etherton.
She married Clark B. Loman.

Loman, Clark Sept.12,1879 May 12,1963
Clark Benjamin Loman is the son of William Henry Loman and America Bee Brown.
They are both buried at South Hickory Hill Cemetery.
Clark first married Grace Pitchford who is buried in an unmarked
grave at Abner Cemetery. He second Married Cassie I. Sweeten.
He and Cassie have a son, Guy Loman, who died in infancy and
is buried in an unmarked grave at Abner Cemetery.

Loman, Dona 1892 1911
Caldona Loman is the daughter of William Henry Loman and America Bee Brown.
They are both buried at South Hickory Hill Cemetery

Marlow, M.Elizabeth Aug.31,1922 June,25,1997
Elizabeth M. (Loman) Marlow is the daughter of Clark Benjamin Loman and
Cassie I. Sweeten.
She married Virgil Marlow he is buried at an unknown cemetery

Martin, Gale Mar.3,1911 Mar.2,1997
Gale Martin married Jessie Reynolds.

Martin, Jessie Nov.9,1911 - m.Jul.12,1932
Jessie (Reynolds) Martin is the daughter of Alfred Reynolds and Nettie L. Loman.

Martin, Gary Dean Nov.27,1939 Jul.28,1941 s/o J&G.
Gary Dean Martin is the son of Gale Martin and Jessie Reynolds.

Reynolds, Ainnie B. June 06,1874 Nov.08,1905 Full Stone
Ainnie B. (Dunn) Reynolds is the daughter of Zelphia Ann Loman and Mathew Dunn.
Zeiphia is buried at Winfield/Hartley Cemetery. Ainnie married James M. Reynolds.

Reynolds, Alfred G. Mar.13,1878 July,15,1959
Alfred G. Reynolds is the son of John Reynolds and Emeline (?).
Alfred married Nettie L. Loman.

Reynolds, J.M. Jan.21,1870 No Date Full Stone
James M. Reynolds married Ainnie B. Dunn.

Reynolds, Nettie L. Mar.1,1885 Nov.1,1958
Nettie L. (Loman) Reynolds is the of daughter William Henry Loman and America Bee Brown.
They are both buried at South Hickory Hill Cemetery.
Nettie married Alfred G. Reynolds.

Roberson, Ora Mae Feb.23,1890 Jan.12,1981
Ora Mae (Farmer) Roberson is the daughter of Caledonia Hester and Lorenzo Farmer.
Calidonia is buried at Kirk Cemetery.
Ora married William L. Roberson.

Roberson, William L. Sep.13,1890 Apr.2,1966
William L. Roberson married Ora Mae Farmer.

Shaw, Viola Hester 1879 1949
Viola (Hester) Roberson Shaw is the daughter of Mary Frank Loman and
Willian Francis Hester.
They are buried at South Hickory Hill.
Viola first married Clark E. Roberson. He is buried at Oakwood Cemetery.
She second married George Shaw.

Williams, Burton May,14,1904 Feb.23,1976
Burton Williams is the son of Perry O. Williams and Lillie P. (?).
Burton married Josie Reynolds.

Williams, Josie Feb.25,1904 Aug.2,1996
Josie (Reynolds) Williams is the daughter of Alfred G. Reynolds and
Nettie L. Loman.
Josie married Burton Williams.

Roberson, Ida M. 10-17-1872 9-5-1890 -- d/o Elbert ROBERSON & Clamencia Jane HODGE
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Wm.Jasper 1862 1928
s/o Elbert ROBERSON & Clamencia Jane HODGE
Wm. Jasper ROBERSON m. 18 Apr.1897, JCI, Roxey Ann BATES
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Roxie Ann 1878 1946
d/o Killabrew BATES & Malinda LEWIS
Killabrew BATES & Malinda LEWIS are buried in Horse Prairie Cem. nr. Sesser, FCI
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Elbert Mar.25,1840 6-29-1929 Military Marker
s/o Joshua ROBERSON & Margaret CALDWELL
Elbert "ROBINSON" m. 22 Dec.1858, JCI, Clamenca J. HODGE
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, C.J. Feb.09,1841 April 14,1889
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]
Clamencia Jane HODGE

Roberson, Henry L. April 12,1829 May 18, 1914; s/o Joshua "ROBERTSON" & Margaret CALDWELL
Henry L. ROBERSON m. 17 Feb. JCI, Catherine WATSON
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Maryann Catharine July 03,1836 April 09,1903
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]
ROBERSON, Mary Ann Catherine 1836-1903-
Catherine WATSON
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Ora Mae Feb.23,1890 Jan.12,1981
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]
Ora Mae FARMER m. 11 May, 1908, FCI-William L. ROBERSON
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, William L. Sep.13,1890 Apr.2,1966 s/o Christopher ROBERSON & Emeline FOSTER
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Candace -- 1867 - 1944
Candice OARD -- m. 31 May 1885, JCI-General L. "ROBINSON"
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, G[eneral] LaFayette 1863 - 1938
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Roberson, Ernie -- b. Dec.24,1895; d. Oct.09,1966
Earnest ROBERSON, s/o James Edward ROBERSON & Sarah Evaline ALLEN [bur. Maple Hill Cem. Sesser, Franklin Co. IL.]
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

Robertson, Jasper Aug.10,1843 July 19,1889 46y9m19d
prob. s/o Joshua ROBERTSON & Margaret CALDWELL
Joshus ROBERSON m. Mary Jane BUNDY 1 Mar.1866
[Submitted By: Pat O'Sullivan Corona *]

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