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Buffington Cemetery


Buffington/French Cemetery Farrington, Twp. From Mt. Vernon go out old state Rt. 15 to the Harmony/Marlow Road turn left to go to Harmony turn right on Silence Rd. (1925) it is the road right before you get to the Harmony Church. Stay on this road until it comes to a curve to the right you can also turn left but there is no stop sign and I wouldn't call it a T. When you go thru the curve the road name changes to Duner Lane (2150) stay on this road it will curve to the left and the name changes to E.Pinecone Rd. (1900N) then you will turn right on N. Duke Lane (2150) this road will curve to the left and then it will curve to the right. As soon as you go thru the right curve the old house sits on the left it has a grown up drive way it will be the first place you come to but it is hard to see because of the weeds. When you get out behind the house there is an old barn to the right and an old Chicken Coop? back off to the left you will have to walk a bit before you see the chicken coop. The cemetery is behind it.

Walked & Indexed By:Cindy Ford May 22, 2000

Photos Submitted By: Cindy Ford & Kiowana Hayes Ferguson * 4-13-02

There are a few Sandstone markers that are no longer readable and most likley several unmarked graves.03

*May not be a complete listing*

Buffington, A.C. -- Sept.9,1822 No date
Buffington, A.C. -- May 10,1876? 8y6d s/o AC&MA
Buffington, Infant -- Feb.??,1878
Buffington, Jane -- Dec.9,1892; 85y11m2d w/o L
Buffington, Lloyd -- Nov.4,1872; 68y2m28d
Buffington, L.W. no dates -- Co.K 49th IL Inf.
Buffinton, Mary A. Feb.9,1823 -- Aug.6,1891; w/o A.C. bottom of stone
Buffington, Phillip -- April 12,1884; 29y6d s/o AC&MA
Buffington, Susan -- June 13,1831 -- Nov.1,1869; d/o L
Buffington, T.C. -- no dates ; Co.K 49th IL Inf.
French, George W. -- Jan.3,1851 -- June 7,1880; s/o R&EJ footstone
French, Eliza J. -- Oct.1,1825 -- Nov.13,1903; w/o Robt. footstone
French, Robert -- Jan.3,1822 -- Sept.12,1887



Also buried here, their stones have worn away, are
Buffington, Abraham -- 1784- 27 Feb. 1861 and his wife Margaret (Ward) 1787-1851

Buffington, A.C. -- Sept. 9, 1822 - No date - died 1903 was married 5 Dec. 1850 first name was Abraham
Buffington, A.C. -- May 10 1876? 8yr6d s/o AC&MA - [I show b.14 Apr. 1867 d 10 May 1875 which would be 8y 26d. I don't know which is correct. Submitted By: Joe D. Garrison]

Bufington, Jane Dec……….-was Jane Casey
Buffington, Lloyd Nov.4……….. -s/o A&M
Buffington, L.W…………- Lloyd W b1837 s/o L&J
Buffington, Mary A ……- Was Mary Ann Garrison b 1 Feb. 1823
Buffington, Phillip ……. - Winfred Phillip b 6 Apr. 1855
Buffington, T.C. ……..-Thomas C. b 1835 s/o L&J

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