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Mt. Olive General Baptist Church


Old Mt. Olive Log Cabin Church
Photo by Grover Brinkman

Old Mt. Olive Log Cabin Church Still Sound, Solid
By Grover Brinkman
There it is, almost unbelievable, an old log church, still structurally sound and solid.
"My father helped build this old log church" said Alexander Bennett, retired tool and die maker of Mt. Vernon. He spread his fingers to encompass one of the old logs, much wider than his hands could spread.
"These Logs are over a century old, exposed to all kinds of weather, but look how good they are!"
He was right. The old log building is in a very good state of preservation. Bennet was talking about the Mt. olive General Baptist church on a rural road, south of Bluford, in Jefferson County. The church, first Methodist, then Baptist, was built in 1873, as a sandstone cornerstone reveals. It was in use until the 1930s, and since then services have been held in a new frame building nearby.
There is a large cemetery, with some of the burials going back to 1842. The ancient pews are still inside the building, along with a hand-made pulpit. The building is isolated, and unless one is familiar with the area, it is hard to find.
An effort is now being made to thave the old building restored and perhaps turned into a religious shrine. "It's too fine a structure to tear down" Bennett said.
The church is located about two miles southeast of Bluford.

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