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New Hope Free Will Baptist Church


New Hope Free Will Baptist church

New Hope Freewill Baptist Church
100th Anniversary
Jan. 19, 1995
Celebrated Homecoming Day - June 4, 1995

January 19, 1895, Elder W.B. Moore and William Rickerson were called to organize a Freewill Baptist Church at New Hope.

We presented met and elected Elder William Rickerson moderator of the meeting.

Elected Elder clarke of said meeting.

On motion and seconded that the 17 names that presented themselves as members of the Freewill Baptist. The name of the church is New Hope Freewill Baptist Church.

By experience and Baptism motion to receive Sister Minnie Dempsey. By experience motion to receive Sister Effie Baltzell, Brother M.L. Page.

E. Skinner
J.T. Dempsey
W.J. Blackwell
W.B. Saddler
S. Baltzell
T. Patterson
J.G. Blackwell
W.M. Drew
J.G. Prowell
Mary McKinney
Irene Patterson
J.M. McKinney
Magg Moss
Saida Monroe
Lina Blackwell
Martha A. Dempsey
Mary Prowell

History of the New Hope Freewill Baptist Church

In the beginning of the year 1895 there existed a Missionary Baptist Church, the house being located in what is now Hope Cemetery. A division arose over the doctrine of sanctification and those who believed in santification in the second work of grace decided to organize as Freewill Baptists. On January 19, 1895, Elder W.B. Moore and William Richardson were called in to organize the church. Elder Richardson was elected moderator of the meeting. Seventeen members presented themselves and were accepted as charter members. Three others were then received as members.

In the summer of 1911, Rev. W.R. Burton was elected as Pastor. During the following December and January of 1912 he held a revival which resulted in about 40 professions and a great increase in church membership. The next autumn 1912 saw the beginnig of construction of a new church building, the present place of worship, which was completed and dedicated May, 1913. Charlie Cox donated the land for the church and the New Hope School. Bill Cox and Fred Fowler were the main carpenters and many others donated their time and labor. Aaron Drennan donated all the hard lumber from his woods. Some ladies of the church decided on a project to raise money to help pay for the new church. For a price a person could get his or her name embroidered on a "Name Quilt". When the quilt was finished in August of 1913 all the names of the quilt were placed in a raffle and a lucky name was drawn to be the owner of the quilt. Harry and Julie Drennan were the winners and the quilt has been passed down through their family. Hazel Drennan Hale's daughter is the proud owner of the quilt now. The quilt is on display today for this special occasion. Electricity came to the community in 1939. The dedication of a new basement and modern heating system took place in April of 1953. Many improvements have been made over the years.

New classrooms and restrooms had been discussed over the years. With a special thanks to the Howard Adams family for their generosity of the pledge of their daughter Lori's dowry, the classrooms became a reality. It had been a dream of Lori's to have classrooms at New Hope. This sort of got the ball rolling and Jerry Pierce drew the plans for the new rooms. One carpenter, Gene Blood, was hired, then much work was donated by members and friends of the community. Dedication ceremonies were held for the new addition on Homecoming Day, June 5, 1983. The pews were padded in 1986 and air-conditioning installed in 1987.

In the beginning services where held once or twice a month, roll call Sunday was held in September in the beginning then in 1940 it was changed to June. Sunday School was started and stopped several times over the years then in the early 1940's this became a permanent thing. At the Homecoming in June of 1943 two gifts were presented to the church by Bro. Dean and Sis. Dana Atkinson, a communion service and collection plates, these gifts are still being used today.

Twenty-seven men have served as pastor over the years. Many members have come and gone over the years each contributing to the preservation of New Hope Church. Many thanks to each and every one of them.

List of Pastors beginnig in Aug. 1918

W.R. Spurlock -- Aug. 1918
W.R. Burton -- Aug. 1919
W.R. Spurlock -- Aug. 1921
Marshall Jones -- Oct. 1922
W.R. Spurlock -- July 1925
W.R. Burton -- June 1928
C.R. Porter -- July 1929
M.L. Baker -- Sept. 1932
W.R. Spurlock -- July 1935
Lepton Harpole -- July 1937
Oren Kersh -- July 1950
Dwight Dame -- Feb. 1953
Paul Sulcer -- April 1956
Melvin Oathout -- Feb. 1958
Harold Whitzell -- Mar. 1959
Dwight Dame -- Feb. 1960
Jack Ketterman -- Aug. 1965
O.C. McCleren -- Nov. 1966
Harold Whitzell -- Feb. 1967
Dwight Dame -- July 1968
Howard Bass -- May 1972
Jimmy Beaty -- Nov. 1972
Larrie Shaw -- Jan. 1973
Everett Beaty -- Mar. 1978
Deon Walker -- Nov. 1981
George Capps, intermin -- Apr. 1984
Raymond Capps -- June 1984

During the 23 years from 1895 to 1918 the following ministers have pastored at New Hope.
This may or may not be a complete list as we have no records before 1918

W.B. Moore
W.N. Richardson
J.T. Dempsey
Henry Willmore
Arthur Bell
J.R. Adams

Over the years the following men have served as Deacon

Charley Pierce -- Melvin Adams
Bruce Drennan -- Mach Duncan
W.F. Cockrum -- Robert Drennan
W.D. Saddler -- Glenn Duncan
Evan Adams -- Curtis W. Fowler
Jack Cockrum -- Gale Capps

Over the years the following people have served as Trustee

W.R. Webb -- Howard Neal
L.S. Duncan -- Curtis Cockrum
Martha Slamans -- Kenneth Jones
Mary Duncan -- Howard Adams
A.E. Odle -- Byford Drennan
Walter Fowler -- Fred Gale Fowler
Will Slamans -- Curtis W. Fowler
A.E. Drennan -- Russell Payne
Plummer Payne -- Darrell Fowler
H.C. Drennan

Over the years the following people have served as Church Clerk

W.J. Blackwell -- LaVerhe Adams Bernard
W.R. Webb -- Ina Payne
Mack Duncan -- Justine Cockrum
A.E. Odle - Grace Fowler
Watler Fowler - Nellie Adams
Julia Drennan -- Dorothy Webb
Juandola Drennan --Brenda Fowler

The following is a list of all the people who have been members of New Hope Free Will Baptist Church over the past 100 years. We are not sure this is a complete or accurate list as we have no records dating before 1918.

*Members as of this date.

E. Skinner   			J.T Dempsey			W.J. Blackwell
W.B. Saddler			T. Patterson			J.B. Blackwell
Mary McKinney			Magg Moss			Saida Monroe
Lina Blackwell			Martha A. Dempsey		M.L Page
Minnie Dempsey Tyler	      	Effie Baltzell 			Stafford Spurlock
S. Baltzell			W.M. Drew			J.G. Powell
Irene Patterson			J.M. McKinney			John Murphy
Minnie Tucker			Drennan McKinney		J.M. Drennan
W.B. Thurmond			Nan Thurmond			Mattie Webb
Delia Webb			Rev. A.D. Clinton		Jessie Duncan
L.S. Duncan			Mary M. Duncan			Wm. Slamans
Elizabeth Duncan		Rebecca Barnett			Ed Odle
Addie Odle			Edward Blackwell		Martha Slamans
W.R. Webb			Parille Webb			W.F. Cockrum
Cora Cockrum			Elmer Tyler			Ruby Fowler
Nannie Dempsey Taylor		Joseph Fowler			Sam Williams
Nettie Clinton Scarborough	Jane Williams
Lula Johnson			Mable Ing			C.A. Cox
Anna Cockrum Strickland	 	Nora Cockrum			A.E. Drennan
Lassira Drennan			Lena Drennan			H.C Drennan
Julia Drennan			W.A. Drennan			Kate Drennan
Iva Drennan			Tom Pace			Pearl Pace
Charlie Pearce			Flora Pearce			Fred Campbell
Sadie Campbell			Anna Gifford Slamans		Agnes McKinney
Mary Sexton			Lavern Blackwell		Mack Duncan
Ella Fowler Pettypool		Alva Fowler			Rosa Fowler
Rosa Cockrum DeLong		Martha Kelly			Local Kelly
Ola Kelly Hayse			Nellie Blackwell Waters	 	Rosetta Cox
Alice Cox			Dehlia Clinton			Edna Page
J.R. Neal			Elsie Neal			Lillie Harris
Daisy Harris Williamson	 	Clyde Alexander			Charles Webb
Mrs. Clyde Alexander		Harriet Campbell		Olive Monroe
Lena Neal Kiefer		Nellie Webb Settle		Arthur Owens
*Hazel Drennan Hale		*Ora Cockrum Baker		Helen Owens
Ina Fowler Payne		Estyle Cockrum Spencer		Byford Drennan
Dolly Odle			Welsey Odle			Harry Duncan
Vol Rachel			Elora Rachel			Harry Fowler
*Nijel Cockrum Fowler		Lucy Dempsey			Orran Furlow
Maggie Furlow			Clyde Adams			Florence Adams
Maggie Page Williams		Rev. W.R. Spurlock		Troy Adams
Byford Spurlock			Stella Spurlock			Ione Casey
Nellie Kirk Adams		Ivan Casey			Claude Smith
Bessie Smith			Randall Story			Madge Story
H.A. Whitlatch			Eva Whitlatch			Arthur Odle
Loveda Drennan Bailey		Veneta Tyler Kohut		Ada Odle
Lela Taylor Kirk		Leota Taylor Sweetin		Floyd Hughey
Alden Hughey			Curtis Cockrum			Clyde Malin
Ben Saddler			Clydie Williams	       		Louise Williams
Lois Williams Smith		Clyde Casey			Gayle Casey
*Leslie Casey			Dora Casey			Lawrence Page
Gladys Page			Dora Baltzell			Will Baltzell
Mrs. Ben Saddler		Ernest Strattan			Lucille Harris
Venita Cockrum Dale		*Clyde Fowler			Watler Fowler
Duard Baltzell			Lester Baltzell	       		Lester Baltzell
*Kenneth Jones			*Glenn Drennan			Irvin Odle
Justine Odle Cockrum		Betty Jane Cox			George Malin
Verdine Drennan Slamans		Luda Malin			Eugene Pickett
Sylvia Pickett Prowell		Loretta Fowler Murphy		*Samuel Fowler
*Dana Bevis			Evan Adams			Reba Adams
Oscar Dobbs			Maud Dobbs			Nelson Slamans
Eva Lena Webb Weeks		Ella Duncan			Alma Bevis
Hearl Knowles			Ina Knowles			Glen Crawford
Zola Crawford Wayland		Albert Adams			Bernice Adams
Evelyn Adams Droll		Irene Adams Jones		Dorothy Adams
Marcille Willis			Fay Slamans Harvel		Elsie Jones
*Dorothy Fowler Webb		Chloe Fowler Bevis		Ray Baltzell
Mae Baltzell			Wilburn Bevis			Ethel Page
Stanley (John) Slamans		Dean Atkinson			Dana Atkinson
Kenneth Bevis			Carl Willis	       		Beulah Mae Page
Talmadge Page			Sherman Page	     		*Juandola Drennan
Pauline Neal			Clayborn Bevis	    		June Bevis Spencer
Jeraldine Ward			*Nolan Adams			Plummer Payne
Melvin Adams			*Lavern Adams Bernard		Rayburn Tittle
Marie Blackwell Tittle		Nellie Fowler Adams		*Paul Fowler
Donald Bevis			Floyd Payne			Dwane Fowler
*Howard Eugene Adams		*Nelma Cockrum			Loren Duncan
Jack Cockrum			Nancy Duncan	       		Eddie Leo Adams
Bennie Lee Adams		Betty Marie 			Adams Eidson
Lois Alene Adams Page		Arthur Schlag			Maurice Jones
Marie Jones			*Hugh Dale Fowler		Keith Fowler
*Fred Gale Fowler		*Curtis Wayne Fowler		Don Wilson
Gay Wilson Bernard		*Robert Drennan			Julius Wilson
Carol Drennan Boyd		Geraldine Wilson		Raymond Davis
Lola Mae Wilson Adams		Herbert Piercee			Pansy Pierce
Joyce Pierce Knight		JoAnn Pierce Anderson		Donna Payne
Jerry Dan Pierce		Dean Murphy			Russell Payne
Richard Sweetin			Henry Lempke			*Minnie Neal
Howard Neal			Carleen neal Pierce		Charles Webb
Fredia Webb			Jim Murphy			Jean Murphy
James Murphy Jr.		Dale Murphy			Glenn Duncan
*Sandra Webb Beal		*Maxine Duncan			*Afton Jones
Don Neal			Joyce Cockrum Walker		Melvin Oathout
Geraldine Oathout		Jimmie Oathout	       		Lindell Oathout
Grace Folwer Neal		*Gladys Fowler	       		*Evelyn Drennan
Richard Adams			*Betty Askew Thatcher		*Donnie Dame
*Wesley Thatcher		Juanita Dame			Linda Neal
*Rev. Dwight Dame		Sharon Fowler			Marie Hughes
*Chyrle Adams Arens		*Gay Adams	    		Cathy Fowler Stone
Minnie Lou Neal Dollar		Rev. Jimmie Beaty		Sue Beaty
*Brenda Fowler			*Steve Adams			*Roy Fowler
*Darrell Fowler			Mark Drennan	      		Rev. Larrie Shaw
Donna Shaw			Debbie Adams	  		Joy Fowler Schroeder
Anne Drennan Hale		*Karen Fowler Droll		*Wayne Fowler
*Martha Payne			*Rev. Raymond Capps		*Jackie Capps
*Gale Capps			*Karen Capps Pool   		*Lisa Capps DeVore
*Lisa Fowler			*Elayna Fowler			*Angie Capps
*Barbara Bernard		*Loraine Cockrane		*Rhonda Newell
*James Duncan			*Murrell Bernard      		*Murrell Bernard
*Eddie Ray Newell		*Ray Newell			*Doris Newell


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