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 Jefferson County Illinois
Dareville, Illinois



Hubbard R. Dare
1819 - 1894

Founders of Dareville
Proprietors of Dare's General Store

Mary Margaret Martin
1821 - 1899


Dareville is or was located at the first cross road south of Rt Rt 148 on Nason Road.

The first store and post office was located on the north east corner and was operated by Hubbard Rolin Dare, who was also the Post Master, and his wife Mary Margaret (Peggy) Martin Dare.

The name given the post office was Dareville. The mail came by stage coach from Ashley on the Ashley-Spring Garden Route. Capt. Joseph Laur drove the stage which also carried passengers and freight. He later delivered the mail on horse back on Stars Route 11799. At a later date Hubís son, William General Worth Dare, served as Post Master.

It isnít known exactly when Hub opened the store there, but he purchased 40 acres in Twp. 4, Sect. 2 on February 1st, 1850. The certificate was signed by President Zachary Taylor. Hub also served as Justice of The Peace from 1881ó1885

My  Great Aunt Manessa Hester Peterson (Danís wife) while in the process of having the house moved that now sits on the north side of the road and east of the cross road, lived for a time in the old two story log house that sat to the north of the present house. It had been the home of Hub and Peggy Dare. There were a lot of old medical books in the old house that belonged to a son or relative of theirís. (In the old store account ledger is listed Dr. Marion Dare) As soon as the present house was ready to move into, the old log house was torn down and a barn erected on itís site in the 1930ís.

Iíve been told that Alice and "SisĒ Dare lived in the old house and that the Joe Lappin family lived in it before Aunt Neese,

Baron Baker has been quoted as saying that there used to be a store and grist mill located on the south west corner at Dareville, and that it was a large building that stood high on pilings as the water used to run across that corner. (it still does) He also said there used to be a sawmill at Dareville.

Curtis Black and his wife Nancy had a store on the south west corner near Opal Hughes Petersonís house. Nancy had a loom in the back room of the store and wove rugs there. Black opened a post office in the store July 10, 1871 and it closed January 31, 1907. Mail was delivered to it from Mt Vernon on horse back,

Around 1900, Isaac J. Hicks, who had operated a peddler wagon from Williamsburg (Old Town) built and operated the old frame store building which is pictured in this issue. It was located on the south east corner, site of the present block building. He also built the house which is just south of the store bldg.

After his sons Samuel J. and Artie L married, they each lived in two rooms of the house. All of Samuel Jís children were born in that house: Harry, Roy, Owen, Fred, and Beulah (Mrs. Emery Baker)

Isaac J. Hicks, born 1846 was the son of David J, Hicks who built the first residence at Williamsburg. He had a drug store, was a blacksmith, and operated the post office, which was named Laur, even though it was at Willlamsburg.

David J. Hicks was the son of Isaac Hicks, born 1786, and his wife Rebecca Casey who came from Cave in Rock with her father Isaac Casey and her brother William Casey to the present site of Mt. Vernon in 1817, and were the first settlers there.

When the Railroad came through Bonnie, Isaac J Hicks built a large store building there, and he and his sons operated it. They sold the Dareville store to Lute Dare who had ran a small store on the north east corner, site of old Hubís store

Others who have operated the store on the south east corner are; Gene Dare, Henry Marlow, Sam Bumpus, Claude Place, Earl Karnes, and ___Rungee,

Joe and Mona Fairchild ran a store on the north east corner for a while in about the late 1930ís.

Artie N. Hicks also operated a grist mill as did L. M. Dare. Dareís mill was operated by Bud Baker, L.M. Dare also bought livestock and had stock pens and loading chutes at Dareville.

In Ďthe early 1900ís there was a grist mill located east of Dareville operated by ďDaddyĒ Houston, I wonder if this could have been the one owned by Artie Hicks?

Guy Dare and his father Oscar Dare kept 7 deer at the home place east of Dareville where Guy lived until he moved to his present home about 1/2 mile north of Dareville on the west side of the road. He purchased that 80 acre farm from William Thos. Dare in 1919, William Thomas Dare had purchased it In 1860. Guy still owns the house and 3 acres. He recalls that during W.W.I he had a lot of horses on the property and that Baron Baker worked for him. Baron is still living at Dareville yet today also.

Suzanna Hester Horton

Note: information for this article was from a variety of sources; Carrie Shelton Baker, Beulah Hicks Baker., Dell Frick Nowland, Gordon and Hilda Hester Metcalf, Baron Baker, Ernie Rhynes, Nela Peterson Place, Mona Peterson Fair child, Guy Dare, Perrins History of Jefferson County (1883) and Ghost Towns of Southern Ill by Glenn  Sneed

The Elk Prairie settlement, now called Dareville, grew up in an early day. Dr. A. C. Johnson started practice there about 1870 after graduating from the Ohio Medical College. He later moved to Mt. Vernon. A Post Office was established there July 10, 1871, served by Star Route #11799 a twice weekly route from Ashley to Spring Garden carried by Captain Joe Laur who also ran the stage line. It was discontinued on the 31st day of May 1905. During that time the following men served as Postmaster. H. R. Dare, July 10, 1871, Daniel R. Arendale, August 21, 1885, Hubbard R. Dare March 26, 1889, Willis A. Thompson April 16, 1894, George C. Black October 9, 1897 until closing date.
The Prairie Historian
March 1973 Volume 3 Number 1
Submitted By: Abby Newell

Hubbard Dare Store Ledger 1847 - 1849
Hubbard Dare Store Ledger, 1860-1870

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