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Congregation Showers Retiring Pastor Coltrin

The Rev. and Mrs. Lawrence Coltrin were given a surprise silver dollar shower last week by members of the Shookville Penetcostal church which the Rev. Mr. Coltrin pastored for nine years. He resigned recently due to ill health.
The shower was held at the Coltrin home on the Walnut Hill Road. A tape recording of a previous church services was played during the evening and coffee and doughnuts were served.
Those in attendance included Mr. and Mrs. Bill Wadkins and Debby; Mr. and Mrs. Eddie Bryan and Patsy; Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Bell, Carol Jean and Jerry Wayne; Mr. and Mrs. Renzo Phelps, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hays, Mr. and Mrs. Paul Morgan, Mr. and Mrs. Pete Heern, Loyd Mooney, Jim Allli, Mrs. Wolma Shaver, Mrs. Rose Pugh, Mrs. Nettie Mooney, Miss Helen Mooney, Mr. and Mrs. John Owens, Mrs. Naomi Schneider and Cliff Pugh sent their prayers.
[Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson]

Mr. and Mrs. John Harvey celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary with open house Sunday. They were married Dec. 6, 1917 and have five children.
[Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson; Centralia Sentinel, Wednesday, Dec. 13, 1967]

Mr. and Mrs. Steve Hayes of 2505 Cherry will celebrate their Golden Wedding anniversary next Sunday afternoon with a reception at the Community Center (old Post Office) in this city.
All relatives and friends are invited to attend between the hours of two and five o'clock.
They are the parents of eleven living children: Walter Hayes, Mrs. Wanda Mitchell, Thomas Hayes, James Hayes, Mrs. Marie Pierce, Mrs. Barbara Graham, Marvin Hayes, Mrs. Betty Brumley, Robbie Hayes all of Mount Vernon, Mrs. Phyllis Crowe of Fostoria, Ohio and Mrs. Irene Madlen of Owensboro, Kentucky. They also have forty-one grandchildren and thirteen great-grandchildren. One, Stevie, is deceased.
[January 22, 1967 Mount Vernon Register News Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson]

FORMER MAYOR AND MRS. EDGAR MILLER celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary Sunday at their home, 216 north Eighth street.

The day was spent with relatives and friends who gathered at the Miller home for the occasion. A family dinner was served at noon.

At age 84, former Mayor Miller is still an active man. He is employed at the car shops.

MR. AND MRS. MILLER were married August 9. 1891 in Dix, Ill., by the Rev. Mr. Cagle, a Methodist minister.

Mrs. Miller, the former Carrie Roynar, is the daughter of the late Richard and Mary (Shore) Reynar and is 86 years of age.

She was born near Toronto, Canada, and came to the Dix neighborhood with her parents when she was an infant. Mr. Miller, son of the late John H. and Nancy Emily (Chasteen) Miller was born and reared in Jefferson county. He has led an active, interesting life and has held a number of public offices. For years he was employed at the car manufacturing company. He served one two-year term as mayor of Mt. Vernon, was at one time superintendent of the Mt Vernon city park and has served as assessor and street commissioner. Mr. and Mrs. Miller have two living children, Dr. Roy G. Miller, well known Mt. Vernon dentist and Lula Miller, who resides at home.
Out-of-town guests at the 60th wedding anniversary celebration included John Harmon Miller, brother of Mr. Miller. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Miller of Danville, Mr. and Mrs Harris Maxey of East St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Jack Foust of Salem and Mrs. Gertie Grimes of St. Louis.
[Tuesday Aug 14, 1951, Mount Vernon Register News - Submitted By: Gwendolyn S. Smith, Transcribed by K.T.]

Henry Piercy of Boyd with 125 Descendents Has Birthday Today
It’s and add coincidence that Henry Piercy, whose immediate family numbers 125, should have a birthday during National Family Week. Piercy who resides a half mile south of Boyd, is 86 years old today. He and his wife still live in the log house where they went to housekeeping 61 years ago and where they reared 13 children.
Though the floors are somewhat uneven, the house is still solid and comfortable. Mrs. Piercy allows it is probably stronger than some being built today. Living quarters like her might cause some brides now days to call for a divorce Mrs. Piercy thinks, but she says that if through the years anybody has been happier than she has, she never heard of it.
The Piercy’s say they could have had a better house when they were married, but thought this would do to start with. Mr. Piercy built it from material he salvaged from another house and they set it on a corner of her father’s land. They intended to have something better later but when their family started coming they never got around to doing anything about the house. Mrs. Piercy’s advice to young people is “get the kind of house you want to start with.”
Several years ago the Piercy’s were given newspaper publicity because it was thought they had the largest living family in the state. One of their 13 children, Bryan, has died since then, but he lived to be married and start a family. The couple have 59 grandchildren, 41 great grandchildren and one great great granchild. Only one member of the family shares the same birthday date with her grandfather and that is little Judy Morgan of Boyd, a great grandchild.
The “parlor” isn’t used much anymore except as a place to display pictures. Most of them are wedding pictures of fine looking young men and women who call Mr. and Mrs. Piercy “grandma” and “grandpa”. Four grand-daughters have married in the past 18 months.
All 13 of the Piercy children went to Boyd school and were reared to attend Sunday School at the Boyd Christian Church of Christ. They married young people in the community and all, but two settled down within two miles of the old home place. The two who “strayed” didn’t go far - just to the northern part of the state.
One of the joys of a large family the Piercy’s think is having some of them drop in every day. Another thing which gives them much joy and which has happened frequently during the years, is to have the family gather at their home for a reunion. Often the nieces and nephews came too. Two of Mrs. Piercy’s sisters married Mr. Piercy’s brother’s so their children have two sets of double cousins. the older sister and brother, John and Rosa (Fiser) Piercy, had five children and their younger brother and sister, Nathan and Leona (Fiser) Piercy, had 3 children.
Mr. Piercy’s birthday, May 8, and Mr. and Mrs. Piercy’s wedding anniversary, July 3, have usually been the occasions for a family reunion, but none was planned for today because of Mr. Piercy’s ill health. He has been under doctor’s care since last July. Despite his ill health he has the appearance of a much younger man. He has always followed farming as an occupation but retired from it 10 years ago.
Mrs. Piercy is 78 and she too is unusualy spry for one of her years. She said she never had any trouble with her children but declines to tell others how to raise theirs. Only twice did she have a doctor attend her at the birth of her children and both times she got twins.
Now that she has lots of time, Mrs. Piercy does what she likes to better than anything else-- she pieces quilts. She is completing her 25th quilt made this winter. When it is finished she doesn’t plan to start another ‘til fall. Before her marriage she was Miss Susie Fiser. To her nieces and nephews she is known as “Aunt Sue.”
Mr. and Mrs. Piercy children are Willie of DeKalb, Nathan, Mrs. Ida Carpenter, Mrs. Lillie Marlow, Mrs. Lena Carpenter, Charles and Walter Piercy and Mrs. Ida Harvey, all of Boyd; Mrs. Nellie German and Mrs. Fay Champ of Woodlawn; Mrs. May Elliston of DeKalb, and Mrs. Margaret Wagner of Woodlawn. Charles and Walter are twins are so are Mrs. Champ and Mrs. Elliston.
The Piercy’s had seven grandsons serve in World War II and one of them. James Henry Piercy was killed. He was the son of their deceased son, Bryan.
[Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson]

Golden Anniversary

Mr. and Mrs. Burrell Phillips of 608 Main Street, well known Mt. Vernon residents, will observe their Golden Wedding anniversary next Sunday afternoon, February 18, with a reception in the Mt. Vernon Room and the L. and N. Cafe.
No individual invitations are being issued, instead, a general invitation is extended to all relatives and friends to attend the reception between the hours of two and five o’clock. Those attending are asked to omit gifts.
They were married February 23, 1912, and are the parents of two sons; Russell Phillips of Chicago and Lester Phillips of Mt. Vernon. They also have eight grandchildren and one great- grandchildren.
[Mt Vernon Register, 1962, Submitted By: Kiowana Hayes Ferguson ]

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