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Biographical Sketch of Marcus E. Bagley

Marcus E. Bagley - was born in Greene County, N. Y., Aug. 18, 1828. He was the eldest child of six children, of Thomas and Mary Bagley. They were of Scotch-Irish and German extraction.

Mr. Bagley received his early education in the common schools of his native county, attaining a good education for one of those times. In the fall of 1850 he came to Jerseyville, Ill., where he soon engaged in the mercantile business with A. W. Howe, under the firm name of Howe & Bagley. He continued in this line of business until 1859. On the 16th of February 1860, he was married to Mrs. Hattie M. Harriman of Holyoke, Massachusetts.

Three children were the fruits of this union, all deceased.

He was elected to the office of circuit clerk of Jersey County and held the office continuously for 20 years, until 1880. No other man ever held an office so long in Jersey County. This shows the confidence the people of Jersey County had in his integrity and ability.

in 1865, he was appointed Master-in-Chancery, and held that office for several terms.

He was elected the first Mayor of Jerseyville in 1867.

Source: [History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, by Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, Jerseyville Republican Print. 1901]