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Biographical Sketch of Rev. James Harty

Rev. James Harty

Rev. James Harty - was born in Waterford County, Ireland, December 6, 1836. He received his classical education at Mount Mellery, and completed his theological education at All Hallow's College in the city of Dublin, Ireland. He came to America, October, 1862 and was ordained priest in the city of Alton, December 4, 1863. His first pastoral labors were in Alton, Ill., Cathedral, where he remained until Aug. 13, 1868, when he came to Jerseyville, Ill. His labors as pastor of St. Francis Xavier's Church were arduous and valuable to his charge.

The erection of their fine church edifice is the result of his pastoral energy and the magnificent donations of its membership. Father Harty was a gentleman of literary culture, and amonth the well read theologians of his church.

He remained as pastor of St. Francis Xavier's Church for 31 years.

He died in his parsonage home in Jerseyville, surrounded by many tender and sympathizing friends, July 23, 1899. Thus passed away a pastor much beloved and mourned by his people.

Source: [History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, by Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, Jerseyville Republican Print. 1901]