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Biographical Sketch of Richard Kiely

Richard Kiely - was born March 8, 1854, at Dover Plains, Dutches County, New York.

His parents came to America from Ireland in the year 1852 and in 1853, settled near Monticello Seminary, Godfrey, Ill., until 1860 when they removed to Jersey Co., Ill.

Received his early education in the common schools of his couty, and public schools of Brighton.

He was married to Miss Catherine Dolan, May 4, 1880. From this union were born six children: two of whom survive: William P., and Francis M., Kiely. Mrs. Kiely died June 14, 1892. His second marriage occurred Aug. 14, 1896, to Mrs. Mary Shortal, (nee Sanderhaus) by which union were born two children: T. Helen, and Ricard Earl. Kiely.

He began teaching in the fall of 1876, and followed that profession in the public schools of Jersey County, until he was elected County Superintendent of Public Schools in 1890.

He was the first to introduce the practice of granting diplomas to all scholars who had completed all the common school branches, their diplomas admitting them to enter Jerseyville High School without examination. That is continued to present time.

He was elected to the office of County Treasurer at the fall of 1898, and is the present incumbent.

He is also custodian of county funds, and ex-officio county collector and supervisor of assessments.

His assistat Treasurer is Mrs. Nellie Cope, his present wife's sister, through whose assistance the duties of the office are performed in satisfactory manner.

Source: [History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, by Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, Jerseyville Republican Print. 1901]