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Biographical Sketch of Caroline Pickett, (Cheney)

Caroline Pickett, (Cheney) - was born Nov. 25, 1812, in Addison, Vermont. Gilead Pickett, her father, departed this life in 1816. She removed with her mother's family to Stockton, Chautauqua County, New York, in 1831, where she was united in marriage with Murray Cheney, July 7, 1835. In October, 1836, she came to Jerseyville with her husband and infant child, Prentiss D. Cheney, where she resided until 1858, when she removed with her family to Sangamon County, Illinois, resideing there until October, 1861. She then removed with husband to Virden, Ill., where she now resides.

Nine children have been born to here, eight of them being born in Jeresyville. Of this number, five are now living. She is the mother of the first child born in what was then the corporate limits of Jerseyville, she was closely indetified with the earliest history of this city. Her first home here was in part of what is not the Northern Hotel on Main Street, built in 1836 by Stephen Herren, the other parts of the house being occupied by Horace Landon and famliy, Capt. John M. Smith, then not married, and other young men, pioneers of this new frontier. She is now, at 89 years of age, a woman of remarkable vitality in mind and memory, as well as business ability, and retains the entire management and control of her own and her husband's estate, which has never been distibuted and is considerable, under the provisions of the will of her husband, and in accordance with her own ideas.

Source: [History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, by Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, Jerseyville Republican Print. 1901]