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Biography of Charles A. Vaughn

Charles A. Vaughn - Before coming to Oklahoma thirteen years ago, in 1903, Mr. Vaughn was a very successful farmer and stock raiser in Southern Illinois, and his first intention on coming to Oklahoma was to continue in the live stock industry. His attention was diverted to other lines, and he has been one of the factors in the development of oil interests in and about Sapulpa. At the same time he has taken an active part in democratic politics both in his county and state, and is serving as the present postmaster of Sapulpa (OK).

He was born near the bank of the Mississippi River at Jerseyville, Illinois, December 25, 1867, a son of Josiah and Mary (Pruitt) Vaughn. Both parents were born in Madison County, Illinois, near the City of Alton, his father on December 5, 1822, and his mother on March 2, 1830. His parents were married in 1846, on her birthday, and soon afterwards moved from Madison to Jersey County, where they spent the rest of their lives. His mother died there June 6, 1874, and the father on July 10, 1890. The latter was a farmer all his career, and a very successful and energetic one, and at one time owned about 600 acres. He was a lifelong democrat and filled various places of trust and responsibility, chiefly on the town board and in township affairs. They were members of the Methodist Episcopal Church, and were the parents of twelve children, four of whom reached maturity. Josiah, the oldest of these, died in 1914, at Gregory, South Dakota. James F. died in Kansas. Edward J., the youngest, is an attorney at law at Granite City, Illinois.

Charles A. Vaughn lived on the old home place in Southern Illinois until about two years before he came to Oklahoma. After his father gave up the heavy responsibilities of the farm the son took charge, and continued the farming operations for about ten years. In 1902 he came to Sapulpa, and he had planned to acquire some extensive tracts of land and raise shorthorn cattle in connection with farming. However, he entered the real estate business instead, and his activities soon included the handling and development of oil leases. He finally sold out the real estate department and has been interested in oil and particularly in the manufacture of gasoline. He is a director in the Fidelity Gasoline Company of Sapulpa, which he helped to organize and which he named in honor of his old home town in Illinois.

He was reared in a democratic home and has espoused the cause of that party since casting his first ballot.

Since coming to Sapulpa he served a term as city clerk, and on February 6, 1914, was appointed postmaster. Sapulpa is a second class post office, and Mr. Vaughn's administration has gained many favorable commendations from the local patrons of the office. He has also served on the board of education and as justice of the peace, and for two terms was a member of the State Central Committee. His church home is the Presbyterian.

On March 2, 1896, he married Miss Lulu Shimmel, who was born at Brighton, Jersey County, Illinois, May 20, 1874, a daughter of Henry and Marie (Reinstadtler) Shimmel. The parents were both natives of Germany and came to the United States as young people. They were married in St. Louis and later went to Illinois. They wore farming people. There Mr. Shimmel died at the age of seventy-two years and his widow passed away aged sixty-nine. They were members of the German Lutheran Church. Mr. and Mrs. Vaughn are the parents of two children: Marie, who was born in the same house as her father on December 30, 1898, and Pauline, born at Jerseyville, Illinois, September 9, 1901.

[Source: A Standard History of Oklahoma Volume 4 By Joseph Bradfield Thoburn - Submitted by a Friend of Free Genealogy]