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Biographical Sketch of George W. Ware

George W. Ware

George W. Ware - was born in Westminster, Worcester County, Mass., June 30, 1836. Received his early education in the public schools of his town and is a graduate of the High School there. He completed his literary education in the Leicester Academy in 1854. He immediately began his business career with an uncle, clerking for him in a large paper factory, Post Office and other departments of buisness. In 1856, he landed in Jerseyville, and in 1857, he formed a partnership with Dr. J. L. White, in the drug business.

In 1859, he purchased Dr. White's interest and he became sole proprietor. He continued in this business for 30 years, when he sold his stock to G. R. Smith & Co.

In 1887, in connection with S. H. Bowman, purchased the banking business of Wm. Shephard & Son and continued the banking business under the firm name of Bowman & Ware, until August, 1890, it merged into the State Bank, with S. H. Bowman as president.

In March 1891m Mr. Ware fitted up and sold his drug store to the W. S. Pittman Drug Company. In September, 1900, he purchased the W. S. Pittman Drug Company's stock and at present is engaged in the drug business on South State Street, under the firm name of George W. Ware & Son.

His first marriage was to Theodosia M. Beardslee, May 30, 1859. The fruits of this union are three children: Della P., wife of Charles W. Keith of Denver, Col.; Lula H., wife of Edward Cross, Jerseyville, Ill.; and Frank M. Ware, now a partner with his father.

Mr. Ware's second marriage was to Miss Julia Fry, daughter of General Jacob Fry, Oct. 3, 1877. The fruit of this marriage was one daughter, Emily F. Ware. Mr. Ware has often been honored with positions of trust in city and state, but be is said to his credit he never sought for prominence in politics, but strictly followed his business pursuits.

Mr. Ware ranks among our pioneer and honored buisness men, having been in business in Jerseyville for 45 years.

Source: [History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901, by Rev. Marshall M. Cooper, Jerseyville Republican Print. 1901]