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Zoephel, Max - a prosperous dairyman of Otter Creek Township, and a man widley and favorably known, was born in Saxony, Germany, December 17, 1877, a son of Charles A. P. Zoephel, also born in Germany, who is deceased, the only survivors of the family being Max Zoephel and his brother Albert, who is a baker, of East Troy, Wis.

In 1881, the parents of Max Zoephel brought their children to the United States, stopping first in St. Louis, Mo., where the father worked at his trade of stone cutting. After the death of the mother, the father was married again, and the step-mother who survives, makes her home with her step-son, Max Zoephel. In 1892, the family came to Grafton, and the sons, who had learned the father's trade, began working in the stone quarry. Later Max Zoephel, was employed on the cut stone work of the courthouse at Jerseyville. In 1900, when his father died, he bought his present dairy, and has built up a very fine trade.

In politics, Mr. Zoephel is a Republican, and has been an alderman of Grafton, has served on the school board, and is now a justice of the peace. Fraternally, he belongs to the Knights of Pythias. The Lutheran Church holds him membership. Progressive and alert, Mr. Zoephel not only is an excellent business man, but he is also a good citizen and one who can be depended upon to support any measure looking toward the upbuilding and development of the county.

Source: History of Jersey County Illinois, 1919
Edited by Oscar Hamilton
President Jersey County Historical Society, 1919
(Actual Book Pages 497 - 664)(PDF Pages 632 - 799)