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Oak Grove Cemetery

Oak Grove Cemetery was purchased in January 1856
Source ["Oakgrove Cemetery, Jerseyville, Jersey Co., IL" transcriptions (compiler unknown) Sub. by Billie Trail]

It is located in the eastern part of Jerseyville. The first sexton was Thomas Ford, who acted as such until the latter part of 1860. The second one was Joseph Walpole, who acted until May,1867, and he was then succeeded by Casper Sabo, who held the position until his death. The present sexton is Strother Kennedy. The cemetery is very well kept, and is a beautiful resting place for the dead.

The First Persons Buried There:
The first person buried in Oak Grove Cemetery was Clavera Stelle, a daughter of L. and R. Stelle, the date of her interment being August 6, 1856. The second burial was that of Elizabeth Ford, who was interred in Sept. of 1856.

BLAY, James died 22 Nov 1929, 70 yrs (Sec 23, Lot 28, #3) Sub. by Diane Manley
BLAY, Emma F. died 14 Aug 1932, 67 yrs (Sec 23, Lot 28, #4) Sub. by Diane Manley
BLAY, Earl died 10 Sep 1942, 53 yrs (Sec 23, Lot 28, #5) Sub. by Diane Manley

SECHREST, Laurel Laroy -- born and died Nov. 12, 1932. [Son of Charles and Opal G. (McMeen) Sechrest. Both parents are buried in Chester, Randolph, Illinois. Sub. by Kathyrn Todd]