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Jerseyville Young Ladies Seminary

In 1857, Mrs. Susan Henderson Cutting reopened the Jerseyville Young Ladies Seminary, which she conducted as a private enterprise for about twelve years, or until about 1869, during the period employing teachers, educators of the highest talent, gathered from both eastern and western states. Instruction was given in the common and higher English branches, with Latin and French, painting, drawing, vocal and instrumental music. Mrs. Cutting labored hard and sacrificed much, and through her school, did much to bless and refine the homes represented in her institution.

Board of Instruction
The board of instruction was represented by the following teachers: Mrs. L.M. Cutting, principal; Miss Jennie V.A. Vosburch, teacher of French and Latin; Miss Harriet M. Henderson, principal of the primary department; Miss A. Maria Blackburn, teacher of instrumental music; Miss Ella V. McGannon, teacher of both vocal and instrumental music.

Students in the Advanced Department
Cornelia F. Bowman, Kate Beatty, Emma J. Blackburn, Josephine Bramlet, Mary J. Brown, Georgiana Bonell, Mollie E. Blckburn, Mary A. Barr, Sarah M. Christopher, Sarah Cory, Jennie M. Carr, Mollie N. Cross, Addie S. Corbett, Mollie R. Conklin, Mary E. Dunsdon, Mary C. Dobelbower, Ella Davis, Mary A. English, Jennie M. French, Mary E.L. Herdman, Mary Hurd, Fannie Hesser, Hattie G. Henderson, Annie E. Howell, Kate McKinney, M. Jennie Kirby, Carry Lerue, Lenora A. Landon, Mary Landon, Fannie M. McGill, Anna May McGannon, Hattie Nevius, Mollie Nevius, Anna Maria Pennington, Fannie M. Paris, Anna M. Pittman, Hattie A. Paris, Emily J. Peairs, Josephine Price, Anna Rue, Henrietta Remer, Martha M. Snell, Clara J. Snell, Lucy J. Snell, Eunice M. Seward, Hanna M. Seward, Henrietta Seward, Sarah J. Smith, Martha Stelle, Josephine Smith, Mollie B. Stryker, Emma Terry, Julia Tichner, Lizzie Van Pelt, Abbie Voorhees, S. Alice Wyche, Hattie S. Warren, Nellie J. Wyckoff, Anna M. Williams, Charlotte A. Williams, Mary Jane Wharton, and Lizzie A. Wyckoff. Mrs. Cutting's death was a sorrow to all who knew her, and her funeral services were held in the Presbyterian Church, June 6, 1890, Rev. J.C. Tyson, officiating.