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Jersey County Elections

    A Prominent Citizen

    - John M. English who presented the petition for seperation from Jersey County from Greene County, to the Legislature, continued to be prominent in the history of Jersey County. At the first election for county officers in Jersey County, he was elected Sheriff, and re-elected in 1840 by a majority of one vote. Since then he was elected to the office of State Representative for several terms, from the district in which this county is situated.

    First Officials

    On October 14, 1839, the first board of county commissioners met at Jerseyville. They were Thomas Cummings, Solomon Calhoun and Amos Pruitt. The other officials were: Richard Graham,clerk; George H. Jackson, circuit clerk; Joseph Crabbem,school commissioner; John N. English, sheriff; Nelson R. Lurton, coroner; and John R. Black, treasurer.

    Judges Of Election- The following judges of election were appointed for the several townships.
    Ruyle Township- Orin Palmer, Henry Ryan, W.L. Ruyle.
    Fidelity Township- I.R. Ely, D.Q.Trotter, Archibald Craig.
    Jersey Township- George H. Jackson, J.C.Barr, J.E. Cooper.
    Piasa Township- J.N.Lurton, D.Robertson, L. Huebner
    Grafton Township- Jacob Godfrey, C.P.Stafford, W.D.F. Slaten
    Mississippi Township- Samuel Darlington, Richard Chappell, N.M. Lurton
    Elsah Township- B.F. Farley, William Wade, A. Deidrich
    Otter Creek Township- William McAdams Sr., J.G. Doughtery, N.T. Rodgers
    English Township- Edwin Colean, A.J.Rice, L.T.English,
    Illinois Township- John Dugan, E.P. Lowe, A.J. Thompson
    Richwoods Township-A.J. Arkebauer, Robert Wylder, Leonard Cutler

    First Naturalization Papers

    On December 5, 1839, Dr. James C. Perry, a native of England, filed his oath of allegiance, and was given his naturalization papers, the first issued by Jersey County.

    Members of the County Board:

    1875- Issac R. Ely (chairman) Edwin Colean, G.S. Compton, met on December 4, 1874
    1876- Issac R. Ely, G.S. Compton (chairman), William H. Fulkerson, met on December 6, 1875
    1877- G.S. Compton (chairman), William H. Fulkerson, John W. Evans, met on December 4, 1876
    1878- William L. Ruyle, John W. Evans, P.D. Cheney(chairman), met on January 6, 1878. Fulkerson had resigned prior to this date.
    1879- William L. Ruyle (chairman), J.W. Evans and S.B. Foree, held a special meeting February 25, 1879, in compliance with a mandamus from the Supreme Court, requiring the board to divide Jersey County into townships under the law providing for the adoption of township organization, in pursuance of an election held November, 1878.

    Circuit Clerks

    1839-1849 Robert L. Hill
    1849-1860 Thomas L. McGill
    1860-1880 Marcus L. Bagley
    1880-1892 Jesse I. McGready
    1892-1910 Ludovic Laurent ( who died Oct 30, 1910)
    1910-1911 J.I. McGready(pro term until April 4, 1911)
    1911-1912 Robert B. Shortal(elected to fill vacancy)
    1912-1920 Anthony L. Quinn

    County Clerks:

    1839-1843 Richard Graham
    1843-1857 George W. Lowder
    1857-1869 Andrew Jackson
    1869-1877 Thomas J. Selby
    1877-1885 James Eads
    1885-1898 Daniel J. Murphey
    1898-1914 John C. McGrath (who resigned March 10, 1914)
    Thomas A. Krens, appointed by county board to fill vacancy to November 3, 1914
    1918-1922 Thomas D. Ford

    County Surveyors:

    1843-1847 James A. Potts
    1847-1849 Job Collins
    1849-1853 James A. Potts
    1853-1857 Levi P. McNeil
    1857-1859 Henry M. Chase
    1859-1861 Josiah H. Whip
    1861-1870 George I. Foster
    1870-1875 William L. West
    1875-1879 George I. Foster
    1879-1886 Daniel J. Murphey
    1886-1888 Conelius Roach(to fill vacancy)
    1888-1898 Albert W. Newton
    1898-1908 Walter Hansell
    1908-1912 Peter Blaesner
    1912-1916 John A. Eglehoff
    1916-1918 Herbert U. Landon


    1839-1840 Nelson R. Lutton
    1840-1842 A. G. Miner
    1842-1846 John Britton
    1846-1848 George Hoffman
    1848-1852 William Ley
    1852-1854 William Williams
    1854-1856 Benjamin Wedding
    1856-1860 Felix Barney
    1860-1862 Lewis Johnson
    1862-1864 James L. Bierne
    1864-1868 F. W. Besterfildt
    1868-1870 Sidney Noble
    1870-1874 Dr. Ephraim L. Herriot
    1874-1876 Dr. Wesley Park
    1876-1880 Dr. John S. Williams
    1880-1884 Dr. Caleb Du Hadway
    1884-1888 Dr. E. L. H. Barry
    1888-1892 Dr. Wesley Park
    1892-1900 Dr. James A. Flautt
    1900-1908 Dr. J. S. Williams

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