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Jersey County: Jerseyville High School Graduates (1878 - 1890)

    Class of 1878

    Jennie Anderson- deceased
    Leela (Fletcher) Barr- Chicago,Il
    Linna (Cary) Bartlett- Lima, Ohio
    George A. Botherell- Des Moines, Iowa
    Elizabeth(Enos) Coty- deceased
    Rosa (Roberts) Cory- Jerseyville, Il
    Leonard M. Cutting- Jerseyville, Il
    Charlotte (Pritchett) Darby- Jerseyville, Il
    Rosa (Terrill) Foster- Charleston, Washington
    Mollie (Bush) Gray- Pittsfield, Il
    Ormond Hamilton- Meade, Kansas
    Frances M. Hassett- Jerseyville, Il
    Charles W. Keith- Denver, Col.
    Austin W. Leigh- Jerseyville,Il
    Birdie(Todd) Lindley- Batchtown Il
    William T. Roach-Carthage, Mo
    Anna E. Spencer- Jerseyville, Il
    Ella(Casey) Van Horne- Jerseyville,Il

    Class of 1879

    Charlotte (McArthur) Bothwell- Omaha, Neb
    George M. Cochrell- Chicago, Il
    Cora (McKea) Dunsdon- deceased
    Douglas Erwin- Fidelity, Il
    Margaret (Akard) Lurton- Jerseyville, Il
    Jennie (Reed) Pittman- Benton, Il
    Fannie (Henry) Potts- Omaha, Neb.
    Mabelle Scott-Anchorage, Ky
    Allen B. Seaman- deceased
    Thomas Wedding- deceased

    Class of 1880

    Rebecca (Lynn) Dare- Grafton, Il
    Jennie D. Herdman- Leroy Kansas
    William Edward Kingsley- Scranton, Kansas
    Otis D. Leach- Terminal Railroad Association- St. Louis, Mo
    James A. Potts- Barhamsville, Va
    Evelyn (Minier) Rider-Waco, Tx
    Helena Ross- Springfield,Il

    Class of 1881

    John Christy- Alton, Il
    Loula (Mcgready) Dunston- Jerseyville, Il
    Perry Erwin- Medora, Il
    William Hanley- deceased
    Herbert W. Miles- Beatrice, Neb
    Cornelius Roach- Jefferson City, Mo
    Hugh VanHorne-Pawnee City, Neb
    Lula (Patton Frasier) Vinson- Venice, California
    Mollie ( Wedding) Whitenack- Jerseyville, Il

    Class of 1882

    Flora (Miles) Cory- deceased
    Lee Evans-deceased
    Thomas F. Ferns- Springfield, Il
    W.L. Leonard- Philadelphia, Pa
    James D. Perrings- St.Louis, Mo
    Harrison W. Pogue- deceased
    William A. Potts- deceased
    William S. Potts-Pawnee City, Neb
    William P. Richards-Jerseyville, Il
    Charles H. Strong-New York City, Ny
    Anna Vinson- deceased
    Harriet (Armstrong) Young- Fidelity, Il

    Class of 1883

    Edith (Kennedy) Bothwell- Jerseyville, Il
    Mary (Smith) Dolan- deceased
    Florence (Schaaf) Houghtlin- Trenton, NJ
    Clarence J. Miles- Hastings, Neb
    Catherine (Calhoun) McKinstrey- Brenerton, Wash.
    Mary J. Paul-Jerseyville, Il
    Edward D.W. Pogue- Chicago, Il

    Class of 1884

    Harry B. Cockrey- Omaha, Neb
    Holland Dunsdon- Jerseyville, Il
    Edgar M. Dyer- deceased
    Bertha (Cockrey) Hamilton- Omaha, Neb.
    Lillie (Smith) Hassett- Flora, Il
    Laura (Daniels) Milton- deceased
    Albert W. Newton- Chicago, Il
    Cornelia (Hamilton) Powell- Jacksonville, Il
    Louis J. Tyson- Pueblo, Colorado

    Class of 1885

    Kate Augusta (Cory) Barr- Granite City, Il
    Juliet Bothwell- Jerseyville,Il
    Harry S. Daniels- Jerseyville,Il
    Emma (McReynolds) Martin- Kansas City, Mo
    Maud (Perrings) (Angel) Selby- United Railroads Co. St.Louis, Mo
    Edward B. Schaefer- Jerseyville,Il
    Nettie K. (Otto) Turner- Anderson, Ind
    Mary B. (Cutting) Van Horne- Jerseyville, Il

    Class of 1886

    Block, Morris - St. Louis, Mo
    Carroll, Nora - Jerseyville
    Cory, Minnie D - St. Louis, Mo
    Duffield, Ida M - Jerseyville
    Fulkerson, Sarah B - Jerseyville
    Henderson, Leila - Wahoo, Neb
    Miles, Charles V - Peoria, Ill
    O'Loughlin, Joseph - Springfield, Ill
    Tyson, Fannie A (Pillsbury) - Denver, Col
    Vandenburg, Ralph L - Canton, Ill
    Voorhees, Albert E - Jerseyville
    White, Charles S - Jerseyville

    Class of 1887

    Barr, Lulu H - Jerseyville
    Catt, Mary H (Gard) - Los Angeles, Cal
    Cheney, Alex M , - Denver, Col
    Coulthard, Ida - Jerseyville
    Enos, Clinton - Denver, Col
    Enos, Laurens - Decatur, Ill
    Fenity, Fred - Colby, Kansas
    Gledhill, Harry R - Jersevville
    Hand, Magdalene (Sunderland) - Jerseyville
    Houghtlin, David M - East St. Louis, Ill
    Marsh, Stewart C . - New York, N. Y
    McClure, James F - Jerseyville
    O'Halloran, Lizzie (Halliday)- St. Louis,Mo
    Robb, Alex. C - Jerseyville
    Weyham, Lulu- Chicago, Ill

    Class of 1888

    Blanche (Chappell) Ashford- McClusky, Il
    Herbert B. Beaty- 4948 Botanical Ave. St.Louis, Mo
    Alberta S. Eaton- Hollywood, Cal.
    Grace Enos- Jerseyville, Il
    Thomas S. Ford- Jerseyville, Il
    Nicholas A. Grosjean- 4900 N. 2nd St. St.Louis, Mo
    Alta C. (Rush) Hamilton- deceased
    Frank S.Mallot- Oakland, California
    Anna (Roach) McClure-deceased
    Harriet A. Pogue- Jerseyville, Il
    David Roach- deceased
    Mabel (VanAuken) (Marshall) Rue- Dickenson, N.D.
    Harry W. Schaefer- Decatur, Il
    Capitola (Perrings) Skelley- deceased
    Clara (Campbell) Sturdevant- Jerseyville,Il
    Mary L. (Hart) Tyson- Spokane, Wash.
    Emma L. Utt- Jerseyville, Il
    Edward J. Vaughn- Los Angles, California

    Class of 1889

    Patrick L. Carroll- N.O. Nelson Manufacturing Co. St.Louis, Mo
    Lora (Richards) Cowan- Jerseyville, Il
    Flora E. (Reintges) Daniels- Granite City,Il
    Emma (McReynolds) Ford- Granite City, Il
    Catherine X. (Maley) Fitzgerald- Alton, Il
    Valeria Greathouse- Portland, Oregon
    Robert M. Howell- Los Angles, California
    Thomas Henry- deceased
    George Legate- Mona Ark.
    Clara A. (Sample) Miles- Webster Groves, Mo
    Minnie L. (Holten) Rowray- Delmont, S.D.
    Emma ( Corzine) Sharp- deceased
    Minnie A. (Maltimore) Thatcher- Chicago, Il
    Thomas Tucker- Palmyra, Il
    Maude (Webster) (Anderson) Vinson- Los Angles, California
    Sallie (Schwartz) White- Jerseyville, Il
    Nellie G. Wickoff- Alton, Il
    George B. Wurtz- Lexington,KY

    Class of 1890

    Mary P. (Mayfield) Allen- New Orleans, La
    Gertrude (Elliot) Bohannon- Los Angles, Cal.
    Fannie E. Bowman- Public Library, St.Louis, Mo
    Isabell Catt- St.Louis, Mo
    M. Alice (Fulkerson) Cory- Jerseyville,Il
    Murray V. Corzine- Peoria, Il
    Andrew Duggan- Carlinville, Il
    Cora (Ford) Everts- Jerseyville, Il
    Cora ( Seago) (House) Finch- Jerseyville, Il
    Joseph R. Fulkerson- Jerseyville, Il
    Alfred Gowling- Newport, Ky
    Gertrude Greathouse- Portland , Oregon
    Walter Hansell- kansas City, Mo
    Verbena Hammell- Jerseyville, Il
    Minnie (Bott) Hassett- Brighton, Il
    Joseph M. Houghtlin- 4708 McPherson St. St.Louis, Mo
    Jadie F. Maley- Jerseyville, Il
    George McReynolds- Pontiac, Il
    Lena B. (Monroe) Purinton- Boston, Mass.
    Herbert Stafford- Syndicate Trust Building, St.Louis, Mo
    Lulu (Bruso) Utt- Collinsville, il
    John F. Walsh- Jerseyville, Il
    Mary S. Wurtz- Joliet, Il

    [classes 1886 and 1887 - History of Jerseyville, Illinois 1822 to 1901; by Rev Marshall M Cooper 1901. Transcribed by Tammie]

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