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Military Enlistment Bounty

At a special term of the county court, held September 22, 1864, it was ordered that the sum of $10,000.00 be appropriated for the purpose of paying a bounty of $50.00 each to all soldiers who should volunteer on or after September 19, 1864, for enlistment in the United States army from Jersey County, until its quota be filled, to avert a draft.

William Shepard, H. 0. Goodrich and Dr. John L. White were appointed as a committee to investigate and report the names of the persons entitled to receive this bounty. The committee made their report December 10, 1864, giving the names of 249 volunteers that were entitled to receive this bounty. This report was approved, and the bounty was paid accordingly.
All but five receiving the bounty, were in the One Hundred and Forty-fourth Illinois Volunteer Infantry.

[History of Jersey County - transcribed by Tammie]