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Jersey County World War I Draft Notices

Under date of July 18, 1918, the following appeared in a Jerseyville Paper:

The following is the order in which the newly registered men have been drawn by the war department for service. The list is not official as it was compiled from a list furnished by the metropolitan papers. For example there were two 59's and two 43's. The majority of the numbers will stand as they appear, but the entire list is subject to some change when the official list is received by the local exemption board. The first number is the order in which the men registered and the second is the order in which they were drawn and will be taken for service.

10-1 Harry W. Eastham, Jerseyville; 29-2 Oscar W. Frazier, Jerseyville; 17-3 George H. Van Horne, Jr., Jerseyville; 74-4 Robert M. Wylder, Jerseyville; 57-5 Henry E. LaMarsh, Grafton; 76-6 Clarence William Godfrey, Delhi; 78-7 Elmer L. Hanold, Brighton; 4-8 Ralph N. Monk, Jerseyville; 70-9 John Elston Flamm, Jerseyville; 28-10 Frederick Shaw, Grafton; 65-11 Loren E. Stanley, Jerseyville; 45-12 Charles Desherlia, Grafton; 72-13 Andrew L. Kitzmiller, Jerseyville; 61-14 James Edwards, Jerseyville; 51-15 Edward Westfall, Fieldon; 63-16 Harry A. Schattgen, Jerseyville; 41-17 Charles E. Lock Jr., Dow; 32-18 Walter R. Ryan, Medora; 66-19 Floyd L. Steinkuehler, Jerseyville; 16-20 John Wahle, Otterville; 82-21 Olin Long, Jerseyville; 59-22 William Stanley Miller, Jerseyville; 33-23 John Ferenback, Jerseyville; 56-24 Robert Goodrich, Grafton; 48-25 William B. Whalen, Grafton; 13-26 Clarence Brocken, Jerseyville; 3-27 Roy Spencer, Fieldon; 64-28 Frank X. Fleming, Jerseyville; 11-29 Patrick L. Coleman, Jerseyville; 69-30 Russel Powell, Jerseyville; 35-31 Robert E. Breitweiser Jr., Dow; 62-32 Charles W. Bradley, Fieldon; 18-33 Frank Orban Jr., Delhi; 54-34 Carl Emil Meyer, Jerseyville; 81-35 William K. Kallal, Jerseyville; 39-36 Charles Hagen, Dow; 30-37 Preston Bligh, Jerseyville; 49-38 Lee R. Young, Kane; 25-39 Hugh A. Roberts, Jerseyville; 58-40 John B. O'Donnell, Jerseyville; 12-41 Fred Widman, Dow; 34-42 Frank D. Brown, Eldred; 2-43 Clarence Keehner, Jerseyville; 77-44 James P. Jennings, Delhi; 43-45 Theodore J. Boehler, Delhi; 8-46 Amil A. Darr, Jerseyville; 67-47 George W. Barnett, Delhi; 40-48 Clarence N. Johnson, Dow; 38-49 Lawerence F. Finkes, Dow; 7-50 Issac F. McCollister, Jerseyville; 27-51 Robert Frazier, McClusky; 1-52 Walter G. Krueger, Fieldon; 52-53 Thomas E. Tuohy, Jerseyville; 6-54 Lloyd Collenberger, Jerseyville; 24-55 William E. Miller, Fieldon; 14-56 Perry E. Sunderland, Jerseyville; 71-57 Charles W. Day, Jerseyville;19-58 E. Sunderland, Jerseyville; 71-57 Charles W. Day, Jerseyville; 19-58 Charles Rothe, Delhi; 59-59 D.H. McDow, Grafton; 37-60 Len H. Schoeberle, Brighton; 36-61 Charles Bouska, Kane; 68-62 Everett Parsell, Jerseyville; 44-63 Walter Dependahl, Delhi; 79-64 Theodore L. Groppel, Jerseyville; 15-65 Paul L. Feyerbend, Jerseyville; 26-66 William J. Ritchey, Kane; 31-67 Truman Liles, Jerseyville; 53-68 George Albert Hardy, Jerseyville; 46-69 Leslie C. Carpunky, Grafton; 80-70 Chester Darr, Jerseyville; 23-71 James G. Wilton, Kemper; 22-72 Louis T. Walters, Rockbridge; 21-73 Louis K. Erb, Dow; 75-74 Ralph V. Large, Brighton; 50-75 Joseph R. Lillis, Medora; 47-76 Herber F. Watson, Jerseyville; 60-77 William Earl Hughes, Jerseyville; 73-78 Fred E. Bridges, Jerseyville; 9-79 Pearl I. Jones, Jerseyville; 20-80 Raymond E. Cory, Grafton; 5-81 Hugh Ware Cross, Jerseyville; 42-82 Willie Rister, Elsah"

Others in Service

Under the date of August 1, 1918, the following lists were published in a Jerseyville paper:

The following men went to Camp Taylor on August 1, 1918: Ernest L. Ferenbach, Frank F. Loy, Thomas E. Lanham, Louis H. Vahle, Roy B. Piggott, Louis Lee Davis, Bernard J. Kallal, Henry Lee Massey, Edward Hagen, Andrew A. Hetzel, Blaine Thompson, John H. Feyerbend, Charles Henry Beach, Harry Oberlin, John J. Welsh, Wesley G. Jones, Harry W. Nickens, Henry Bechtold, Charles Seehausen, John R. Locke, Clyde L. Felter, Charles W. Boehler, William Steckel, Tony Vahle and Dr. Lorens Enos, first lieutenant. There were five limited service men who left at the same time as the Camp Taylor contingent bound for Syracuse, N.Y., to do guard and fire duty at ports of embarkation, as follows: John Seimer of Grafton; Russell Matthews, Ralph Giers and Charles Anderson of Jerseyville; and John E. Greeling of Dow. On August 13, 1918, two colored men, Amos Fairfax and Edward Brown left Jerseyville for Fort Dodge, Iowa, for general duty.