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Birth Announcements

Mrs. Harriet Cannon - a boy

Mrs. Kate Bradfish - a boy

Mrs. Mary Chapple - a boy

Lillie Hamilton - a girl

Lydia Dunham - a boy

Emiline Dugan - a boy

Mary Jennings - a girl

Margaret Wagner - a girl

Zora Clines - a boy

Mary Cope - a boy

Susan Kerchiner - a boy

Jeannette Rhoades-a girl

Adda Long - a girl

Lucinda Moss - a girl

Nancy Milford - a girl

Maggie Reed - a boy

Elizabeth Landon - a boy

Josephine West - a boy

Alfa Queen - a girl

Amy Caldwell - a girl

Maggie Dugan - a girl

Mary Ashford - a girl

Mary Cooper - a girl

Johanna Manes - a girl

Agnes Vazis - a boy

Anna Aestel - a boy

Catherine Reynolds - a boy

Sarah St.Peters - a boy

Hulda Estes - a girl

Maria Forbes - a girl

Julia Swaggard - a boy

Mary Davidson -a girl

Ellen Loraine - a boy

Catherine Meyers - a girl

Printed on September 3, 1879 - Jersey County Examiner for the month of August 1879. - [contributed by researchers.]