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Community News Gleanings

Record Breaking Cow! - Jacoba Irene, belonging to A. O. Auten of Jersey County, Illinois, produced in one year 17, 263 pounds, or nearly nine tons of milk and 1, 112 pounds of butter. This is official and has broken all Jersey records. Only one other cow in the world has a higher record for one year, but taking her average production for four years, she stands absolutely without an equal. This is four times the production of the average cow.
Source: The Ranch., July 15, 1909, Page 9, Image 9 - (Seattle, Wash.) 1902-1914 - transcribed by K. Proctor

New Illinois Railroad
From Carlinville to the East Bank of the Mississippi - Springfield, June 28 - Articles of incorporation were filed in the office of secretary of state of the Carlinville, Alton & St. Louis Railway company, the principal office to be in Jerseyville. It is proposed to construct a railroad from Carlinville to Jerseyville and Alton through the counties of Macoupin, Jersey, and Madison to the east bank of the Mississippi. The incorporators and first board of directors are Andrew W. Gross, Joseph M. Page, Joseph W. Beker, and John C. McGrath, all of Jerseyville. Aaron O. Auten of Chicago, and Robert Curdie and June M. Rhoades of Alton.
[Rock Island Argus., June 28, 1905, Page 8 - Transcribed by KP]

Jersey County Poor Farm
Under Illinois News Happenings Section - Plans are under way for the building of a new county home to house Jersey County's wards, at the poor farm. It is proposed to obtain the needed funds by levying a special tax rather than by means of a bond issue.
[Chicago Eagle., August 27, 1921, Page 3 - Transcribed by KP]

Stillwell, Logan W.,
Banker; born Otterville, ILL., Nov. 3, 1859; son, Jeremiah and Ann Eliza (White) S. Married, Mattie Dabbs, 1883, at Cherryvale, Kas. Cashier, Stillwell State Bank, St. Paul, Kas.; Citizens State Bank, Thayer, Kas.; Thayer State Bank, Thayer, Kas.; The Salt River Valley Bank, Mesa Ariz. Address: Mesa, Ariz.
[Source: Who's Who On The Pacific Coast, 1913, Harper Publishing Co., Transcribed by BW]

Accident on the Grafton Road
Yesterday, a 14 year old son of Mr. John Dover, who lives on the Grafton Road, was driving a team attached toa horse power, used in running a cider mill. The horses became restive and while attempting to control them, the lad dismounted and in doing so stepped on some part of the machinery. The horses started and one of the unfortunate boy's legs was caught and crushed so terrible below the knee that amputation was necessary. The operation was performed by two Jerseyville surgeons, and the sufferer is doing as well as could be expected.
[Source: Alton Evening Telegraph dated: Nov. 29, 1881 - page 3]

Fine Hogs
The best lot of hogs, as we are informed brought to the market teh present season comprised 100 head, driven from Jersey County by Bacon & Co. and sold to Mr. D. A. Thompson, packer. Their average weight was 277 pounds and the price paid was $4 per hundred all round.
[Source: The Daily Alton Telegraph dated: Feb. 1, 1855 - page 2]

Large deposits of zinc have lately been found in Jersey County, between Grafton and Jersey Landing. Capt. Slaten has commenced operations for developing the deposits
[Source: Alton Telegraph dated: Dec. 9, 1875 - page 2]

News from Jerseyville
Jerseyville, ILL., October 12, 1871
The Second Day of the Fair was teh largest attended in the history of the Society. Over two thousand school children were on the ground. The day was as lovely and pleasant as could be desired, while teh display of the cattle could not be surpassed
The Fine Art Hall of which Hon. George E. Warren is General Superintendent, assisted by Mrs. Ezekiel Davison, Israel M. Beardalee, Charles E. Minor, is full to overflowing and is one of the most attractive places on the grounds. The fair sex have excelled themselves in this department.
Farm and Garden Products, Fruit, Etc. - Isaac Snedeker, Hon. John C. Winsor, Matt C. Stanley and Dr. Allen A. Barret have charge of this building and a hundred ears of corn wieghing 104 pounds. The splendid basket of fruits and vegetables of Mrs. Mary A. Cummings among which is an apple weighing 26 3/4 ounces, fruits, jellies, potatoes, wheat, pumpkins and many other things, testify in the unmistakalbe language that this is the greatest agricultural county in America, which leads me to speak of the agricultural implements covering a large space on the ground.
The Floral Department - Under charge of Herman Roesch, presents a splendid appearance, but the chief glory of the exhibition is horses, mules and cattle. Col. William H. Fulkerson and George H. Kirby, superintendents and competent Judges, both at home and abroad, testify that there never was a better lot of horses, cattle and mules exhibited at any fair that were seen on the grounds of the Jersey County Fair.
An Address, was delivered by Hon. J. W. Gregory D. D., L. L. D., regent of the State Agricultural College at Champaign, at 1 P. M., yesterday and was attentively listened to by a vast concourse of people.
The Attendance was estimated at 5,000, which is far greater than that of any preceding year. The receipts the first day exceeded the same day last year $300, and yesterday was more than the same day last year.
Among the premiums awarded were best bull, 4 years old and over premium, William Black of Greene County, Second best, Cross & Post of Jersey County. Best bull, 3 years old and over premium, Col. Stephen Dunlap of Jacksonville. Best bull 1 year old - premium, same; second best, George H. Kirby of Jersey County. Best sucking bull calf, premium, Col. Stephen Dunlap. Best cow, 4 years old, premuim, same; second best, William Black. Best bull, 2 years old, premium, Michael Brown of Macoupin County. Best sucking heifer calf, premium, William Black. Best milch cow, premium, same.
Draught horses: Best stallion, 4 years old and over, premium, to N. Home of Brighton, second best, to Hill & Bros., of Brighton. Best stallion, 3 years old, premium, to William Gillham of Macoupin County, second best to Edward Trabue of Jersey County. Best mare 4 years old and over, eleven entries, a very fine ring, premium to Nelson Greene of Greene County; second best to John G. Dougherty of Jersey County.
Horses for all work: Best stallion, 4 years old and over, three entries, premium to Henry S. Ross of Jersey County, second best to John S. Beaty of Jersey County. Best stallion, 3 years old and over, premium to Frank Allen of Jersey County, second best to G. Willard of Greene County. Best stallion, 2 years old, premium to P. H. Dorsey of Bunker Hill, second best to J. L. Post of Jersey County. Best stallion, 1 year old, six entries, premium to P. H. Dorsey, second to J. H. Conklin of Jersey County. Best suckiing horse colt, 12 entries, premium to John McGrath, second best to P. Holloway. Fastest pacing horse, mare of gelding, to go under saddle, single dash, one mile best, a very exciting ring, 5 entries, premium to P. H. Dorsey. Best pair of geldings, premium to Cony & Beaty, second best to O. A. Tiff of Jersey County. The largest ring was for brood mares, 4 years old and over, 28 entries, premium to Charles H. Eldred of Greene County, second best to J.H. Farley of Greene County. Three year fillies, nine entries, premium to John McGrath, second best to P. H. Dorsey. Best 2 year old fillies, for all work, eight entries, premium to Geo. L. Burness of Greene County, on one of the most beautiful bays ever seen, second best to P. H. Dorsey. Best and fastest trotting mare of gelding, the most interesting and exciting ring of the day, 4 entries, premium to James H. Amos of White Hall on Rhode Island, who took teh $1000 purse at Sedalia, Mo., recently, time 2:34; second best to Robert Lindsey of St. Loius on Troyma Maid. Best 1 years old filly, premium to John W. Evans of Jersey County, second best to f. Bertman of Jersey County
Business Change, Frank Winfield, the well known Carrollton grocer, has sold his stock out to Henry Johnson of Upper Alton.
The Chicigo Relief Fund has established headquarters on the fairgrounds with William H. Pogue, Horatio N. Wickoff, George W. Ware, P. D. Cheney, Hon. Benj. Wedding, Chris. J. Standord, Freeman Sweet, Henry E. Dougherty, C. S. Olney, Moses Cockrell, T. F. Brock, A. W. Ellliot, ELias Tillottson and R. T. Rich, as committee to solicit subscriptions and donations both of which are being largely and liberally responded to.
Article reported by: "RANGER"
[Source: Alton Telegraph dated: Oct. 13, 1871 - page 4]