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Jersey County, A letter from an old correspondent in Jersey County informs us that present prospects indicate that there will be about half a crop of wheat grown there the present season. In the west part of Jersey, and also Calhoun County, the moles and cutworms are making sad havoc among the young corn.
Source: [Sangamon Journal / Illinois State Journal, Volume 9, Number 298, 9 June 1857-- Jersey County] Transcribed by KP

Frank Rench of Jerseyville has been named director of member and public relations for the Illinois Grain Corporation, according to Merrill D. Guild, executive vice-president of the state-wide grain cooperative. Rench, who has served as manager of the Jersey County Grain Co., Jerseyville, since 1945, will assume his new position June 1,. In the intervening period, he will handle special assignments for the Illinois Grain Corporation. Jersey County Grain Co. is one of 158 member companies of the Illinois Grain Corporation, and affiliate of the Illinois Agricultural Association.
Source: [Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections, Farmers' Weekly Review, 2 April 1964] Transcribed by KP

New Kind of Corn Benefits Student - Lloyd Cottingham - '24, Reports 65 Bushel Yield on Jersey County Farm - Lloyd Cottingham '24, who has just returned from a visit in Jersey County, stated yesterday that his farm there had produced 65 bushels of Champion White Pearl corn per acre this year where 10 bushels of Yellow corn were produced last year under the same conditions.

Foils Chinch Bugs
"With the same amount of chinch bugs and not more than one-half inch of rainfall after the crop was planted my farm has produced 65 bushels of corn per acre," he said. "The whole of Jersey County has been bothered with chinch bugs for the past 10 years, but by the use of this particular seed corn throughout the county, the crops have been much larger this year," said Cottingham.
Source: [Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections, FDaily Illini, 31 October 1922] Transcribed by KP