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Jersey County: Physicians (prior to 1912)

List of physicians from the 1919 history book

Name Residence Schools Year of Illinois License College or Licensing Body Year of Diplomas
Barnett, Allen A. Jerseyville R 1877 Univ. of Louisville 1853
Barry, Edward L.H. Jereyville R 1877 Rush Ill., Army Board 1860 - 1862
Bohannan, Hugh R Jerseyville R 1905 Illinois Medical 1904
Bray, Nicholas Travies Jerseyville R 1908 P. & S., St. Louis 1908
Brewster, Bert Marion Fieldon R 1905 Washington Univ. 1905
Cheney, Alex M. Jerseyville R 1895 Gross, Denver 1895
Enos, J.W. Jerseyville H 1881 Hahnemann, Chi. 1881
Erwin, Douglas Fidelity R 1884 Mo. Medical 1883
Evans, Chas. W. Fieldon R 1886 Rush 1886
Giers, Louis J Jerseyville R 1891 P. & S., St. Louis 1891
Gledhill, Henry R. Jerseyville R 1894 P. & S., New York 1894
Grimes, Rollo J. Jerseyville E 1903 Eclec., Cincinnati 1903
Holmes, Samuel A. Jerseyville R 1881 Rush 1881
Hunt, Augustus S. Jerseyville H 1899 Homeo., St. Louis 1899
Park, Wesley Grafton R 1877 Chicago Medical, Jefferson 1867- 1873
Shobe, A.A. Jerseyville R 1877 Mo. Medical 1869
Titterington, Miles B. Jerseyville R 1896 P. & S., St. Louis 1896
VanHorne, August K Jerseyville R 1877 Jefferson 1856

Source: Official Register of Legally Qualified Physicians
Revised to April 15, 1912, Illinois State Board of Health.
Transcribed by G.T. Transcription Team Member Dania Ward

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