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Jerseyville Young Ladies Seminary Reunion - October 7, 1891

This is the thirty-fifth anniversary of the closing of that institution, and quotations are made therefrom. The Jerseyville Young Ladies Seminary was opened in the fall of 1849 by Miss Virginia Corbett, in a small room east of the main building which was erected in the following year. The school at first only numbered sixteen, increasing, however, until the last year, 1856, when there was seventy in attendance. Over 200 young ladies were numbered as pupils in the seven years it was conducted. During this period Miss Corbett had five assistants, Miss Elizabeth Richards, now a successful teacher in NewYork City; Miss Kate Corbett, now Mrs. J.A. Chestnut; Miss Rachel Corbett, now Mrs. A.C. Hinton; and Miss Eliza Chandler, now Mrs. S.V. White of Brooklyn, N.Y. Mr. Penuel Corbett was the Latin preceptor. Young Ladies, not only from all parts of Jersey, but many from adjoining counties attended the seminary. In the spring of 1856, Miss Corbett closed her labors as a teacher, and on October 7, following, was married to Mr. Issac Harbert. The thirty-fifth anniversary of her marriage, which occured October 7, 1891, was made by her old pupils now residents in and around Jerseyville, the occasion of a reunion, the object of which was to cement anew the friendships of the past years. Invitations were sent to former pupils, who addresses could be learned, and were generally responded to; many who could not attend, sending messages of congratulations and good wishes. Over thirty letters from ladies living in California, Washington, Colorado, Nebraska, Dakota, Kansas, Missouri, and Illinois, were received, expressing their warmest affection for their teacher and classmates; relating reminiscences connected with school life, with very sincere regrets because of their inability to be present and take part in the reunion.

The following are the names and addresses:

Miss Rebecca Gowen, St. Louis, Mo

Mrs. Ella Morean Morgan, St.Louis, Mo

Miss Kitty Estes, St.Louis,Mo

Miss Hannah Updike Colby, St. Louis, Mo

Mrs. Mary Charles Crosby, Brookfield, Mo

Mrs. Phoebe Nihils Clark, Rush Hill, Mo

Mrs. Mary Silsby Martin, Kansas City,Mo.

Mrs. Margaret Potts Dennis, Anthony, Kas.

Mrs. Hannah Van Pelt Sufficool, Benwade, Kas.

Mrs. Mary Nevius Holmes, Morrhead, Minn.

Mrs. Mary Van Pelt Whyte, Breckenridge, Colo.

Mrs. Lizzie Adams Curtis, Lockwood, I.T.

Mrs. Nellie Miner Keene, Farnsworth, S.D.

Miss Nancy Cogswell, Stella, Wah

Mrs. Hila Cora Filley, Buffalo, N.Y.

Miss Sarah Keith, Jerseyville,Il

Mrs. Sarah Hansell Norris, Jerseyville, Il

Mrs. Elizabeth Squier Woodruff, Jerseyville, Il

Mrs. Annie Pennington Evans, Jerseyville, Il

Mrs. Mahala Chappell Buckles, Newbern, Il

Miss Nellie Alexander, Chicago, Il

Mrs. Jennie Kirby Conklin, St.Louis, Mo

Miss Talitha Bridges, St.Louis, Mo

Miss Sarah Updike, St.Louis, Mo

Miss Frank Risley, of Missouri

Mrs. Mary Howell Carson, Lewis Station, Mo

Mrs. Lizzie Perry James, Bonita, Kas.

Mrs. Ellen Cory Cramer, Cherryvale, Kas.

Mrs. Rebecca Goodrich Gamble, Beatrice, Neb.

Mrs. Fannie Vanarsdale Armstrong, Oakland, Cal.

Mrs. Minerva Adams Remer- Indian Territory

Mrs. Emily Plowman Cheney- Denver Col.

Mrs. Sarah Hill Almon- Vine Grove, Ark.

Mrs. Maggie Van Dike Anderson- Princeton, N.J.

Miss Lizzie Culver-Jerseyville, Il

Miss Mary Shephard- Jerseyville, Il

Mrs. Eliza Farley Bell-Jerseyville, Il

Mrs. Annie Fletcher Hill- Jerseyville, Il

Mrs. Rebecca Whitehead Alexander- Jerseyville, Il

Miss Harriet Lowder

Mrs. Parthena Anderson Christopher- Waverly, Ill

Mrs. Amelia Wilcox Henry- Waverly, Il

Mrs. Judith Winston McGill- Evanston Ill

Mrs. Clara French Way- Carbondale, Il

Mrs. Mary Grinsted Munn- Wilmette, Il

Mrs. Mary Snell Forth- Chesterfield, Il

Mrs. Sarah Barnett Palmer- Litchfield, Il

Mrs. Mary Hardman Chadwell- Chicago, Il

Mrs. Mary Johnson Stubblefield- Greenfield, Il

Mrs. Lizzie Stryker Potts- Morrisonville, Il

Mrs. Drusilla Snell Watts- Litchfield, Il

Mrs. Lelia Morean Scarritt, Chicago, Il

The reunion took place at two p.m. in the parlors of the Commercial Hotel. Every available space was filled with beautiful flowers, including an immense bouquet of the rarest, from Mrs. Whipple, and a marriage bell from Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Christy. The event was of significance beyond the mere coming together of friends. The tide of years rolled by with all the deep meaning that had its beginning in the plain school building so many years before.

Source: [History of Jersey County - 1919]