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Jerseyville Public School 1901-02
Jerseyville Public School

Prof. J. Pike became principal of the public schools of Jerseyville, September, 1874, with Prof. M. E. Ellenwood as assistant. In the spring of 1875, Prof. D. J. Murphy assumed the place of Prof. Ellenwood as assistant, and continued to hold his position until the spring- of 1886, when he was elected to the office of county clerk.

Following is the Board of Education for 1901-1902
H. S. Daniels, president,
George D. Locke, secretary,
Ed. J. Vaughn,
Charles S. White,
M. A. Warren,
H. R. Gledhill,
Fred Jacobs.

The following teachers are employed for the year 1901-1902
J. Pike, M. A., superintendent, department of language and history.
Edward B. Shafer, department of mathematics and astronomy.
John A. Egelhoff, department of shorthand and business course.
Herbert F. Blair, department of science.
Grammar department: Caroline Leresche, Frances M. Hassett, Gertrude Greathouse.
Intermediate department: Amanda Lynn, Jessie
Houghtlin, Hattie Erwin.
Primary department: Julia M. Laurent, Cornelia Newton, Anna E, Spencer.
Colored School: Mary J. Paul.
[Source: History of Jersey County; transcribed by Tammie]