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Jerseyville Post Office

The first post office at Jerseyville was established in 1834, with Edward M. Daley as postmaster, and he held that office for six years.

The second postmaster was David T. Bonnell, who held that office from 1840 to 1844.

The third was Perley Silloway, and following him were Charles H. Roberts, Alexander B. Morean, Charles H. Jackson, who was appointed in 1853 and served until 1858

Jacob A. Whitenack, who held the office until 1861

Thomas L. McGill, who was appointed in 1861, and when he died a short time after, his wife was appointed his successor

John I. White, who soon after his appointment resigned in favor of William E. Pitt, and the latter held the office about two years

J.H. Buffington, who held the office for three years

George H. Jackson who after acting as a special agent for awhile, was appointed and served until 1869

Jacob Whitenack, who was reappointed and served until 1877

John L. C. Richards, who held office from 1877 to 1882

Col. William H. Edgar, who was appointed in 1882, and served until 1886

Hon. Henry O. Goodrich, who was appointed in 1886 and continued in office until 1890

Adolphus Rue, who was appointed in March, 1890, and continued in office until 1894

John C. McGrath, who held office from March 1, 1894 to 1898

William S. Pittman, who held office from 1898 to 1902

Joseph W. Becker, who held office from 1902 to 1906

William P. Richards, who held office from 1906 to 1914

Joel E. Cory, who was appointed in 1914, is the present incumbent

Later Post Masters

Jerseyville Incorporated

Jerseyville was incorporated as a town July 21, 1837.

The first officers were: John W. Lott, president

E. M. Daley, clerk

Samuel L. McGill, George W. Collins and Richard Graham, trustees.

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