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Jersey County: World War II Casualties

World War II Honor List of Dead and Missing Army and Army Air Forces Personnel from Illinois. (NWCTM-407-WWIICASARMY-IL)

KIA - Killed in Action
DOW - Died of wounds - Wounded in battle, but not fatal
DOI - Died of Injuries - Fatally wounded in battle
DNB - Died, Non Battle - Died from sickness, homicide, suicide, or accidents outside combat areas
FOD - Finding of Death - Those who were determined to be dead under Public Law 490
M - Missing

Name: Grade Casualty
Baldwin, Wilbur L. PFC KIA
Bechtold, Edward M SGT DNB
Breitheiser, John C. PFC KIA
Burch, Thomas H. PVT KIA
Callahan, Herbert M. FL O DNB
De Vercer, Claude E. S SG KIA
De Voss, Virgil E. S SG KIA
Evans, Raldon F. PFC KIA
Foster, Pearl N. PFC KIA
Fulkerson, Frank E. PFC KIA
Gallup, Roy E. PVY DNB
Gray, Paul T. PFC KIA
Griffin, Emhert E. PFC KIA
Henderson, Oilbert F. T SG FOD
Heneghan, Floyd P. 1 LT FOD
Heraty, Timothy J. PFC DNB
Kallal, Lawerence B. S SC KIA
Kaneen, Charles A. S SC DNB
Lanny, John L. CPL KIA
Medford, Forrest S. PFC DOW
Meuth, John C. FL O DNB
Miller, Frederick A. CAPT KIA
Reddish, Clyde N. PVT KIA
Richardson, Andrew PFC DNB
Scibner, Andrew N. S SC FOD
Sinclair, Herschel T. 2 LT KIA
Smith, Paul T. 2 LT KIA
Spears, Oliver E. PVT KIA
Spriggs, Harry L. T SC KIA
Waynan, Harold D. 2 LT KIA
Wendle, Albert S. S SC KIA
Wendle, Vincent J. PFC DOI
Wheaton, Clarence E. T SC KIA