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 History of the Sentinel-Leader

from the Sentinel-Leader, Nov. 18, 1987
Transcribed by Alayne Hammer


On September 23, 1857, the Warren Independent published its first issue, thus starting a publishing tradition which has endured over the years until the present.

The Warren Independent of 1857 was published by Freeman A. Tisdel Sr. and Thomas E. Champion and edited by George A. Randall. Their office was in the northeast room of the second floor of the Allvin Hotel.

Mr. Nesbitt Baugher, a law student, came to Warren in 1857 for the practicing of law. Shortly afterward, in partnership with Mr. Lewis, he purchased the paper. Their office was on the second floor of the Brink building.

The paper was sold in 1860 to M.P. Rindlaub.

Mr. Herst C. Gann came to Warren at the age of 10 years. In 1857, Gann entered the Independent office and in 1864 purchased the paper. In the spring of 1865 he leased his interest in the printing office and enlisted in Company M., 11th Illinois Volunteer Calvary. Being honorably discharged and mustered out with his regiment, he returned to Warren and again became editor and publisher of the Independent in company with S.R. Smith. This partnership lasted about one year when Smith retired from the paper and was succeeded by J.W.Leverett, son-in-law of F.A. Tisdel. Soon after this partnership was formed, the name of the paper was changed to the Warren Sentinel. In 1868, Gann purchased the entire plant and remained in absolute control until March 1900, when the Warren Leader was consolidated with the Warren Sentinel under the name Warren Sentinel Leader.

In May 1889, Mr. G.W.Hawks of Polo, Ill., opened a new printing office in Warren. The paper he started was called the Warren Leader. Hawks died the following August. Mr. George Hoefer and Mr. G.F. Kane purchased the plant from the heirs and continued publication. Ten years later Kane sold his interest to Mr. Preston Hicks and the office was moved to the second floor of the Eade building. The plant, when purchased, consisted of a few fonts of job type, a second hand press and a new newspaper press. On March 1, 1900, the Sentinel purchased Hoefer’s interest.

The Sentinel-Leader was then edited by H.C. Gann and Son and Preston T. Hicks. In the summer of 1900, a stock company was formed and another paper called the Latest News was edited. The office opened in August 1900 with Mr. A.E. Pauley and Wade Gray as editors. In November 1901, Mr. W.W. Goodard, took the publication until 1904 when Mr. Joel J. Burbridge took the office. The paper was called the Warren Journal. It was discontinued after a short time. The plant then operated as a print shop, but this enterprise was abandoned in 1905.

In September, 1905, Hicks and Gann dissolved partnership and Lulu Gann went into the office with her father, Mr. George L. Winegar was the business manager.

On April 1, 1920, Mrs. Lulu Gann Stephenson sold the paper to Ray Scotchbrook, who edited and published the paper until November 1945, when it was purchased by Frank and Ruth Thomas.

The Thomas’ operated the paper until 1971 when they entered into partnership with William Determan. Determan purchased the paper from Frank Thomas in 1975 and operated the Sentinel-Leader until 1982 when Galena Gazette Publications, Inc. under the direction of Sam Byers of Galena, purchased it. As of this date of October 1987, it is still owned by Galena Gazette Publications, Inc. with P. Carter Newton as publisher. Jeff Simon is the managing editor. Warren has been fortunate to have a newspaper for 130 years.


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