People and Politics in

Kane County, Illinois
©2002 Transcribed by Kimberly Torp

Constitutional Conventions:

1847 Delegates were:

The two men below were from other counties, but moved to Kane County after the convention:

1870 Delegate was Charles Wheaton

Supreme Court Members from Kane:

Samuel Drake Lockwood - He was a Supreme Court Judge from January 1825 until December 1848.

Major Woodbury M. Taylor was elected Clerk of the Supreme Court in June, 1867 for the Central Grand Division.

Miscellaneous offices held by Kane County folks:

Henry E. Hunt of Dundee served as a member of the State Board of Equalization from 1876 to 1880

Dr. Ansel L. Clark (former surgeon of the 127th IL Infantry) was a member and Secretary of the State Board of Health. Also was an incorporator and President of the Bennett Medical College at Chicago.

Members of the General Assembly:

Kane County first appeared upon the journal of the Senate and House of Representatives at Springfield on the 5th day of December, 1842 at the opening of the session of the Legislature.

Ira Minard was sworn in as Senator and Henry Madden as Representative for the District composed of Boone, DeKalb, Kane, McHenry and Kendall Counties.

Senators from Kane:
1844-1846: Ira Minard, St. Charles 1846-1868: Gen. Elijah Wilcox, Elgin
1848-1855: William B. Plato, Geneva 1855-1863: Augustus Adams, Elgin
1863-1871: Edward R. Allen, Aurora 1871-1873: James W. Eddy, Batavia
1873-1877: Eugene Canfield, Aurora 1877-1881: Major James H. Mayborne, Geneva
1877-1903: Henry H. Evans  

Members of the House of Representatives:

1846-1848: James Herrington, Geneva 1848-1851: Edward W. Austin, Dundee
1851-1853: Augustus Adams, Elgin 1853-1855: John Ranstead, Plato
1855-1857: Benjamin Hackney, Aurora 1857-1859: William Parker
1859-1861: William B. Plato, Geneva 1861-1863: Thomas S. Terry
1863-1867: Sylvester S. Mann, Burlington 1867-1869: John W. Eddy, Batavia
1869-1871: Needham N. Ravlin, Kaneville 1873-1875: Sylvester S. Mann, Julius A. Carpenter, Carpentersville; James Herrington, Geneva
1875-1877: James Herrington 1877-1879: Henry H. Evans, Aurora; James Herrington
1879-1881: Edward C. Lovell, Elgin; James Herrington 1881-1883: Oliver P. Chisholm, Elgin; James Herrington
1883-1885: James Herrington 1885-1887: John Stewart, Elburn; Thomas O'Donnell, Aurora
1887-1889: John Stewart, James Herrington 1889-1897: Edgar C. Hawley, Dundee; Luther M. Dearborn, Aurora
1897-1899: William F. Hunter, Elgin; Samuel Alschuler 1901-1903: Charles Backus, Hampshire; John A. Logan, Elgin
1903-1905: Charles Backus and John Linden, Aurora  
The Democratic members - Messrs. Herrington, O'Donnell, Dearborn, Alschuler, Logan and Linden - were elected under the minority representation provision of the State Constitution, the other members being Republicans.

Circuit Court Judges

The first term of the circuit Court in Kane County was held in James Herrington's log house at Geneva (then called Herrington's Ford), beginning Monday, June 19, 1837. Kane was then in the Sixth Judicial Circuit and Thomas Ford, judge of the Circuit issued the order calling the term and also appointed A.P. Hubbard to serve as Clerk. It was presided over, however, by John Pearson, Judge of the Seventh Circuit. Judge Jesse B. Thomas, of the First Judicial Circuit, presided at the second term of court held at the same place in September, 1837. Alonzo A. Huntington appeared as State's Attorney and Mark Fletcher served as Clerk. The third and fourth terms were again presided over by Judge Pearson. February 25, 1839, Thomas Ford was commissioned Judge of the Ninth Judicial Circuit, to which Kane County had evidently been assigned, and Judge Ford first appears upon the bench at the term beginning May 27, 1839. Onslow Peters is entered as State's Attorney. John Dean Caton, as a Justice and Associate Justice of the Supreme Court, presided form May 27, 1841, until January 24, 1848 when Judge Hugh T. Dickey, of Cook County, held a special session of the court. Theophilus Lyle Dickey was commissioned Judge of the Ninth Circuit. The Legislature having increased the number of circuits, Kane became a part of the Thirteenth Circuit, and Isaac Grant Wilson, the first Judge resident in the county, was commissioned June 18, 1851. He was re-elected in 1855 and again in 1861. October 4, 1864, Kane was transferred to the 28th Circuit. Judge Wilson held the office until 1867, when, on June 14, 1867, Sylvanus Wilcox was commissioned Judge and recommissioned in June 1873. October 1, 1877, the number of the district was changed to the 12th and Judge Isaac Grant Wilson was again commissioned as Judge on June 16, 1879; a third time, June 16, 1885 and he continued in office until his death in 1891. From June, 1879, he served as a Judge of the Appellate Court at Chicago. In June, 1891, Henry B. Willis received his commission as Judge of this circuit, again in 1897 and for a third term of six years in 1903.

The Clerks of the Circuit Court have been as follows:

1836: Allen P. Hubbard 1837-1848: Mark W. Fletcher
1848-1852: Charles B. Wells 1852-1856: Luther Dearborn
1856-1860: Paul R. Wright 1860-1864: Thomas C. Moore
1864-1868: Pinder F. Ward 1868-1872: J.W. Parrington
1872-1876: H.T. Rockwell 1876-1884: C.P. Dutton
1884-1896: Charles Miller  
1896-1901: John F. Dewey, who died in 1901, being succeeded by Thomas Ruston, who served the remainder of his term until 1902, when Capt. Benjamin E. Gould was elected. Mr. Gould lost his life in the Iroquoi Theater fire in Chicago, December 30, 1903.

Board of Supervisors:

1836 Solomon Dunham, Ebenezer Morgan, Eli Barnes
1837 Thomas H. Thompson, Mark Daniels, J.W. Churchill
1838 Ira Minard, George E. Peck, A.P. Hubbard
1839 Noah B. Spaulding, William B. West, A.P. Hubbard
1840-1841 Noah B. Spaulding, William B. West, A.P. Hubbard
1842 William B. West, S.E. Johnson, ?
1843 S.E. Johnson, W.B. West, Thomas E. Dodge
1844 William C. Kimball, S.E. Johnson, Thos. E. Dodge
1845 Wm. C. Kimball, Silas Reynolds, Thos. E. Dodge
1845-1847 David W. Annis, S. Reynolds, T.H. Whittemore
1848-1849 D.W. Annis, John Scott, T.H. Whittemore

Recorder of Deeds:

Bef. 1842: Relief Duryea Served until 1842: David Dunham
1842-1846: George W. Gorton 1846-1848: E.H. Swarthout
1892: Joseph Ingham 1896 & 1900: Frank E. George

County Judges:

1836-1838: Mark Daniels 1838-1840: Isaac Wilson
1840:1842: H.N. Chapman 1842-1844: L. Howard
1844-1848: S.S. Jones 1848-1850: A.V. Sill
1850-1852: I.G. Wilson 1852-1858: W.D. Barry
1858-1860: Daniel Eastman 1860:1866: R.N. Botsford
1866-1868: Capt. J.T. Brown 1868-1870: C.D.F. Smith
1870-1874: W.D. Barry 1874-1882: J.W. Ranstead
1882-1890: Edward C. Lowell 1890-1894: D.B. Sherwood
1894: M.O. Southworth (the present excellent incumbent)

County Clerks:

1836-1846: Mark W. Fletcher 1846-1848: J.L. Warren
1848-1856: James Herrington 1856-1860: John Greene
1860-1868: Henry B. Pierce 1868-1872: Frank P. Crandon
1872 until resigned in 1879: John C. Sherwin 1879-1886: Thomas Meredith, Jr.
1886-1894: Arthur M. Beaupre 1894-1898: Charles W. Raymond
1898-1902: John McKellar 1902: WiIliam F. Lynch


1836-1840: B.F. Fridley 1840: James Risk
1842-1848: Noah B. Spaulding 1848-1850: B.C. Yates
1850-1852: Luther Dearborn 1852-1854: Noah B. Spaulding
1854-1856: L.P. Barker 1856-1858: Geo. E. Corwin
1858-1860: Ethan J. Allen 1860-1862: Demarcus Clark
1862-1864: Jas. H. Whipple 1864-1866: H.L. Perry
1866-1868: D. Smith 1868-1870: L.M. Kelly
1870-1874: James C. Brown 1874-1876: L.M. Kelly
1876-1880: Chas. S. Mixer 1880-1886: N.S. Carlisle
1886-1890: John Kelly 1890-1894: William Reid
1894-1898: Robert Burke 1898-1902: H. F. Demmer
1902-1904: Robert Burke  


1836-1840: Asa McDole 1840-1842: R.N. Mathews
1842-1844: William C. Kimball 1844-1846: N.H. Dearborn
1846-1850: David Wheeler 1850-1852: J.P. Bartlett
1852-1854: W.H. Robinson 1854-1856: J.P. Bartlett
1856-1858: Wm. Conant 1858-1860: Delos H. Young
1860-1866: H.H. Williams 1866-1868: Charles H. Bucher
1868-1870: S.E. Weld 1870-1872: S. McNair
1872-1876: Ira H. Fitch 1876-1878: H.C. Gillett
1878-1880: C.H. Bucher 1880-1892: H.H. Williams
1892-1896: C.W. Putnam 1896-1904: Charles B. Mead


1837-1839: John Griggs 1840: H.A. Miller
1841-1842: Bela T. Hunt 1843: E.R. Allen
1844: Charles Metcalf 1845-1846: James Hotchkiss
1847-1849: Thos. A. Scott 1850: S.K. Whiting
1851: John Clark 1852: A.W. Glass
1853-1854: Geo. P. Harvey 1855-1856: George W. Waite
1857-1858: William P. West 1859-1860: Adin Mann
1861-1864: R.W. Hoyt 1865-1866: William A. Miller
1867-1868: Captain Alphonso Barto 1869-1872: W.P. West
1873-1874: Henry C. Paddock 1875-1876: Thomas F. Tolman
1877-1878: Thomas B. Coulter 1879-1880: F.L. Young
1887-1890: C.E. Smiley 1890-1894: James M. Innes
1894-1898: Robert J. McCornack 1898-1902: Henry M. Gough
1902-1904: Samuel Shedden  


1836: Mark W. Fletcher 1837-1842: P.J. Wagner
1843-1846: Adin Mann 1847: James Carr
1848-1851: Andrew Pingree 1851-1852: Alvin Slack
1853-1854: Andrew Pingree 1855-1858: Adin Mann
1859-1862: Geo. Wilder 1863-1874: L.D. Kendall
1874-1877: W.H. Pease 1878: Geo. Wilder
1879-1896: W.H. Pease 1896-1900: Lieut.-Col. Adin Mann
1900-1904: Henry Dakin  

School Superintendents

1841-1842: Ira Minard 1843-1844: Wyatt Carr
1845-1846: Alfred W. Churchill 1847-1848: John W. Hapgood
1849: Joseph Kimball 1850-1852: Edward W. Brewster
1853-1854: D.D. Waite 1855-1856: Mervin Tabor
1857-1860: David Higgins 1861-1862: N.F. Nichols
1863-1864: Clark Braden 1865-1868: C.E. Smith
1869-1873: Geo. B. Charles 1874-1886: Charles E. Mann
1886-1902: Marvin Quackenbush (died in office) 1902: H.A. Dean

State's Attorneys

1837-1839: Alonzo Huntington 1839-1840: Norman H. Purple
1840-1841: Onslow Peters 1841-1842: Seth B. Farwell
1842-1844: Orsemas D. Day 1844-1847: Benj. F. Fridley
1847-1851: Burton C. Cook 1851-1852: Phineas W. Pratt
1852-1853: A.B. Coon 1853-1856: M.F. Boyce
1856-1857: Amos B. Coon 1857-1861: Edward S. Joslyn
1861: Eugene Canfield & A.B. Coon 1861-1865: Charles J. Metzner
1865-1869: Leander R. Wagner 1869-1872: Charles J. Metzner
1872-1876: Albert J. Hopkins 1876-1880: T.E. Ryan
1880-1884: Henry B. Willis 1884-188: John A. Russell
1888-1892: Frank G. Hanchett 1892-1900: Frank W. Joslyn
1900-1904: W.J. Tyers  

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