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Illinois Physician Arrested Abroad Reaches This Country.
New York, July 14. Dr. P.R. Langdon, wanted at Kankakee, Ill., on a charge of murder, has arrived here on the liner Majestic in the custody of Sheriff H. A. Cyrier and Deputy M. A. Baker of Kankakee. The prisoner was accompanied by his wife. On the 18th of last April a Mrs. Carr of Kankakee died as the result of an operation which, it is alleged, she accused Dr. Langdon of having performed. Before the physician could be arrested he disappeared. He was traced to Chicago and from there to this city, where he sailed for Europe. He was arrested as he stepped ashore at Liverpool.
 [Rock Island Argus, (Rock Island, Ill.) July 14, 1904]

Kankakee, Ill., Feb. 18. Arthur Clark took a slow poison yesterday in the court room of Judge C.B. Campbell while the jurist was reading instructions to the jury in the case of the stateagainst Clark for obtaining money by false pretenses. Court was adjourned, Clark taken back to jail and a doctor called. The physician worked over Clark for hours and expressed his fear that the man would die.  Clark was arrested several weeks ago and indicted on complaint of his father-in-law, K. P. Johnson, a retired capitalist.  Johnson charged that Clark married Miss Johnson under false representations to obtain  money.  Clark's wife later filed suit for divorce.  [Daily Capital Journal (Salem, OR), February 18, 1914]

Kankakee - John MAHAN of Equality, an attendant at the State hospital here, was acquitted of the charge of the murder of Carl HOLST of Paxton, a patient. Holst, who was 78 years old, was found last March with several broken ribs and bruises. During the trial William Wolfe, another attendant, confessed. He said Wolfe and Robert Forman beat him up. Foreman is a fugitive. [Friday, November 28, 1913, Ste. Marie Tribune, Jasper County, IL. Submitted by KT]




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