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Knox County Illinois
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Harper Cemetery

(South East Quarter Section Three, Chestnut Township)

Transcription and research submitted by ©Todd Walter.

This cemetery is located five miles West of Maquon on County Hwy 20, and about 100 yards South in a pasture. It was damaged by a tornado in May of 1995 and was pretty much completely destroyed by a landowner with a bulldozer. Some stones had previously been shattered with a large weed mower. With the damage that has been done it will be impossible to know which order the stones were in, that is if all of them are ever found, or if the transcript done earlier contained any mistakes or omissions. I have compiled the following using the transcription that was done for the "History of Maquon and Vicinity" in 1976. It was done by Charles Briggs, but not published in the book. I have added any other information I could find.

Todd Walter
December, 2001


William Cramer Apr 24, 1875 Age 70y 3m 29d (WILL)
Sarah A. (Shutes) Cramer Apr 24, 1871 Age 65y 7m 11d

Charlotte B. (Morris) Cramer, Wife of R. S. No Dates

Maude Briggs, Dau of Judson Willmont and Priscilla (Jones) No Dates

Peter Jones, Father No Dates
Sarah (Sally) H. Jones, Mother No Dates

George M. Smith Feb 9, 1829 - June 14, 1913
Rachel E. (Jones) Smith, Wife of G.M. 1836 - Sep 8, 1876

Priscilla I. Smith, Dau of G.M. & R.E. 1857 - 1859

Uzzi Nickerson July 3, 1789 - Feb 13, 1874
Elizabeth (Plumb) (Sweetser) Nickerson, Wife of Uzzi Dec 4, 1797 - Feb 16, 1887

James J. Hearn Dec 3, 1859 Age 27y 11m 6d

James U. Hearn, Son of L.R. & M. Dec 3, 1847 Age 10m 2d

Samuel Hearn Died May 30, 1852 (No Age)

Josiah Tucker Aug 14, 1879 Age 53y 9m 24d (PROBATE)
Catherine P. (Baughman) Tucker, Wife of Josiah Jun 1, 1863 Age 33y 9m 19d
(This date is possibly 1862, Josiah remarried Oct 8, 1863)

Laura Tucker, Dau of J. & C. Jun 1, 1862 Age 2m 2d

Zachariah Stevenson May 11, 1848 Age 66y 11m 24d (WILL)

Jemima (Stevenson) Conner, Wife of G. W. Jul 16, 1856 Age 36y 8m 29d

Emily Conner, Dau of G.W. & J. Sep 2, 1856 Age 10m 7d

Lynda M. Conner, Dau of G.W. & J. Apr 10, 1855 Age 1y 9m 25d

Sarah (Conner) Snell, Wife of J. Jul 26, 1856 Age 17y 7m 28d

Estella E. Jacobs, Dau of C.P. & R.A. Sep 7, 1872 Age 1y 5m 22d

Clara L. Wainright, Dau of D. & E. Oct 7, 1862 Age 1y 8m 3d

A very probable burial is that of Sarah (Stevenson) Stevenson, wife of Zachariah, July 29, 1786 - ca. 1863.

This Indenture, Made this 31st day of March in the year of our Lord One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty Five Between David Harper and Sarah J. Harper his wife of the first part, and Josiah Tucker, Daniel Wainwright, and Theodore Stevenson, Trustees of a burying grounds in Chestnut Township, Knox County Illinois of the second part, Witnesseth That the said party of the first part, for and in consideration of the sum of Five Dollars in hand paid, by the said party of the second part, the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged, has been granted, bargained and sold, and by these presents do Grant, Bargain and Sell, unto the said party of the second part, Their Successors in office and assigns, all the following described lot, piece, or parcel of land, situated in the Township of Chestnut in the County of Knox and State of Illinois, to wit: Commencing at the North West corner of the North East of the South East of Section three thence running thirty two rods South thence Seventeen rods East to a Stone thence twelve rods South, thence twelve rods East thence twelve rods North thence twelve West to the place of beginning in Chestnut Township Knox County State of Illinois.

David Harper {Seal}
Sarah J. Harper {Seal}

Given under my hand and seal, this 31st day of March A. D. 1865.

James Cramer, J. P.

Filed for Record on the 15 day of Oct 1866 at 1 o'clock PM.

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