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Biography of
Revolutionary War Soldier
Asahel Gilbert


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Asahel Gilbert was born in Hebron CT in 1760. His father was Ebenezer and his mother was Anna Phelps. Asahel served in the Revolutionary War from the state of Connecticut from 1778 till 1780. He married Anna Goodrich in 1781 in Hebron and they had their first child Elizabeth in 1781 there. Records can found in the town to document this. I believe the rest of their children were born in Massachusetts-probably Berkshire County. Asahel can be found in Sheffield Berkshire County in 1790 Census like his father Ebenezer. In 1800, Asahel was in Alford while his father had moved to Great Barrington in the Berkshire County Census. It should be noted that the Gilbert clan can not be found listed in the town vitals or church records for that region. The material found in the town vitals of Berkshire County MA was only voluntarily given.

Asahel's other children were Neziah (b.1786), Levina (1788-1868), Asahel Jr (1790-1862), John (b.1793), Charles Whiting (1796-1875).

From an article about Alford Berkshire County MA's history, I found that Asahel ran a mill in the town. Later in the late 1790's, I found an ad he put in the newspaper looking for help in his dry goods store. By 1820, he was in the Troy Rensselaer NY Census. His sons Neziah and Asahel Jr. were also located in Troy. It has been reported that his wife died in 1826. In 1830 he appeared to be living with his son Charles and his families and his son Asahel Jr. was on the same page of the Troy Census. I suspect that Asahel then lived in Poughkeepsie Duchess County NY in 1840. There is a man of his age there with an older lady in their census. It is unclear what Asahel's occupation was during this time period. In a letter from the government about his Revolutionary War service, they said Asahel listed himself as a Methodist minister. According to this letter, he had moved to New York City in 1845 and then moved to Knox County Illinois by his youngest son Charles in 1847. In 1850 Census, he listed himself as a minister and lived with his grandson Isaac. The DAR honored him with a tombstone marker for his war record. He died in 1862 and is buried in Hope Cemetery in Galesburg Knox County IL.
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The Father of Asahel Gilbert
Ebenezer of Hebron to Great Barrington MA

Ebenezer got a good start from his father Samuel in Hebron

Title: Will
Page: Colchester Probate # 1412
Note: proven 16 June 1760 in Hebron
Text: In the name of God Amen the 20th day of Septr 1754
I Samuel Gilburt of Hebron In the County of Hartford and Colony of Conecticut in New england Being in health and Perfect mind and memory
Item I Give to my well Beloved Son Ebenezar Gilbert whome I also Constitute my Executor with my wife of this my last will and Testament all my Houses and lands and my Part of the mill and the tools belonging to the mill - excepting the Improvements above written, and his Poviding for Mercy my wife all things neadfull for her Cumfort During her Life and a Decent Christian Burial at or after her Death and also I Give Him my Plow Irons and Chains

1. Signed Sealed Published Pronounced and declared by the Said Samuel Gilburt as his Last will and testament in the Presence of us the Subscribers
Jonathan White
Anna White
Anna White Jur Samuel Gilburt (seal)
Date: 20 Sep 1754

From Douglas Library: Town of Hebron Vital Records Harbour Collection 1708-1854
[Vol, Page]
Gilbert, Eb[e]nezer, s.Samuell, b. Apr 9 1732 [1, 11]
Eben[eze]r, m.Anna Phelps, b. of Hebron, Aug 6 1753 [2, 34]
Rosanna, d.Ebenez[e]r & Anne, b. Jun 10 1754 [2, 182]
Ebenezer, s.Eben[e]z[er] & Ann, b. Aug 23 1756 [2, 182]
Neziah, s.Eben[e]z[er] & Ann, b. Dec 5 1757 [2, 182]
Asahel, s.Eben[eze]r & Anne, b. Dec 15 1760 [2, 182]
Anne, d.Eben[eze]r & Ann, b. Jul 9 1762 [2, 182]
Mercy, d.Eben[eze]r &Ann, b. May 8 1764 [2, 182]
Lucy, d.Eben[e]z[er] & Ann, b. Oct 20 1767 [2, 182]
Abigail, d.Eben[e]z[er] & Ann, b. Jun 91769 [2, 182]
Mary, d.Eben[e]z[er] & Ann, b. Jul 14 1771 [2, 182]
Hannah, d.Eben[eze]r & Ann, b. Jan 15 1774 [2, 182]
Asahel, m.Anna Goodrich, b. of Hebron, Sep 27 1781 [2, 34]
Elisabeth, d. Asahel & Anna, b. Dec 21 1781 [2, 84]

Water Street Cemetery Burials:

Olive Lydia, wife of Augustine, born 26 March 1805, died 17 July, 1881. (BC 20 July 1881) *
Theodore, Doctor, born 5 December 1837, died 27 December 1900. (GB Hist.: son of Augustine and Olive Lydia Giddings.)
William , Rev., born 26 June 1839, died 30 September 1918. (BC 3 October 1918: son of Augustine and Olive Lydia Giddings.)

Anne, wife of Ebenezer, died 25 November 1799, in her 66th year.
Ebenezer, died 11 May 1806, in his 77th year.

[Source: "NEHGS Cemetery Inscription", From Great Barrington, Berkshire, Ma. ]


1790 Census Sheffield, Ma.

The merchants have been numerous and a complete list cannot be given. Previous to 1800 there were Oliver Grace, Ashbel Hull, Asahel Gilbert. Erasfcus Hamlin, Between 1800 and 1820, Philander Hulbert.

The Seekonk River has its source in West Stockbridge and flows through this town in a southeast direction. It receives several tributaries from the west. In 1764 Jonathan Hughes, Daniel Barnes, Joseph Jones, and Ebenezer Barrett erected a grist mill on the west side of this stream, on lot No. 23, where Stephen Smith's mill now stands. In 1793 Elezer Barrett, jr.. conveyed this mill to Blodgett Smith. From 1798 to 1800 Simeon and Abijah Hulbert and Asahel Gilbert were owners. In 1800 the mill was burned, but was rebuilt by Gilbert, who, in 1802; conveyed it to Jabez Hamlin, sen., who built a stone dam costing $500.

["History of Berkshire County MA with Prominent Men", c 1885, p. 589, 594]

Asahel War Record Honored in Knox County IL
He served in several alarms and was out in the Connecticut militia "a few times", during this service he was in the battle of Bamis Heights; there are no further details of this service given. He enlisted May 1,1778, served as trumpet-major in Captain Thomas Seymour's company, Colonel Elisha Sheldon's 2nd regiment of Continental Light Dragoons, was in the battle of Poundridge and was discharged May 1,1780 in Enfield, Connecticut.
Asahel Gilbert was allowed pension on his application executed April 2,1818, then living in Troy, Rensselaer Country, New York.
He referred in 1820 to his aged wife and to a granddaughter, but he gave no names, nor did he state the names of the parents of the granddaughter.
The soldier, Asahel Gilbert, was living in 1845 at No. 6 Watt or Wall Street New York City, he was at that time a Methodist Minister. He moved to Illinois in 1847 to reside with his son, Charles W. Gilbert who then lived in Knox County, Illinois.

Letter from AD Hiller Exec Adm dated Sept 12 1935
(material from Maureen Wilson)
The Chapter acquired a Real Daughter in 1906 when Mrs. Maria Ringleka became a member. After four years she passed away at the age of ninety-three and was laid to rest in the cemetery at Henderson, her grave being suitably marked by a headstone and a Daughter of the American Revolution emblem. One of the early acts of the chapter was to erect a Daughter of the American Revolution marker at the grave of Asahel Gilbert, the only Revolutionary soldier known to be buried in our midst. ["Illinois State History DAR" c. 1929, p. 233]

1850 Census Enumeration for Asahel Gilbert


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