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Knox County Illinois
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Clesson Cemetery

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 This very small cemetery is located on the Southeast Quarter of Section 26, Elba Township. It is on Knox Road 2300 East about one quarter mile north of Knox Road 750 North and about 100 yards west of the road in a pasture. All of the names are on one monument, but there is a separate stone for Elizabeth Clesson with the same info as on the monument. There is no access to it from the road and it is hard to see as both stones are knocked over, but there is a small group of trees around it.





Joseph Clesson Joseph & Mehitabel (Stebbins) Sep 7, 1818 - Sep 10, 1888
Elizabeth (Humphrey) Clesson Unknown Apr 22, 1826 - Feb 1, 1853
Mehepsabeth H. (Carr) Clesson John & Mary ? (Unknown) Mar 27, 1815 - Jul 6, 1889
Joseph Henry Clesson Joseph & Elizabeth (Humphrey) Jan 26, 1853 - Jul 9, 1880
John Carr Unknown Jan 12, 1785 - Sep 12, 1863
Mary (Unknown) Carr Unknown May 6, 1784 - Feb 19, 1867
J. S. Carr Unknown Jan 25, 1820 - Mar 25, 1875

The dates of marriage for the first two wives of Joseph Clesson that are given in the biography do not match what is found in the Illinois Statewide Marriage Index. The date of birth for his third wife is said to be February 22, 1815 in the biography, but the dates on her tombstone calculate to a birth date of March 27, 1815.


Joseph Clesson married Mary Humphrey on February 29, 1844 in Shelby County, Illinois.
Joseph Clesson married Mrs. Elizabeth (Humphrey) Miller on August 4, 1846 in Shelby County, Illinois.
Joseph Clesson married Mehepsabeth Carr on March 25, 1855 in Lowell, Massachusetts.
Joseph H. Clesson married Ella Sipes on January 11, 1878 in Knox County, Illinois.
John Carr married Mary (UNKNOWN)

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