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Knox County Illinois
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Administrative Notices

Estate of Elias Bragg; affidavits of Francis Hendricks and Sarah Allen were filed Sept. 26, stating that Marks Bragg had not been heard from for 27 years, and praying that his portion of said estate, belonging to affiants, be paid to them. The Judge ordered that the County Treasurer, J. L. Burkhalter, pay said affiants each one tenth of said amount deposited in the County Treasury. The Judge further ordered that should it satisfactorally appear that $72 is on deposit for said Marks Bragg at the First National Bank of Knoxville, said Francis Hendricks and Sarah Allen shall be allowed to draw the same and distribute it as above provided. ????(hole in this line of the paper) proof of death and will filed; it was then ordered that a dedimus issue to some legal officer at Dedmon(ton ?, crease in paper)............testing witnesses. [Galesburg Republican Register, October 6, 1883]

My wife Elizabeth Housh, having left my bed and board, without any just cause or complaint, all persons are hereby notified not to trust or harbor her on my account, as I will pay no debts of her contracting, unless compelled by law. George P. Housh

[Knox County Republican, January 23, 1861]

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