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Elisha Van Pelt Seeks a Divorce
Elisha Van Pelt, a Williamsfield farmer, whose marital troubles developed litigation which has stripped him of practically all of his possessions and all rights to valuable lands of his wife, today brought suit in the circuit court for divorce from Annie B. Van Pelt. He charges his wife with desertion and unfaithfulness. L. F. O'Brien appears as attorney for Mr. Van Pelt.
The bill recites that Van Pelt and his wife were married January 5, 189? (cut off) and that on the 17th wedding anniversary Mrs. Van Pelt, without cause willfully deserted her husband. The bill charges that Mrs. Van Pelt was guilty of unfaithfulness, naming "Mr. Frederick" of Peoria.
Following domestic dissention which resulted in the estrangement of Mr. and Mrs. Van Pelt. law suit occurred between Van Pelt and his wife involving the ownership of one of his farms. In one phase or another this suit was the circus court for a number of terms and finally at the last term of court it case was decided against Van Pelt.
The latter's wealth has now been reduced, it is said, until he owns only a small plot of ground upon which his homestead is located near Williamsfield. Mrs. Van Pelt is living with a son near Williamsfield.
[Galesburg Evening Mail--April 21, 1918]

Pleasants Henderson has commenced proceedings in the Circuit Court of this county against Justice A. M. Craig, for trespass. The charge made is that Judge Craig has been the means of alienating and destroying the affection of Mrs. Henderson fro her husband, the officers charged commencing with Oct 6th, 1882, and of thus depriving her husband of her society and assistance from that time until the commencement of the suit. The damages sued for are $16,000. Rance Hunt, Esq., is attorney for Henderson, while McKenzie and Calkins represent Judge Craig. The case grows that of the Old Henderson vs. Henderson case in which Judge Craig was made to figure, but against the lasinuations and charges of which against his good name he could make so defeats, not being a witness. He is glad that the case is brought in its present shape, so he can now right the charges face to face. He is that he can fully prove his own innocence.
[Oct 25, 1884, Galesburg Newspaper, Sub. by Foxie Hagerty]

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