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Knox County Illinois
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Wills and Probate Documents

Will of Elias Bragg
The last Will and Testament of Elias Bragg
In the name of God Amen, I Elias Bragg being in common health and perfect mind make this my last will and Testament VIZ} after my legal debts are paid and my wife should survive me I wish her to be decently provided for at her own option during her natural life or widowhood after that is done I wish the balance of any property of every kind to be equally divided amongst a part of our Children (that is to say) there is three that I am not willing to give to either of them any thing more than will prevent there becoming equil distributees with...(can't read)...those I wish hereby to disinherit are namely Elizabeth H. James A. and John H. and I do hereby declare they nor neither of them shall inherit my property given under my hand this fifth day of May AD one thousand eight hundred and fifty three.
Elias Bragg {Seal}

I Elias Bragg do hereby certify that I have wrote my last will and Testament and dated it the fifth day of May one thousand eight hundred and fifty three and deposited it in my pofsefsion to remain unopened during my life and then to acted on agreeable to the last will and Testament of Elias Bragg proceeding is to prevent the will from being known while I live.

This acknowledged in the presents of                                 I am Elias Bragg {Seal}
G. W. Burnaugh
John Burnaugh                                                                  I wish Erasmus D. Hall to execute the
                                                                                        aforesaid will all acknowledge in presents of

Illinois Knox County October 1st 1857
To all to whom it doth concern
Read these lines and you may learn
That I Elias Bragg doth let John S. Hall and Julius Bragg and sons of the above named Elias Bragg a certain colt to each of them at the price of fifty dollars each to bear interest at the rate of six per cent per annum from the first day of October one thousand eight and fifty three until settled given under my hand and seal as part of my last will Elias Bragg {Seal}

Knox County Ills October 1859
To whom it doth concern
Read these lines and you may learn
that I Elias Bragg doth let John and Richard Bragg sons of Joseph F. Bragg and grandsons of the above named Elias Bragg have a colt each of them at the price of fifty dollars each to bear interest at six pr cent per annum from the first day of October 1860 until settled
those colt are for the benifit of the children of Joseph F. Bragg jointly but not at his disposal neither are they subject for debts of his contracting given under my hand and seal as part of my last will
Elias Bragg

[Elias Bragg married Mary H. Bryant in July of 1807 in Buckingham County, Virginia.
Mary Ann Bragg married Erasmus Darwin Hall on April 16, 1839 in Knox County, Illinois.]

[Submitted by Todd Walter]

James Nevitt Will & Probate
In The Name of God Amen
I James Nevitt of the County of Knox and State of Illinois being weak of body but of sound mind and memery Thanks be to God for his mercies Do make & publish this my last will & Testament In manner and form as follows Towit First it is my will and desire that my just debts and funeral expensies be paid, I second give & bequeth unto my beloved wife Almira Nevitt all the house hold & kitching furniture of what so ever description except one bed & beadstead, two pillows & two pare of cases, two blankets, two coverlid, & two sheet, which I giv to my Daughter Eliza Jane which bed & beding a foresaid to be kept by my wife Almira Nevitt until nessary to be given up to the said Eliza Jane. Also two horses, one two horse waggon Set of harnefs, two cows, three yearlings, all the hogs to gather with all the farming untentials and one buggy
I give and bequeth unto my oldest son Charles S. Nevitt the sum of one Dollar, also one grey three year old horse colt & saddel & one over coat
Fifth I giv & bequeth unto my son John W. Nevitt the sum of one Dollar. Sixth I give & bequeth unto my son Alfred L. Nevitt the sum of one Dollar & one three year old grey horse colt
Seventh I give and bequeth unto my daughter Eliza Jane Nevitt the sum of one Dollar & the bed & bed stead & beding hereto for reserved in the 2nd claus of this will-
Eighth I giv & bequeth unto my son Henry C. Nevitt the sum of one Dollar Ninth I giv & bequeth to my son James W. Nevitt the sum of one Dollar
Tenthly in case any other heir is born after my decease I also bequeth it the sum of one Dollar Eleventhly It is my wish that my Execetor Should carry out this will as far as possible in collection of all my out standing debts and to compound compremise & to do the best he can in the collection a foresaid and also to sell at privet sale my half of a certain sawmill on haw creak for prompt pay or on a credit as he may think proper Executing a deed share for also one sulkey also the Lawbook (?) also the rents & profits of two certin farms for two years all at privet sale making reports to the proper authority once a year
Twelfthly I do hereby appoint my trusty freind David Housh my Executor to curry out this my last will and testament I also request that the proper authority shall appoint David Housh guardean for three of my infant heirs towit John W., Alfred L., and Eliza Jane Nevett - This I declare to be my last will & testament In testamony where I have here unto set my hand & seal this first day of May in the year of our lord one thousand eight hundred & forty nine

Signed in preasents of

J.M. Combs
Woodford Pearce                                                                 James Nevitt {Seal}
John Conser

At the time of his death he had six dollars and seventy nine cents in cash. He owned two farms that totalled 56 acres which were sold for $1950.00. After debts were paid there was a balance of $1696.32.

His heirs were:
Son - Billingsley Bull of Tazewell County, Illinois
Sarah P. Baily
Rachel Boynton, wife of Joshua B. Boynton
Charlotte V. Jobes, wife of Eber C. Jobes
Elizabeth Swigart, wife of William Swigart
Louisa Ann and Edward M. Huggins, children of his daughter Rebecca N. and Wiseman B. Huggins.

Walter Bull's death certificate indicates he died of "Old Age" at Gilson on January 19 at the age of 88 and was buried "Near Gilson".
[Submitted by Todd Walter] 

Thomas Mount
Will Box, Probate Court, Knox County Courthouse, Galesburg, Illinois
Knox all men by these presents that Thomas B. Mount of Cedar Township in Knox County, Illinois being of Sound Mind and memory do make this to be my last Will and Testament, as follows:
First, It is my will that all my Just debts and funeral expenses be fully paid.

Second, I give and by oath to my beloved wife, Mary Mount, all the live Stock consisting of Horses, Cattle, Hogs and all other live Stock that I may own at my decease. I also give her my said wife all the Money that I may have on hand at my decease.
I give and bequeath to my Step Daughter Ella Corson One Thousand Dollars. I give and bequeath all my real estate to my Daughter Sidley Morrison and to the children of my deceased Daughter Jane Harvey as follows. I give and bequeath to my Daughter, Sidley Morrison One half of all my real estate less Six hundred dollars in value which her and her husband has already had of my estate, Said real estate consisting of about One hundred and ninety acres of land in Knox County, Illinois. The other half of my real estate I give and bequeath to Arthur Harvey, Edwin Harvey and William Harvey, my grandchildren, Share and Share alike hereby reserving all the rights of my beloved wife in my real estate the use of the rest and remainder to my wife.

Third and to Sidley Morrison One third and to the Three children of my deceased daughter, Jane Harvey, one third to be equally divided between them; lastly I hereby nominate and appoint my friend John W. Stephens executor of this my last Will and

Testament and authorize him to carry out the provisions of the Same, hereby revoking and annulling all former Wills by me made.

In Testimony whereof I have hereunto subscribed my name and affixed my Seal.
This the Eighth day of August A.D. 1888 T. B. Mount

John Musser
[Submitted by Todd Walter]


In the name of the Lord, Amen

I, Elisha Thurman, of the town of Chestnut, county of Knox, State of Illinois, being eighty three (83) years old, of sound mind and memory hereby make this my last will and bequeathment.

I hereby bequeath all my land & real estate in section thirty one (31) town 9 North, two east of the 4th prin. Meridian, Knox County, Illinois to my wife Anna Thurman the remainder of her natural life should she outlive me. Then at her death or at my death should I outlive her the same to become the property of the following named heirs in the following manner. Albert Thurman and Walter Thurman each to receive the value of two hundred dollars apiece and then to share equally with the following named heirs; My sons: Fletcher, Howard and George, and my daughter Minda.

Elisha Thurman {Seal}

We the following named witnesses certify to this instrument as to signature of testator in his presence and the presence of one another.

Witnesses L.C. Sherwood {Seal}
J.H. Cain {Seal}

Dated this 22nd day of October A.D. 1894
[Submitted by Todd Walter]


I, Albert Thurman of the Town of Indian Point County of Knox and State of Illinois, do hereby make and declare, this my last will and testament, in a manner and form following,
to wit:

First, It is my will, that my funeral expenses and all my just debts, be fully paid.

Second, It is my will, that suitable monuments be erected and permanently placed, one at the grave of my deceased wife Caroline Thurman, and one at the grave of myself. Said monuments not to cost exceeding One hundred dollars each.

Third: After the payment of such funeral expenses and debts, and the erection of monuments aforesaid, it is my will, that all my real estate, described as follows, A strip of land off the North Side of the North East Quarter (1/4) of the Southeast Quarter (1/4) of section Thirty Six (36), (lengthy description), containing Fourteen (14) acres more or less, and all, in the Town of Indian Point, in the County of Knox and State of Illinois, Shall be rented and kept rented for the benefit and behalf of what is known as the Bennington Graveyard, which is situate three miles or whereabout, South of the village of Maquon, in said County of Knox and State of Illinois, forever.

Fourth: It is my will, that this fund shall arise and be perpetuated from the rent of said real estate, after the taxes thereon, shall have been annually paid, with such sum as shall appear necessary to keep and maintain such premises in proper repair.

Fifth, And lastly I hereby constitute and appoint my niece Florence Bowden of the Village of Hermon, in said Knox County, Illinois, Executrix of this my last will and testament.

In witness whereof, I the said Albert Thurman have hereunto set my hand and seal this the 26th day of November in the year of our Lord 1918.

Albert Thurman {Seal}

(Note: The 14 acres that he left in his will was rented out until 1926 when it was sold to cover his bills. All he had that was of value at his death, besides the land, was 15 chickens worth $7.50 which apparently were "taken away or stolen by some unknown person". After the land was sold and bills paid, there was a balance of $591.51 left for the care of the cemetery. His wife Caroline (Cain) (Cooper) Thurman is buried in Hermon Methodist Church Cemetery. She did get her stone.)
[Submitted by Todd Walter]

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