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Lake County, IL
Burials in Oakwood Cemetery

Arnold, D.W.
Berry, H.S.
Besley, Ed
Besley, Byron
Besley, Sarah Jane - d.1831
Besley, Wm. Sr.,
Blodgett, Henry W.
Botsford, Ruben S.
Bradbury, Samuel J.
Brand, Philip
Brewster , Daniel
Brewster, Jay
Bullock, John R. M.D.
Case, W.C.
Clark, Francis
Coon, Reuben E.
Crockett, Col. ___ - 1818-1891 (was colonel in Confederate Army)
Dickinson, D.O.
Dodge, W.B.
Dorsett, Henry W.
Dorsett, Lewis C.
Douglas, Robert J.
Erskine, D.M.
Fellows, Erastus
Griswold, Anne Ervin, his wife, 1789-1859
Griswold, Isaac - b. Feb. 22, 1784 - d. Aug. 27, 1869.
Haines, E.M. - d. 1889.
Helmholz, Henry
Huguinn, Capt. Hiram - d. Dec 14 1866, aged 68 years
Hutchinson, Henry C.
Jones, Judge D.L.
Lyon, George R. (his parents are buried here as well)
Marks, Ben
Marks, Robert
Mason, Wm. E.
Miller, Henry - 1792-1855
Minskey, Benj - d. Oct. 1, 1851
Murray, Clarence
Neal, Caroline - died in 1830
Pearce, W.S. - 1824-1909
Plymouth, Emmons - 1796-1860
Porter, J. Brown died 1881
Porter, Sarah - d. 1853
Porter, Sarah - daughter of Jeremiah and Alossa Porter - d. July 26, 1836, aged 22 yrs, 11 mos
Powell, Geo. N.
Price, Dr. V.C.
Rogers, General George Clark
Sarah, Sunderlin, his wife, 1817-1846
Searles, ___
Searles, Emily Cuthbert, his wife - 1828-1854
Searles, Wm. S. 1820-1884
Sessler, John
Sherman, A.S.
Slyfield, George H.
Smith, W.G. - Died Dec 2 1854
Smith, Ethans (Elhanan), wife of A. Smith - d. June 1850
Smith, Samuel J. - died 1849
Smith, Theodore - d. Dec 9, 1848
Steele, C.R.
Strong, Rev. J.M.
Sunderlin, Elmsley - 1801-1854
Sunderlin, Olive - 1837-1839
Upton, W.C.
Ward, Fenner
Whitney, Charles
Worden, W.B.
Worster, Alex (in mausoleum)


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