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Lake County, IL
St. Mary's Immaculate Conception
Catholic Church

Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
503 Grand Ave.
Waukegan, IL

Waukegan Daily Sun, 8 Sep 1902

The church on County Street was the scene of one of the grandest sights ever witnessed in Waukegan, as dozens of men, women and boys who for months past have been preparing for the important ceremony, filed down the aisle to receive the blessing of the high priests.
The fact that it was the first confirmation to take place in St. Mary's church for eight years, made it an event which drew attention of Catholics from all over the county.
The Rt. Rev. Bishop Muldoon arrived in Waukegan at 3:05 o'clock going at once to the rectory of St. Mary's church.
Accompanying the bishop were the following priests who assisted him in the impressive service:

Father F. Henneberry, Chicago
Father E.A. Kelly, Chicago
Father P. Conway, Chicago
Father T. Kearney, Chicago
Father John J. Bowen, Chicago
Father S. Maloney, Chicago
Father Madden, Highland Park
Father Morrisey, Highland Park
Father O'Reiley, Lake Forest
Father Scanlon, Libertyville
Father Lubsy, North Chicago
Father Verhalen, Waukegan
Father Smolenski, Waukegan

The members of the class:
Winfred Feesel
Augusta Norris
Catherine Foley
Elizabeth Jackson
Helen Lux
Mary Mangan
Loutta Neil
Ellen Welch
Florence Neily
Mary Rudd
Julia Rudd
Catherine Rudd
Ellen Hollihan
Christina McMahon
Mary Lux
Helen Mormann
Mary Curran
Loutta Curran
Helen Miller
Ellen Kennedy
Mary White
Florence White
Mary Pitree
Margaret Smith
Mary Murry
Emma McGuire
John Horning
Helen Frank
Ellen Drury
Isabelle Anderson
Estella Anderson
Mary Atkinson
Lillian Whalen
Francis Smith
Ross Buck
Mary Goodbout
Ellen Curran
Mary Flood
Mary Kelly
Cecilia Goodbout
Mary Tiernan
Annie Drury
Emile Bebo
Caroline Shea
Elizabeth Doyle
Amelia Doyle
Helen Doyle
Mary Dady
Margaret Breen
Catharine Haarbour
Mary Houlihan
Martha Kprisky
Maryjorie Kehoe
Mary Garnache
Ann Parker
Mary Connelly
Ellen Wolkie
Ann Duffy
Nora Foley
Ellen Welch
Alice Foley
Clara Effinger
Jennie Strong
Louisa Salmon
Gertrude Hauser
Loutta Dady
Margaret Frank
Margaret Dady
Ella Ahart
Eva McCann
Catherine McMahon
Mary Spellman
Ida Mirriman
Mary Jones
Ellen Groggins
Ellen McCartty
Mabel Calahan
Bernice Horning
Francis Gibbons
Stella Merriman
Mary Walgrave
Catherine Kirrigan
Routta Carroll
Margaret Merriman
Edna Doyle
Lillian Hussey
Pearl Brenton
Jane Jackson
Mary Michels
Mary Conrad
Lucy Grady
Mary Gallagher
Florence Grady
Catherine McShane
Agnes Murphy
Helen Wall
Margaret McMahon
Marjorie Darrow
Gussie Darrow
Gertrude Sharvin
Elizabeth Sharwin
Helen Salmon
Florence Kennedy
Mary Tiernan
Ann Tyrell
Agnes Reardon
Janes McCann
Hugh Drury
Edward Gillau
Daniel O'Keefe
James McGrain
William Bezio
James Burke
Thomas McNamare
John Cowley
Leo Gallagher
Thomas Rudd
Thomas Hogan
Leo Shea
James Hogan
Thomas McGuire
Thomas Dugan
Peter Black
George McNeany
Henry Foley
Thomas Merchant
Shelley Fort
Elmer Dietmeyer
John Kehoe
William Sammon
Joseph Kehoe
Lena Haarbour
Helen Tidy
Mary Strang
Elizabeth Landers
Ann Brown
Ann Kelly
Clara Foley
Elizabeth Lux
Carolina Doyle
Mary Massock
Mary Gabella
Mary McGrane
Mary Wlodesky
Catherine Wlodesky
Mary Mears
Mabel Traynor
Honora Traynor
Mary Smith
Lorina Bauman
Margaret Tyrell
Mary Sneider
Esther Tyrell
Irene Norris
Bridget Moran
Florence Dietmeyer
Ann Ginty
Francis Flood
Helen Kprisky
Roberta Welch
Ann Neil
Julia Riechele
Edmund Walgrave
John O'Keefe
Henry Welch
William Tiernan
Leo Dietmeyer
Walter Durkin
Edwin Carroll
Joseph Short
Danis Cowley
Robert Gallagher
James Chambers
Louis Gillan
Edward Durkin
Edward Rudd
Francis Reardon
Edward Petree
Arthur Dilger
Robert Tiernan
Paul Dilger
George Carney
Nicholas Smith
Francis Lodesky
Francis Sammon
Frederick Smith
William Morman
Catherine McCartty
Theresa Moran
Sophia Kprisky
Gertrude Kelly
John Horning
William Horning
Louis Ganash
Jos. Welsh
James Fallon
Fred Tryell
William O'Connor
William Lux
Albert Horning
James McGuire
Jos. Darrow
George Needham
Patrick Short
Jos. Massek
David Anderson
Francis Fearon
James Massek
Albert McDermott
James Flemming
George Flemming
Herbert McNeany
Walter Tyrell
Arthur Dietmeyer
Robert Dietmeyer
Frederick Erskine
William McCarthy
Grover Slack
James O'Keefe
William Arno
Henry Walgrave
James Moran
James McMahanan
William Kranz
George Carroll
Michael Smith
Janes Mears
James Gallagher
Harold Shea
John Callahan
Edward Hogan
Arnold Nolan
Ramond McManaman
Raymond Cunningham
Howard Kennedy
Edward Dugan
Albert Carney
Thomas Durkin
George Tiernan
James Ryan
Francis Morman
Edward J. McNeany
Patrick Farrell
Edward Sherwin
John Cunningham
Edward Davis
Catharine Mines
Ellen Rachael
James Kelly
Gertrude Cannon
Margaret O'Keefe
James Murry
Martin Neal
Margaret McFarrell
Mary Mines
Mary Mirriman
Alice Garland
William Gleason
James Callahan
Edward Neal
Mary Cawley
Rose Strong
Elenor Kelly
Mary McDonnel
Mattie H?ebig

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